What can I do for a potty training rash?

Has anyone experienced a potty training rash? I’m not sure what’s causing it, but ever since she started training and no diaper, it’s been rash on the cheeks! Help!!


Could she be allergic to the laundry soap? Like is it where her undies are?


My son had this he was allergic to certain toilet paper he was also allergic to certain baby wipes.

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Make sure to wash down the potty with more soap. Clearly just sensitive skin. My daughter and me both have eczema . Mines terrible but she was like that to . Couldn’t have anything touch her . We had to use paper towels or cloths because baby wipes made it worse .

I would definitely be careful with what you are cleaning the potty seat with and maybe use your normal wipes to wipe her to see if that changes anything

Same thing happened to my little one. It was like the seat wash causing a friction rash, so we started lotioning the red area twice a day with a gentle eczema lotion and it went away.

My baby is currently in the hospital and the wound care nurses swear by regular Vaseline. So just slab some of that on her and it should help.

I would lean towards laundry detergent as the cause. I have had kids react to different detergents, and one kid who can only use organic. I sometimes make it from scratch, because it is really expensive.

Elastic in the underwear.

It could be laundry detergent or the cleaner you use for the toilet seat

Bag balm from your local farm supplier, like Southern states, they use it on cows teets when they get sore, but I would also use a 25 -50% vinegar/ water solution to treat the pain, and bacteria, soak gauze 4x4 inch pads, then apply to redeemed area about 5 minutes, then patt dry, apply bag balm .

Red areas = redeemed