What can I do for morning sickness?

I am having a very hard time with this pregnancy. I feel like a big baby for feeling so crummy all the time. thanks!

I am 12 weeks pregnant, I had awful morning sickness for a few weeks puked all day everyday could hold nothing down. that has seemed to pass for the most part but like with my previous pregnancy I have horrible terrible heartburn now, I never found anything that helped during my last pregnancy. I have tried a lot of things a lot of old wives tales & medicines & natural remedies. everything seems so much harder this pregnancy, I didn’t have symptoms with my first like this, I didn’t show at all until 6 months, I didn’t vomit ever I felt like crap all the time, I had heartburn but that was my worst symptom, my boobs didn’t grow or hurt like this, maybe it is because I am older? I’m really not sure. I would love some advice about heartburn what you ladies did that actually worked? (at this point it is making me vomit often) any advice would be greatly appreciated. I had my first August 2014 I am now 27. any advice would be so appreciated.


Every pregnancy is different! With my first it was the most perfect pregnancy! Never really sick. Had lots of energy and no pain. With my second i was in pain constantly, always sick. Nothing could relieve my pain and i was miserable and the only difference between my two kids was 1.5 oz lol. So i don’t really have any advice for the heartburn since mine didnt stop till after my secobd was born. But i feel ya momma abd you can get through this! Good luck!

Ginger is good for heart burn

I used a baking soda and water mixed I kept heart burn with my second so bad I hated to eat and couldn’t sleep


My acid reflux was so severe, I had to get prescribed medication

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I had the horrible heartburn my whole pregnancy. Nothing helped and I tried every medication and remedy humanly possible. Sadly my son is now 8 and it has never gone away. They have tried every medication and combinations of medications and nothing makes it any better. They finally did an endoscopy and I have a hiatal hernia, they said it was most likely caused during pregnancy. Only way to fix it is surgery, which insurance doesnt cover so I’m stuck with it. I now have sores (essentially chemical burns in my esophagus) from the stomach acid that bubbles up. I really hope that’s not what’s happening for you!

Pickle juice not alot

I had terrible heartburn with my daughter, it was in the middle of the night and I would wake up with stomach acid in my mouth. There was a few things my doc told me. Avoid spicy or greasy foods, sleep sitting at a 45 degree angle and take prevacid. The prevacid was the only thing that worked, but it worked. Talk to your doc first, my daughter is 12 now so they may have decided that a different brand is better for women who are pregnant.

I lived on Rolaids with my 1st baby.

They sell papaya pills at the drug store or Walmart and they are absolutely the best thing ever and they won’t hurt the baby. Chew about 3 of them they don’t taste bad either

I drink a glass of milk and it generally helps.

Peanut butter and or almond breeze almond milk was the only thing that worked for me i had awful heart burn i would just sit and cry it was so bad. But baby girl came out with alot of hair lol

Every pregnancy is different…I had horrible heartburn which got worse with each of my 3 pregnancies…my doctor told me to take Zantac (I used the generic) 75mg twice a day…and I could use tums if needed and the Zantac really helped…if I didn’t take it I was like a fire breathing dragon

Mustard tastes like hockey pudding but gives instant relief

Zantac 150 Menthol (the blue pill)

My daughter had awful morning sickness and took papaya pills. Not sure if it helps heartburn but she said it worked wonders for her morning sickness.

I actually had to take nexium while pregnant,I had the worst heartburn .Every pregnancy is different,carrying babies kill my body .

The symptoms if pregnancy usually comes sooner after you’ve already been pregnant, that’s why your showing sooner, boobs growing quicker etc. Different things work for different types if heartburn for me. If im suffering from it with pastas, milk helps. Fried foods, chewable tums- not that chalky crap. If it comes on at random, pickles. Sometimes I have it all for heartburn.

My first pregnancy was a breeze. I was only sick up until 8-9 weeks and the pain only came on at the end with back hurting. Not really any heart burn. I’m currently 7 Months pregnant with my second and I was sick all day and all night puking for 5 1/2 months. Boobs hurt starting early. They’re huge now. :joy: I have heartburn so i pop two famotidine/pepcid a day- still prenatal and zofran- once a day. Ive just recently got my appetite back. Every pregnancy is different. I’m thirty now. I was 27 with my first. It’ll get better momma and if it doesn’t then I’d call it a day after this one. Lol. I did love pickle juice though both pregnancies. :laughing::woman_shrugging:t3:

A friend of mine eats a teaspoon of baking soda. Says it stops heartburn right away. Some say heartburn means they have a head full of hair!

Try the skin of cucumbers it worked for me when I had heartburn my grandma told me to try it and it worked you can also try laying on your left side that works great for me I got that one from Google.

My first pregnancy was alot like this one and you lknow it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself because it sucks lol…I dunno what to say apart from just keep going it won’t last forever I lknow it’s hard tho XX

Wow, almost identical to my 1st vs 2nd pregnancy!
My 1st I’d get nauseous with certain smells/foods, 2nd I lost 12 lbs from not being able to keep anything down.
1st I gradually went up 3 cup sizes, 2nd I went up a cup size a week after my positive test.
1st I was in my normal jeans until about 22 weeks, 2nd I was in maternity pants by 9 weeks.
1st I had occasional heartburn at night if I didn’t eat before bed, 2nd I had the most terrible heartburn all the time.

I took Zantac every day, as well as making sure I didn’t let my stomach get too empty. I still had to use Tums from time to time depending on what I ate, but overall it worked pretty well for me.

On my third pregnancy… I feel like I have the flu all the time :mask: was like it with all three sadly, the end reward is worth it all so I just keep trying ginger ale or ginger cookies sometimes it helps. Most of the time I can’t even keep water down.

I thought my 1st pregnancy was bad til i got pregnant with my 2nd one. Holy moly i had really hard pregnancy i used ginger chews for nausea and prilosec over the counter stuff for my heartburn. I hope you find relief positive energy coming your way