What can I do for arthritis?

I have a doctors appt on Tuesday for my hands, but was looking to see if you guys have any suggestions until then. I think I am starting to have arthritis in my hands. I’ve been having trouble opening things and now I cant bend my fingers on my left hand. I know tylenol and ice are recommended, but is there anything else y’all do to help?

Keep your hands warm try to exercise your hands like with a exercise ball…try to cover with heating pad or ice which ever helps… Epson salt can help as well

They need to do testing to see actually what kind of arthritis you have. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I been going through it since I was young. I’m 35now. There are things they can help you with. You may have to see a Rheumatologist to figure out everything.

I have the same. Looking for answers