What can I do about my childs nightmares?

my 4 year old daughter suffers from horrible nightmares to the point where shes screaming and crying and running around the room but shes not awake. she sleeps in the room with me and her dad (separate beds) and i have tried everything the pediatrician recommend and all the dr suggests now is sleeping meds and im not comfortable putting her on medication. are there any other mamas out there that have dealt with this and if so what did you guys do? when it happens i pick her up and sing but that wakes her up and she freaks out and it takes me an hour sometimes longer to calm her down. theres gotta be another solution!!


Don’t interfere with dream my sons 10 has had terrors since 4yrs old i am calm and humm or softly sing i dont touch lr grab him we also started melatonin

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You’re not supposed to wake someone who is sleep walking

CBD oil and dream catchers

I’ve heard melatonin increases nightmares in some children. Just an fyi before someone recommends it

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I would do exactly this. My mom took me to doctors and they said vinegar was the culprit. Not sure if they figured it was a allergy reaction or what. I was really young. But they took anything with vinegar away from me and I stopped. I eventually started eating things with vinegar when I was older and I was fine.

my daughter sleep walks n dreams a lot not nightmares tho but I started giving her sleepy time tea before bed and they have lessened a lot since

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This happened with my 2 oldest children. They shared a room and would literally sit on the end of their bed and stare at nothing and be screaming and crying like they were being murdered. They wouldn’t move they wouldn’t look away, they would be froze staring and screaming. Come to find out they were still asleep and had no memory of it at all the next morning.

My son did this from age 2-9. He had night terrors. When he was 2-3 he would scream for hours at night, but still sleeping. Once he got older he would wake up, but he would be so scared because these dreams were so real. Our doctor had him drinking Catnip tea. It calms humans down. They also have sleepytime tea now. My son said melatonin makes his dreams more vivid and puts him into sleep paralysis. Good luck.

Pray over and with her ever night before she goes to sleep.

Try to get her to wiggle her toes keep repeating it until she does it will help her back into her body.

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Have you tried maybe trying melatonin it’s an herbal sleeping med

I’m 63 and have night terrors. I have a special pillow I rely on during the night. Bounce dryer sheet,+ soft case. Only for her. It might help, make it her size+special. Best of luck to you!:cupid: I hope it’ll help. even a little​:innocent:

Do not wake her. It can be diet, stress or changing her bed time to earlier.

What is she doing during the day and prior to sleeping? No tv programs that are violent or scary. No games that are violent either. If someone is scaring her either. That’s a start. Prayers for you and your daughter.

Those are not nightmares, they are night terrors. I had them bad as a child, until I was about 10 or so. I grew out of them. Most kids do. They’re very scary to have. You see things that aren’t there. You hear things too. It’s like you’re trapped in a bad dream u can’t get out of. I would just monitor her. She doesn’t know you’re there, during them. Even if her eyes are wide open. She’s somewhere else in her mind.

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Our grandkids all went to bed with an oversized stuffed dog…you can usually buy in walmart…about 3 feet long…
You tuck her in and the dog …tell her to pat him to sleep …the size of the dog feels like a person beside her…worked great…

I know not everyone believes in essential oils, but lavender has worked for m oldest with his terrors.

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Smudge your room see if that works and move to the rest of the house good luck momma