What can I do about my overbearing mother in law?

Cut that woman OFF! Don’t second guess this decision


You have the legal right and truthfully owe your children to protect them ’


Nope your not wrong my mother in law does things with out asking me first as I’m the mother of my kids and she’ll ask Jonathan if its ok and she thinks just because he says its ok that that means its ok to do what ever she wants with my kids and let who ever she wants around my kids when I say no its like I don’t exist im sorry to say but I’m the mommy and have just as much right and say so over my kids as Jonathan the father does if not more so I definitely know how you feel


You are not wrong! Sometimes you need to cut out toxic people no matter who they are.

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Everyone that comes to your home show always Respect your Family and house rules o matter what their status is to you and your family.


Your first obligation is to your Children.

Remove her from your lives immediately she is poison!

Tell her to stop now, You are the parents,stand together against her limit time with your kids,she will teach your kids to rebel as they are older.Her act is abuse to kids causing stress

Be as kind as you can to her, she won’t be around forever.

No…just tell her not to come and if she does call the police.
Ppl like this never change.

Sounds like time for a restraining order.

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Look…enough is enough…first shore up your marriage if it’s important to you…letting one nut case family member take it’s toll as you say shows weakness where you should be able to draw strength from…should be two against one…inform and limit, “your”, children from this malcontent…second simply state your position clearly and openly…change the door locks…block the phone numbers…don’t answer the door…further delay is kowtowing to this persons toxicity…Oh… And put the paddy wagon on speed dial…maybe a 5150 is needed here…Another words, grow a spine and follow through with, “I’m not going to take it any more”…!

Move far away…very far…

I’m so glad me and my husband cut out my in laws right after I had our second they’ve never even meet our 3rd and 4th . Horrid people . My children still see thier aunt from that side but they get enough love and attentions from my side of the family. But my husband was adopted and they were the kind of people once money ran dry the booted the kids out. Infact the state has pulled there fistercare liscence. After some … bad things were happening over there .
Bottom line though those kids of yours are not her kids !!! Idk if your husband would stand up to her and put her in her place but thats what needs to be done to see any change at all. I wish you luck hun .