What can I do for cradle cap?

Cradle cap shampoo at Walmart & target

Soft toothbrush and the original dial bar soap.

Olive oil let it sit on hair and massage it in gently then wash and brush out

Soft brush at bath time

Soft brush and baby oil


Just leave it.
Use a brush that’s it

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Coconut oil and a comb.

Tiny bit of coconut oil.

Gently rub Coconut oil into scalp then comb out

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Minrol oil amd a fine comb works amazing my son had it so bad he was im the hospital bc he was sick and I had all the nurses wanting to do it lol

Wire brush and wd 40

Baby oil and soft baby brush.

Take her out of the cradle

The only thing that worked for my daughter was Mustela shampoo. It came with a soft scrub brush to massage the scalp with and cleared it up in just a couple of uses.


My second to youngest son had horrible cradle cap. His doctor told me to use Selsum Blue and it would help. I would put it in his hair and use his brush to brush his head while it was on. Within a couple weeks of use, it was 99% gone.

I showed my daughter a trick night before I rubbed a small amt of baby oil on his scalp next day head and shoulders shampoo and a lice comb gone after two applications!

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I got the Frida baby cradlecap brush. Use baby oil after bath to keep moisturized

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my pediatrician had me buy Nizoral shampoo. You can get it at wal mart or walgreens. Rub over cradle cap, let dry, wipe off with wet cloth. It worked perfectly and within days, it was completely gone. Also works for psoriasis as well

We used olive oil. Put it on for a few minutes then use a comb on their hair. Wash out and repeat as necessary. We only had to do it twice with our oldest. And it never came back.

The only thin that worked for my son was this mustella shampoo and a scalp scrub i found on amazon after 3 washes the cradle cap was gone. You can pm me if you want i still have a few unused scalp brushes i can give you if we live close by.

Lather in baby oil and let sit for a couple hours. Then use a soft baby toothbrush and brush thoroughly. Then shampoo as usual. Worked like a charm on my son. First time got almost all of it. Second time got the little that was left…and it never came back!


I used liquid paraffin,i let it sit for some few minutes
It came of easily

If the traditional methods are not working ask your doctor. In extreme cases there are special shampoos to use.

The only thing that worked and didn’t give my youngest an alergic reaction was 3 in 1 soap from Avon. Let it sit for a couple minutes and used a comb to brush against the cradle cap. Then rinsed and washed again.

Use baking soda it works great. Dr told me about it.

I used breast milk on my first and it helped, do it before a bath though cause it leaves the hair kind of gross


My son had it bad, cleared up in just a week using a soft toothbrush and avacado oil. Massage it in then rinsed with moisturizing baby wash.

Comb hair back while baby has shampoo in it. It will comb right out after a few washes

Baby oil and scrub with a tooth brush! Worked every time

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Baby oil after a bath and a baby comb or baby brush. Cover bubs cradle cap in the oil, wait a moment then comb or brush it gently away. After, keep bubs head moist for a while with the baby oil daily.

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Baby oil and a soft toothbrush when your baby is taking a bath

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Aquaphor was what my pediatrician recommended. It’s goes on like vasoline, but dries non-greasy

It’ll go away. I brushed it in the bathtub with baby shampoo. Then lotion the head after the bath with the brush again.


Coconut oil work for my son

Put it in the bath tub…

Wash it with a soft brush to
Loosen it then put lotion on it

Breastmilk will help and cure .

Rice water… look up a video on youtube also wash ur babies hair with a little brush pls!!

Tubby Todd all over ointment

Baby oil and baby comb.

Moo Goo scalp cream :+1:t2:

I used baby oil and it got rid of the cradle cap

Coconut oil an a baby brush

I’ve always used these for my babies and they never got cradle cap. Just used Aveeno baby shampoo

This use to be made by Nestle, but is the same formula. Helps with cradle cap and smells babyish good.

I tried everything with no success. Then olive oil removed it all in one go. Rubbed it into his scalp, let it sit for 20 minutes and then combed it out super easily

My dr had me use denerex dandruff shampoo an it works just a dab. Not a lot an use a soft tooth brush or baby brush an do circle motions

Years ago…60s and very early 70s. …there was a product called Cradal…I used it on my son…took all his hair off in my hands when I massaged it in…he had beautiful jet black hair to his shoulders…never for got that as we had family pictures the next day…glad its off the market…I cried my eyes out…

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Coccanut oil is the best

Not a whole lot. You can try different oils etc but it will eventually go away on its on.