What can cause night sweats?

Hi mums, one very, very tired mum that after a little advice…I’ve been suffering severe night sweats, having to change my sheets and clothes 4-8 times a night for the last few years, it used to happen only the week before my months and then would stop once they came but now in the last few months it’s happening every single night…The doctors and specialists are stumped, and I’m at my wit’s end of exhaustion… it’s not hormonal or pre-menopause. I don’t have the drenching sweats at all during the day… in fact, I run cold all the time… they have ruled out my thyroids, too… my last baby was ten years ago, so not related to that. I’ve had all the blood they can do, and it all says im healthy… Has anyone been through drenching night sweats before? I’m hoping to find someone who may have been through the same thing, or even if anyone has any ideas? Desperately need help… im so tired


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause night sweats?

Hormones or diabetes

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Infections, menopause, medications, or Idiopathic hyperhidrosis

Mine was due to medication

My hubs is the same way.

I sleep hot also i think hormonal imbalance

Do you know for a fact that it’s not your hormones? You can have hormonal issues at any age

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I saw this medical condition on Dr. Pimple Popper. Pull her show up and put your symptoms in. The lady on her show had to have injections in her arm pits.

I’m the same way but I don’t sweat a whole lot all day I’m freezing but when I go to bed at night I feel like I’m sleeping in a oven. I’m healthy so idk.

The only thing that causes me to do that is when my blood sugar drops. If it drops when im sleeping ill wake up in a pool of sweat, clothes sheets pillows everything soaked :pensive: Type 1 diabetic


Mine was due to a vitamin d deficiency. If I don’t get enough sun I have to take a supplement. Have they checked for this?


I do this as well… My doctor told me anxiety for me personally

I do but mines due to ptsd and anxiety

I am the same way but I overheat during the day… My ac is set to 68 and I have to wear shorts and tank tops to bed. My poor hubby freezes every night. During the winter I have to close off the heat to my room and use a fan. I cooked dinner tonight and my hair was soaked to the point my husband made me go to our room to cool off. I am only 38


Me too! Guess I’ll look more into this with all of these comments

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I had the same thing…It was horrible…And the last few years of going threw menopause I occasionally would have one threw the day to the point (with no warning) I would vomit…Worse thing I ever went threw as a woman…Thankfully I haven’t had the night sweats or vomiting the last two years…I’m 58…The night sweats started around 45

I get like that from anxiety and sleep apnea. I have panic attacks at night. I hope you can get it figured out :heartpulse:

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Me too. Everything’s good to go that would cause that for me. My dr can’t figure it out. I sleep nude with a fan on. Having a breathable bed & sheets helps a lot.

When you find an answer please share! My bf is the same way, sucks I can’t even really cuddle with him at night cause he sweats so bad!!!

Have you tried checking your blood sugar levels

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Went threw that when ed n I had mirena IUD

I have diabetes type 1 and when my sugars are low or high at night I wake up drenched in sweat even my covers sometimes that’s the only thing that saves me from a too low.


I knew someone and it had to do with heart

Are your sheets 100% cotton? Sheets that aren’t breathable can cause sweating.

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Look for vitamin deficiencies and also, go to a female hormone specialist. Regular drs don’t really know what to look for

Maybe your mattress??? It maybe too thick/plush …I started sweating at night right after we bought a new mattress last year…. Just a thought :crossed_fingers:t4:

I know someone who had Hodgkins lymphoma, and severe night sweats were one of his only early symptoms

menopause? Take Black Cohosh… vitamins

Until you find what it is, put ice packs on your side of the bed and in your pillowcase. Cover them with whatever you need to be comfortable (pillowcase, towel, blanket).

I’d get checked for early menopause. Docs tend to overlook this with younger patients.

Also I’d get second opinions and see specialists (if you haven’t already) since you couldn’t get an answer from your docs. Go armed with the suggestions from this page.

Have they checked for lymphoma sweats are a big thing with that at night.

I did this and Dr had no answers then my 41st birthday I had a massive heart attack. Never had another episode again. Not to scare you but maybe go to heart Dr.

Medicine, hormones and some cancers. See a dr not FB

Your Dr ruled out thyroid & hormonal issues? Have you gone to a few drs? Drs can miss things. Always get other opinions. Have they checked your heart? I’m grasping at straws here but have you tried sleeping somewhere else? Maybe you’re allergic to your bed, blankets, detergent or something else in your room? Maybe sleep on the couch with completely different blankets a few nights. Or at a hotel or friends house just to see if it’s your home. I know it’s probably a long shot. But could be possible.

I hope you figure this out. I know it’s got to be horrible.

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Check your vit d level!

Try a neurologist. My brother has that too and also during day. It’s like he is over heating.

I would seek advice from a gynecologist or endocrinologist. This sounds hormonal to me but hopefully they would have some ideas on what to test for.

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When I was having frequent night sweats, it turned out that I was diabetic and didn’t know it. Maybe have your glucose level checked.

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Could you be going through premenopause

Intestinal parasites

Are you on any type of birth control?

I have the same issue and no one has figured it out yet for me either I’m getting different opinions from different drs cause I cant take it anymore and all my test come back normal and it’s not hormonal or menopause.

Are you on any medication…
I know people who take heavy pain meds and they sweat a lot

have you been tested for TB?

I have same been checked for loads, I’m pre menapause and also very low folic acid

My sister did this, slept on towels because it was so bad, ran cold during the day and was thin. She took Primirin hormones even though they could not find anything wrong. It helped her not sweat and helped her sleep. My feet and hands sweat really bad, like slide off/out your rubber flip flops
bad. I am pre dietetic mixed with low blood sugar, I’m on meds for the sugar and that helps me.

Get them to see if you are having hypoglycaemia at night. Low blood sugar levels can cause night sweats. I would recommend having high salts mineral water (check the bottle) and a snack before bed. Do you have an early dinner maybe as this would cause it too. If you are overweight, it could be an early symptom of Type 2 diabetes. It wouldn’t come up on bloods although it might on an A1C test. I hope you get it sorted.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause night sweats?

How do you know it’s not the start of menopause ??? Definitely sounds like it especially being cold in the day and soaked with sweat at night


Look up cooling sheets n get the expensive ones. I haven’t had them but hear u can get injections to stop sweating.

Maybe it’s the sheets and night clothes? Microfiber makes me hot as heck. If you have a foam mattress, look into a quilted cotton topper to help with airflow.

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Do you take metformin by chance? That’s what made me have night sweats so I stopped taking it

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Get different night clothes (or sleep nekkid), get 100% cotton sheets, dial the AC down to 65°, and turn on a fan.

Do you take steroids?? My husband had night sweats, he has lymphoma

Well, since you’ve already consulted a doctor… I would try to switch what you’re wearing to bed, and what sheets you’re sleeping on. Have you purchased a new mattress recently? I heard memory foam, particularly tempurpedic’s have been causing night sweats for some people.

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My doctor put me on hormone replacement even though my “hormones” were fine, according to labs. Helped tremendously!! I did have a partial hysterectomy 9yr ago.

If you take any medication, check the side effects. It could also be hyperhydrosis which is your body producing a lot of sweat without anything being wrong with you and you can still sweat excessively even when you feel cold.

I get mine from auto immune issues- I have lupus and due to weather change or stress the sweats are worse-

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Babesia a co-infection of Lyme which is overlooked.

Do you drink alcohol?

I have them every night and my dr doesn’t know why either

Have them check your blood sugar

It’s bc you are listening to my mix tape before going to bed


Are you having nightmares you don’t remember once you wake up maybe? Or your sheets are too hot possibly. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m going thru menopause and I do the same

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Peri-menopause. Research natural hormone replacement. Looser thread count on sheets and Cotton sleeping clothes. Keep air moving, use fans.

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I went thru this in my 20’s. Doctors sed it was hormone related. Research supplements and check your diet for salt and any soda style drinks and also caffeine

Get your vitamin d levels checked… but also your sugar levels…could u be diabetic?

I’ve had them… drs said I’m not pre Menopausal. Or thyroid. The one thing I have found to make it go away is when I work out. I have to work out or else in the sweaty sleep comes back … so up your workouts :call_me_hand:t4:

Could it be something you eat/ drink?? This sounds strange but I know a bloke that had the exact same problem and it was because he was drinking loads of red bull!

Anxiety. Diet. Cardiac problems can also do it. I only say that as you’ve rules out hormones and thyroids. Also, have you tried changing your washing powder?


Have you had your vitamin B12 levels checked? I have to get injections as my body cannot absorb it and when I’m due a jag I sweat heavily during the night

Peri menopause can start as young 25 - 30, do some research, thyroid imbalance also, its definitely hormonal, i have fibro this too causes sweats, have a fbc, hrmone check etc

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My mum had really bad night sweats but was all ways cold during the day before she hit menopause. Day sweats came in after about 6 months

It could be your diet….
Do you drink caffeine?
Chocolate ?
Processed food???
These can all be distributors .


Mine come and go and are a side effect of medication.

I get it also but I’m cold, it’s really weird

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The older you get the worse it gets im. 61 and still get them bad

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Red clover from health shop

Have u thought about night terrors or moldy house

Evening primrose oil helps me

I am going to step away from medical for a moment and pose a different angle: No air conditioning?

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My bf has them… he had to stop drinking soda and our ac at night is at 65 and a fan on. Cold af for me so I sleep with 2 fleece blankets, the sheet and the comforter… I have hashimotos so I’m always cold as it is

has a specific name saw in on working moms sounds the same :woman_shrugging:t3:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can cause night sweats?

The problem is, blood tests are not accurate when checking your thyroid or hormones. Bc the range of hormones are so great, what’s normal for someone else may not be normal for you, and they still say it’s “within normal range” when in fact, it isn’t for you specifically. It could still be a hormonal issue.


My mom gets that…after yrs of thinking it was menopause…she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s the meds have made it better then it was

Are you on any antidepressants or meds? I would check the side effects of those meds. I take Lexapro and one side effect is night sweats.

Yes I got them all the time out the blue and would be shivering as I wasn’t hot but covered in sweat head to toe. Didn’t know what caused it but then found that now I only ever get them if I haven’t taken my anti depressants so if i miss them I have bad night sweat…however before I got them all the time even when I took my tablets so I reckon mine is anxiety related as I have bad anxiety and I’m guessing body reacts in sleep. I’m never hot with the sweats but freezing xx

If youve not changed /added any new meds that could cause this id guess at menopause or diabetes…blood test are wonderful but if you’re borderline they may show negative results
Id also suggest you start… tincture of sage…available in health shops. (Get the liquid not the tablets ). A few drops in water…play around to get the mix right . Its natural and you cant overdose…it helped me through the night sweats of menopause . I hated the taste but the improvement in the sweats was well worth it

Do you have breast implants by chance?

Blood sugar dropping to low at night… Nightmares…

Some diabetics get them and there are autoimmune conditions that can do the same thing. I get night sweats sometimes and my rhuematologist asks me about it as part of my exam. I have psoriatic arthritis and it is diagnosed by symptoms, not tests so it doesnt show up on bloodwork like lupus. Dont give up, you will find the answer.

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I just started having this issue, I’m going through my second pregnancy. I’ve been having all the pregnancy dreams and I’ve noticed it happens when I have nightmares.

Mine were caused by my SSRI. They were horrible

How old are you it’s called peri menopause and can last as long as menopause up to 8 years I had it in my late 30s into mid 40s then a brief break then real menopause it’s a bitch. But done with all of that and I have no health issues it’s just the toll of the dice I’m 59 yes old now and I still only take vitamins as I am healthy but back then I thought I was dying with all the symptoms and not sleeping.

I ha going thru. the sa,

Eating sugar before bed, gives me night sweats.

Lots of things…but most likely just cut the air down a notch, make it colder while sleeping :+1:t5:
Should solve it.

Unless you’re menopausal or premenopausal :upside_down_face::joy::tulip:

get a fan to sleep with at night increase water intake