What can I do about my chronic migraines while pregnant?

I suffer from chronic migraines, and I just found out I’m approx 4-5 weeks pregnant. I can no longer take my migraine preventive or treatment medications. Any suggestions on how to prevent and/or treat migraines that are safe for baby and me? I’m getting plenty of fluids and rest, taking a prenatal vitamin and eating healthy. Thanks in advance!


Just went thru this and ended up in the emergency room getting what they call a migraine cocktail and it’s helped tremendously

Daily caffine(no ot low sugar) with magnesium and vitamin b 12

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In the exact boat im 18 weeks though my dr says its okay to take advil or excedrin or tylenol advil is only okay for a certain time frame but not all the time

Take a b12 every morning. I too suffer from chronic migraines and that helped

I drank a monster, b12, and magnesium

I suffer migraines… I check my iron levels that can be a cause of it when it’s low, my doctor also prescribed me magnesium to help (you can get it over the counter too), Tylenol will only help sometimes, and I try to remember to stay hydrated

I had migraines so bad at the beginning of pregnancy that I would throw up several times. I just took meds to make me not throw up so much & tried to sleep as much as I could to avoid headaches.

Pain away migraine topical gel.

I took Topamax the whole pregnancy with both kids.
Did stadol Nasal Spray when I had migraines.
Increased water intake and tried to eat as well as possible

I just saw a product today on FB…its a clip type thing that you apply to the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger… it’s an acupressure point…the clip provides the pressure.

Talk to your doctor…not a facebook group

Magnesium oxide 2x a day, lots of water and smoothies with cinnamon in them.

I used vicks… Just rubbed it all over my forehead and would sleep it out :woman_shrugging: i tried it on accident and its been a go to ever since.

I have Chiari Malformation, so migraines are a part of everyday life. When I was pregnant, I was allowed my preventative and abortive until 20 weeks. After that I had to have caffeine, salt, magnesium, something for nausea (migrain nausea) and cold packs. It still wasn’t much relief, but better than nothing.


I would get migraines 3 to 4 times a week until i got my daith pierced, it has honestly been a life saver. I no longer get migraines with having it done.

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Go to thenewfind.com and look for acculief

You can take Tylenol during pregnancy. That might not be enough. This is a question for your OB they will know best what medications will be safe during your pregnancy.

I got the daith piercing for my migraine and I haven’t had one in over a year

I take amitriptyline for my migraine preventative and it’s safe to take during pregnancy

I wish you the best of luck go to your neurologist and discuss what you can do! I didnt get any breaks from mine while i was pregnant tried 20 some different meds with help from my dr and none worked completely i had to wait till i had the baby to find something that helped.

There’s a spot on your ear you can pierce to prevent migraines

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***Check with your doctor before starting any supplements.

My story - I suffered from complicated migraines- when I would get them I would have symptoms that mimicked a stroke (slurred speech, losing feeling in half my body followed by intense pain that constantly had me in the ER) - my MRI showed nothing particularly causing them though. My neurologist was aware we were trying to get pregnant and told me to try a 400mg magnesium supplement daily at bedtime, since that would be pregnancy safe. After being on that I have not experienced any migraines. Again, check with your doctor first! I haven’t had a migraine in two years! If I miss my supplement a few times I wind up with small headaches though.

In the mean time you can use epsom salt, which is a form of magnesium in a bath (not too hot) or a scrub in the shower! I hope you feel better!

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Your could have pre-eclampsia

Try the forehead strips x

Go see a chiropractor. I started a year ago and my migraines stopped. I am also pregnant 30 weeks and I still see my chiropractor. So it’s safe to see them while pregnant.

I had to see my neurologist. N he put me on a medication that was safe during pregnancy, but i didnt take it long cause i had side effects from it. But i got my ears pierced the diath ones and only have had 2 within the first 4 weeks of having it done. N im doing good now. Havent had a migraine sents February. N im almost 28 weeks pregnant now. But i cut out caffeine and chocolate and some other things totally back in January too.

Hormone change is cause.

You are now being healed from migraines in Jesus name Amene

I always had migraines so of course they got worse when I was pregnant. Was prescribed butalbital acetaminophen-caffeine which got rid of it almost instantly after taking & Flexeril (which I avoided) and used the heating pad and ice back and fourth.

Fioricet ask for it for your migraines

Have you tried a daith piercing. I got mine done and have not had a migraine for over 2 years now. Before that I would drink a gaterajd and put an ice pack on the back of my neck.

Talk to your GYN. Do NOT take anything without talking to them first! I spoke with mine. We had a game plan. If I felt one coming on - what to do. I knew what was okay and what was not straight from my doctor. It’s apparently very common. They gave me a print out of things that were okay to take. But, my NP was SUPER awesome and gave me non-medication options to try before I hit the meds. ALWAYS talk to your doctor. Always.

I took propranolol prescribed by my dr

I went to a neurologist for my migraines and they did occipital nerve blocks and trigger point injections. They worked wonders. I mean it sucks getting shots in your head but it worked for me. I’m 2 months postpartum and still getting them once a month

My dr said panadine forte is okay

See a good Chiropractor

The only time I didn’t suffer with chronic migraine was when I was pregnant. For some reason, not one migraine with any of my pregnancies.

I’d talk to your doctor. The only thing really safe is Tylenol :woman_shrugging:t4: This isn’t something I’d take advice from strangers with cause migraines are no joke


I suffer from chronic migraines also my doctor recommended pickle juice, just watch the sodium is all…

Wishing relief to you and me as well! :weary::woozy_face::exploding_head:

Peppermint oil helped mine. Luckily after my son was born, my migraines diminished significantly.

My doctor prescribed me medicine for my migraines so I’d definitely talk to them. Ice packs have been my saving grace this pregnancy

Magnesium and B6 is safe and helps. Also try drip drop electrolytes. I thought my water in take was efficient but soon as I started drinking it everyday my headaches are far and few between.

I have chronic migraines as well with my four kids they told me that all I can take is Tylenol max strength and there was a vitamin supplement that is supposed to help, I wanna day b12 but I can’t remember. Just ask your dr they can tell you your options

Cream of tarter under the tongue and with water

I have had severe migraines before I got pregnant and I had to cut out all caffeine, sodas, coffee and teas which helped reduce how many I got I was also taking fioricet as needed and I talked to my doctor about what I could take during pregnancy I’m currently 26 weeks and they are coming back a little more frequent sometimes they aren’t to bad and I can manage without medication but I have talked to my doctor and she said I would still be able to take fioricet and that’s what they would recommend if I were to go in to the ER along with fluids and Benadryl and a antihistamine for a bad migraine and I would pretty much sleep it off BUT I would definitely talk to your doctor and see what they would recommend for you to take!

My niece and several friends suffer from migraines, and this (a year later, and only mild head aches) as helped them. I dont know if it’s for you, but to see them able to be migraine free, is such a relief

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Peppermint. All the peppermint.

My dr put me on Fiorcet to take as needed for my migraines. I was on Topamax daily before I got pregnant with my 17 month old and had to stop taking it. Tylenol didn’t help mine whatsoever. I was even able to continue taking the Fiorcet while nursing. Most of the time 1 Fiorcet helps and it’s gone within 5-10 minutes. Rarely have I had to take 2 of them

you should be talking to your OB about it

The doctors gave me caffeine tablets…

I had to stop taking my topomax and maxalt. I am mostly migraine free during pregnancy, which is great, but I have had some luck mixing tylenol and benadryl.
My dr also suggested unisom, and several people have also suggested B6.

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In extreme cases there ARE some meds that are safe during pregnancy. Your OB should be able to give you an idea of something. Mine offered me tylenol 3 if they get really bad.

Maybe you will be lucky like me, when I was pregnant with my daughter migraines suddenly were replaced with all day sickness :thinking:. :grin: After delivery gradually started having a few here and there but nowhere near as frequent to pre preggo.

Gatorade, the blue one, I also used a roller with mint oil in it on my temples (please use a carrier oil with it as well and take care on sensitive skin) and some ice.
You gotta just stick it out

Just a little fun, let’s all be honest the migraine headache is just now starting. Lol I have two ages 4 an 8. Love them to pieces!!:heart:

Don’t use tylenol it’s linked to cancer, due to the cancer causing carcinogens in it.

Mine actually stopped when I got pregnant

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Ask Doc about taking magnesium or doing epsom salt soaks.

Check your blood pressure

I took a daily dose of magnesium

Ice packs to the head where pain is located. Massage temples. Drink lots of water. Weird but for me, sometimes if I sit and wear headphones and just blare music it helps. (Usually rock music) gel masks cooled in fridge or freezer. My last resort for migraine with no meds is a non diet soda or tea.

Vicks on the temples and back of neck brings me some relief alongside painkillers

I’m 10 weeks and my ob told me to take 400 mg of magnesium for headaches

A magnesium supplement every day. It works. I was so scared to quit taking my topomax during pregnancy, but the magnesium kept the headaches away.

I used chiropractic & massage mostly. There were a few migraines while pregnant, all I could do was lay in a dark room. I made sure I was drinking water (when I could, I wasn’t able to keep much down while pregnant with either). I still had caffeine, that was a choice I made, though I did limit them. I took hot showers, as some of my issues are muscular in my back and neck. Lavender essential oil was good some times.

The best advice I can give you, is try everything you’re comfortable trying and if one or two things work for you, then awesome. Talk to your OB. I had one migraine when my doc told me to take my emergency med. I was beyond my first trimester and being in pain was jacking up my already high blood pressure which also isn’t good for the baby. So be easy on yourself, try not to stress it too much and try all that you can

Chropractic care changed my life. No more migraines. There are chiropractors that specialize in prenatal care.

I would highly suggest just asking your doctor. I’ve seen too much bad medical advice on here.

I’m also pregnant though and have migraines my doc said excedrin migraine and tylenol are safe treatments

Only thing your allowed to take is Tylenol for pain…

I have the same issue. And I was taking Amitriptyline pre pregnancy with success. Then I got taken off it because the pharmacy says it wasn’t safe. And I go put on a different medication and I was actually in the ER many times for my migraines (my blood pressure goes dangerously high from the pain) with the medication not working. and then I got sent to a specialist who said the first medication they recommend for pregnant mamas with migraines is Amitriptyline. So I got put back on it and I haven’t had another migraine since.

This sounds crazy, but my doctor told me to do it and it works great!

3 regular Tylenol or 2 extra strength, with a Benadryl and a soda with caffeine in it. You can do this throughout the day if it keeps coming back.

Immitrex is still safe during pregnancy. You’ll have to talk to your physician to get a prescription and discuss if it’s an option for you! Good luck! I’m a long time sufferer too!!

Vicks on my temples and forehead helped me

I had terrible migraines when pregnant.My OB told me to take Tylenol with a nice cold Coke. It totally worked.

My doctor gave me the okay to take Excedrin, but that was only twice

Lifetime migraine sufferer here. Not much you can do medically while pregnant. I did find that tying something really tight around my head such as a rolled up tank top and putting the knot right where it hurts the most, lying in a dark cool room would sometimes help. As well as laying my head on a heating pad or ice pack Sometimes helps, acupuncture was ok. being pregnant with migraines sucks! A friend just showed me these hand clips on Amazon im going to order they may be helpful too.

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Immitrex as someone mentioned. Definitely talk to your doctor though! I do a benadryl and put a cold cloth on my neck with a dark room to help the pain and get some rest.

My doctor prescribed me butalbital with acetaminophen and caffeine while I was pregnant for mine. It definitely helped take the edge off.

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Acculief is the hand clips on Amazon i tried to share a screenshot it wouldn’t allow me to

Talk to your doctor there is stuff that is safe to take. I did with my son but sometimes you cannot take it til 2nd trimester. In the mean time ice pack on the back of the neck and pressure points in your hands work amazing.

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Of course speak to yr doc first.
But my doc allowed me 1000mg tylenol taken with 750mg magnesium citrate per migraine while pregnant.

I second checking with your doctor. I’ve had horrible chronic migraines my whole life. My last pregnancy doc prescribed tylenol with codeine, but I took it very sparingly and not in the last trimester. Good luck!!

Biofeedback helped me more than anything. It’s pretty simple lay in a dark room envision your favorite place and tell your body to relax begin at your toes and work your way up. Slowly breathe focus on your breathing (you will need that later in labor) Takes about 30 mins

Talk to your doctor. I had to go off Keppra for daily maintenance and one week later I was back at DAILY migraines. It was awful. They told me magnesium and an antihistamine. But eventually my OB had to put me on Fioricet :disappointed_relieved:

Your doctor can give you a prescription for a caffeine pill. I had to take while I was pregnant for my migraines

There is a pressure point between your thumb and forefinger where the thin skin is on your hand. Massage that. Sometimes it helps. I was miserable with migraines throughout both of my pregnancies. It helped with some of them. Best of luck and congratulations!

C-pap. Sleep machine stopped my migraines,

Daith piercing? I used to have constant migraines and have only had one since I got mine done last year. The piercing was also pretty painless and only costs between 50 and 100 dollars. It hurt less than my cartilage piercings.

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Try osteopath or some alternative therapy like acupuncture.

Just dont get pregnant

Always talk to your doctor before doing anything anyone suggests, but for my migraines (which I take prescriptions for when not pregnant) my doctor recommended drinking more caffeine, not taking caffeine pills, but drinking more caffeine in the means of black tea type things. You can get caffeine from a lot of other things too, but just make sure it’s not like an energy drink or soda that you’re getting it from. The doctor can also prescribe you something different for the time being as well, I was prescribed a barbitual/Tylenol/caffeine mixed pill and it worked enough for me to do my daily tasks

Talk to your doc because they have meds that you can take now.

My migraines went away completely when I was pregnant and didn’t come back until a little less than a year after I had my second. They’re 21 months apart.

Migraines ruled my life, not anymore thank goodness… For 20 years I was plagued. My Dr. said that they would reduce as I got older and he was soooo right. One or two a year phew. But when they were at their worst, omg. Hours in Emerge for gravol/demerol shots. They don’t do that anymore. I had been on opiate medication for 5 years. None of the preventative meds worked and I was finally referred to a migraine clinic in hospital and stayed 3 days. This is what I learned. It’s a bit lengthy but I was given sooooo much info over a 3 day period lol…

  1. Migraines don’t just HAPPEN, 95% are triggered. Find the triggers!!!

  2. Caffeine, it can help a migraine, BUT, can cause one as well AND if you consume alot of coffee at work but only one on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can get “weekend headaches” from caffeine withdrawal which can progress to a migraine. Drinking more coffee can “ease” this. Also you may not have maintained your "caffeine levels " at home perhaps too hot so drinking more water than coffee, gives the same results, grab yourself a cuppa cuppa.

  3. On the flipside, having MORE caffeine than usual (coffee, dark cola, chocolate)can trigger a migraine (as a rule most clear pops do not contain caffeine) Drink lots of water, with lemon is even better. Flush your system

  4. AS -PAR- TAME, no, no, no, oh hell no!! Anything “diet” “sugarfree”, or Artificially sweetened has Aspartame!!! This includes diet pop, sugarfree gums and TicTac’s, candy, or mints (2 pieces can put you to bed)Some companies are switching to splenda bc of side effects of Aspartame, which is great. And some are using Xylitol which is also greatish, BUT, too much and you’ll get the poops, running for the bathroom poops lol ( works great for constipation, Russell Stover has chocolates with Xylitol and has a warning that too much can cause severe runs!! I’m not joking :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

They gave me a list of foods that trigger. It was extensive, and I don’t remember them all. Perhaps Google it. I narrowed my down but needed a way to remember them and noticed the majority started with “C” so I made up a little ditty :notes:to help
:notes: 6 C’s…msgs…and a glass of
Red Wine :notes:
6 “C’s” …Cheese, Chocolate, Cola,
Caffeine, Citrus, & Cigarettes

MSG’s…it’s in EVERYTHING flavoured, preserved, contains salt, or seasoning (cup o noodles, can soup, flavored Noodles – Liptons, Knor, all flavoured chips and cheezies)Lipton noodle soup is a family favorite but it was SUCH a trigger, they came out with reduced salt ( removed the MSG, most reduced salt items means it’s removed), so we get to enjoy it again, Yay!! READ labels, amazing how much has msg. Monosodium Glutamate!!!

  1. Migraines are caused by opened blood vessels causing blood to “rush” too rapidly. Get a bag of frozen peas (yup) mark it inedible. They won’t freeze clumped. Whack it and wrap it around your neck. This helps constrict the blood vessels. 10 mins on 10, off 3 consecutive times several times a day. Toss back in freezer for next time.

And finally
6. Weather, can’t do much about it but for me barometric pressure was a killer for me. I knew a storm was coming HOURS before it hit. A little gnawing ache got worse and worse as it neared until a full blown migraine. Altitude changes when flying was also brutal yeesh. Really humid or high humidity is also a trigger for me but sitting in A/C rooms helped those migraines.

I don’t know if this is of any help, but, for me? I religiously toed the line and it made such a big difference for me and my 3 boys who ALL suffered from juvenile migraines poor buggers.
Good Luck​:grin::+1::+1:

Magnesium was a life saver. But, My doc did allow me to take Excedrin up to the last trimester.

All my doctor would let me have was 1000mg of Tylenol and a coke

My OB told me to take Tylenol PM and drink something caffeinated (like 80mg of caffeine)

I got my daiths pierced done so I wouldn’t have to take anything and it has worked amazing! I recommend that!

Have you ob/gyn speak to your neurologist. Hopefully they will have someway to accommodate you.