What can I do for baby congestion?

Hi moms! I have a 7 week old and since birth he has been very congested. He’s has labs and a chest x ray done and the doctors say he looks good. I’m still worried about him though because his breathing doesn’t sound right to me and sounds very congested and nasally. We’ve tried switching his formula and that hasn’t helped either, anyone else experience this?


Deviated septum could cause breathing problems

Could be allergies since he is in a new environment. I would try to have a humidifier going in the same room you spend the most time in to help him. Keep him at a slant and not on his back to prevent some drainage in the back of his throat causing any coughing. New babies do take quite a bit of time to adjust to new things like that. My little guy was like that too and we found out it was allergies to a cat we had in the house.

Story of my life! My daughter is 8mos and is constantly having nasal congestion and a little cough! They put her on a dose of Zyrtec and it helps a little. Saline and nose Frieda definitely help! Along with Zarbees mucus and cough. I think your baby may be old enough to take it.

Have they mentioned asthma

Keep taking him back until they do something


Get the thingy that sucks the boogers out. They can’t blow them out on their own.

My son is almost 2 months and he has been nasally congested since we came home from the hospital. His doctor doesn’t seem concerned because it’s not in his lungs, just his nose… saline solution and a nasal aspirater have been life savers. Although he hates it and screams like a banshee when I do it lol. He usually feels much better afterwards though


Mine is turning 6 months old and had had this problem since birth they gave my little man breathing treatments when needed and so far we good

Have you got a humidifier

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Also get a nasal aspiration. That will make him feel much better

Sounds like enviremnt problems . Do you use the baby detergent( can’t remember the name) and also soaps with no fragrance in them. Do you have roomdeoderizers out ? Do you smoke, even if you don’t smoke around baby those smells and chemicals are on your hands and clothes. Even if you don’t does a family member that does come in contact with the baby?

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experienced same so antibiotic plus simple saline water nubelizer and dont lay her on back try to lay her on side as three different pediatricians recommand me this remedy

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Can also be just the milk congestion. The formula can give them mucus

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My little guy had the same symptoms when he was new too, got x-rays, they were clear too. We checked for everything and ended up with a diagnosis, I can’t remember the medical term right now, but it was basically an underdeveloped muscle in his throat around his vocal chords that made it sound like he was congested even though he wasn’t. It resolved itself when he was a little over a year old and started talking.

Allergies most likely r maybe sinus r ear infection ? Both mine had congestion lots too- try humidifier maybe vaporizer in the room ?

A cool mist humibifer and get one of those nose frida things my baby was like that forever and getting all the snot out helped

My daughter was the same until about 1.5yrs… i was so sick of not getting any solid answers so i got a referral to the stollery. She was allergy tested and their conclusion was that during labor, the didnt clear her airway enough causing her to have a weak windpipe. They prescribed an inhaler and we administered the steroids for 12 weeks. Never had an issue since.

Are you holding him up when u feed him and then burping him before u lay him down every time. Not judging, just trying to help find an answer.

Is he coughing when he feeds?

Sometimes the milk can get in the lungs just a little but can be deadly if not noted soon

I’ve had a few the same way I always use the aspirator and when old enough not sure what the ages for the saline solution spray really helps did the doctor say it was okay to use a humidifier either the cold or hot mist

Also are there any dogs or cats in the house. He may be allergic

Saline drops worked for my daughters

And don’t forget mold. Also remove all fragrances and air fresheners. Wash clothes in hypoallergenic soap and him as well.

Allergies are real. Remove anything u think may cause an allergic reaction. Even products u use on yourself.

My almost month old is the same way. Pediatrician said its not abnormal so long as there’s not excessive spit up or appetite loss.

Have him tested for allergies. It can’t hurt

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He might have a deviated septum. You won’t be able to fix it til he’s older. But ultimately, have him referred to an ENT to be sure. He really needs to see an ENT.

A nasal suctions works great

Allergies , humidifier , do u have a dog or a cat ?

Take him back and ask doctors to do test for RSV

My son was like that and nothing hes 6 months old now and he still gets a runny nose but he grew out of it I was told lots of boys when there born they usually are congested

If you dont trust the Dr.'s diagnosis get a second opinion… never second guess your motherly instincts.


Humidifier and saline drops!

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Have you taken him to a pulmonologist?

It’s carry normal as long as no temp especially if you had extra fluid on his lungs when he was born

My son had an underdeveloped esophagus which made him sound like this. He grew out of it

Call a ENT dr and make an appointment for the baby.

Better safe than sorry.

I had the same issue for a few months come to find out my daughter had aspiration her milk was going into her lungs it happens to some babies but make sure u bring it up to dr and ask if they can run a swallow test if it happens when they drink bottles mainly more chances that’s what it is … my dr put her on a thicker formula and asked not to feed her laying make sure she’s upright while feeding, just a thought it sounds just like congestion and can cause pneumonia

Put a little Vicks sauve on his chest to help him breathe.

Could just be the time of year. My sons been congested during the cold weather, just clean his nose out and use baby vicks on him and it helps.

My niece had this and i felt so bad for her because she sounded HORRIBLE for almost the first year of her life but shes perfect. It never caused her any actual trouble exept the sound

Most babies are born congested sounding it takes a minute to clear up it’s usually in the nose not the chest

Try getting citrizine and doing a daily dose. My kids r on that and it works for them