What can I do about my toddler and shoes?

I have a foot sensitive 16 month old. He is going into toddler room at daycare and will need to try wearing shoes. So far any attempt to put on sneakers is a instant meltdown. Any suggestions? Ty!


What about crocs? Since the have a back those are usually ok at daycare. Just call and ask them!

I have an autistic son that also doesn’t like shoes. He takes them off right as soon as you put them on. I found he doesn’t mind his baby Yoda slippers or his crocs with thick socks. He also likes his rain boots lol. Easy to put on, easy to take off. Good luck with finding his right shoe :blush::athletic_shoe:

These moccasins by Freshly Picked were all my little one would wear. They are super soft leather and don’t have the hard soles like regular shoes so they honestly feel more like wearing socks.

Robeez, barefoot shoes, etc are good alternatives to “real shoes” that aren’t good for foot develop anyway.

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My grandsons didn’t like shoes either when they first started wearing them. I got them some from Target and they got used to them. Consistency is key to getting your toddler to like wearing shoes.

Take him out and let him pick out his own shoes… be they bedroom slippers, Crocks, rain boots, dress shoes, sandals, cowboy boots etc. I suggest WalMart. The shoes are cheap. If he ends up not wearing them, wears them out quickly or takes them off somewhere and loses them, you’re not out a lot of money and with their prices, he can pick out 2 or 3 pair of whatever he likes.

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Crocs, robeez, moccasins,
Ten Littles

Water shoes…soft…light…slip on and off easily.

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What about hard soled socks! If you type into google so many options come up! Could be good to start off

Give slippers, crocs, wide foot shoes, etc. Have a variety helps with this

My son wore the soft baby shoes for a while at first. He acted like she has bricks on his feet when I put him in a regular show with a sole lol.

Get 2-3 options & let him choose each day. Sneakers, boots, crocs, etc

Try monofit adidas shoes for toddlers…there is no wrong way to put them on…so no left foot right foot wrong foot

Pediped Footwear soft sole shoes.
Freshly Picked also have really soft sole shoes.