What can I do about my babies rash?

(Sorry for the long post)Okay so tell me if any of you guys have had this issue so my baby 6m has this weird rash that looks like small scratches on him bum and I don’t know what I should do I brought it up to his doctor and she said that it’s just a bad diaper rash and to keep putting cream on it. I have been doing so (for reference I use desitin and butt paste and he wear huggies diapers) and the issue hasn’t gone away. Has anyone in this group had similar issues using those products? if so what should I switch two and side notes I’ve been wanting to change the creams anyway. Any suggestions welcome I’m a ftm and don’t know what to do


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do about my babies rash?

You may want to try a different diaper brand as well as use pure corn starch and wash his bum with warm water and baby soap instead of using wipes as that can sting and hurt. Try to change him frequently. You want to make sure to keep his bottom dry and even leaving him without a diaper for a few minutes here and there will help! Good luck!


Use either a fresh wash rag only wrung out with water each time when changing your baby or use a damp paper towel but wipe gently. Pat your baby dry with a cloth then add pure corn starch. Good luck!

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I absolutely hate densitin. Baby aquaphor is what worked for my little one. It was so bad til where she was leaving blood in her pamper. It was due to changing diaper brands. That and make sure he stays dry ( I know diapers are expensive, but it’s a must) and after changing, try to air out the area then put pamper back on.

My daughter figured out that my granddaughter is allergic to lanolin which is made from sheep. It’s in many diaper rash creams. My Granddaughter cannot use aquaphor or Destin. Two of my daughters were sensitive to wipes. We didn’t have the water wipes then so I used wet paper towels with plain water. I also used a mixture of pure cornstarch and Vaseline to make a paste. Worked wonders. Also try to let it air out. Let your baby go without a diaper for awhile. Hopefully it helps.

Make a paste with A&D, corn starch, and mylanta (which will neutralize the acidity in his urine). This is the only thing that worked on my oldest when she was a baby. Worked like a miracle!

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My daughter’s currently in the hospital she’s 2 months old she got a extremely bad rash and wound care ordered this to put on it and it is held up within 2 days

My children had rashes like the one you’ve described. The doctor had me to brown flour in a skillet, nothing else but flour in the skillet. Heat and stir until it’s brown. Clean and dry the area then sprinkle a small amount on the affected area. Do it for a couple of days and you’ll see the rash improve and go away.

My son had that forever. Turns out he had baby eczema so we started doing oatmeal baths and using aveeno night balm and it was literally magic. I kept this up until he was 2 just because his skin was so sensitive.

Wash with antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Allow to air dry several minutes apply Hydrocortisone cream and rub in. Allow to air dry a few more minutes. Put on clean diaper. Each time you change the diaper, repeat the steps.

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My daughter had a really bad diaper rash when she was little and I would put parent choice diaper cream on it and then throw corn starch on top of the cream and it healed up quickly.

My mother in law taught me to mix corn starch and Vaseline in empty baby food jars. There’s no exact measurements, just mix until creamy. It Is the ONLY cream that helped my babies and my grandbabies with diaper rash


While i agree corn starch is the best , but if its the diaper brand making it happen , not changing brands will make the rash keep coming back . They had to switch my grand daughter to hello bello.

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My son had a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away my mom browned some flour and sprinkled it on him and told me to keep his diaper off for about 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day and it cleared up in less than a week. We also realized that he was allergic to Huggies, Luvs and a few others. We had to switch to the Target brand Up and Up. This was before Seventh generation started making big packs of diapers.

when my
kids had a nappy rash i would wash their bums with aveeno and use bepanthen. Maybe change your nappy brand. I allways used pampers.

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Corn starch based baby powder. They sale it at Walmart in the hygienic/beauty section. Creams don’t do anything for my son but that powder clears him up over night.

I put a Lipton tea bag in the diaper, make sure it doesn’t have staples. Cleared it right up. Dr recommended.

Try a different cream. A&D worked best for my daughter but Aquaphor worked best for my grandsons

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Try canesten like for yeast infections! They get diaper rashes cause of moisture and that’s why u get yeast interferons as well

I use A&D on my grandkids when they get diaper rash, clears it up in no time

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Balmex used to work best for my son. Maybe try changing diaper brand as well? If it’s been longer than a week or two I would reach out to peds again.

Desitin has talc and most paste just traps moisture. Making it worse. Try different wipes or diapers and use boogie bottoms spray. Liquid gold.

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Aquaphor is amazing for the rash the doctor also prescribed nystatin and huggies did the same to both my babies so I switched to Kirkland diapers and wipes it’s been smooth sailing ever since

My kids couldnt handle huggies or luvs diapers, with them it was the cheaper ones then for my grandchildren it was cloth diapers, charcoal bamboo very soft and easy on the bum and naturally antibiotic


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