What can I do for my 2-month-olds Eczema?

My baby has had eczema since 2 months old, I’ve been too the doctor and they have prescribed me many creams that don’t work or will work for the mean time and then the eczema will come back worst wanting to know from other mums any suggestions to help it die down!?

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The aveeno eczema cream works really well for my daughter. Paired with hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone first then the aveeno

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Do you breast feed? If so, it 100% could be something you’re eating. Eczema is usually a sign of allergies to something.

Tried oatmeal baths to calm it! I typically would recommended breast milk bath but if that’s what’s causing it it would do more harm than good

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Make sure every thing is fragrance free, dye free, and alcohol free.

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Might be what you are eating if breast feeding or type of formula. Also type of detergent/dry sheets as well. Aveeno oatmeal cream for babies works the best and cooler baths

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Aveno Eczema Oatmeal Cream. It’s the only thing that works for my 3 month old baby girl!

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I make a salve that I made just for this reason. I couldnt afford the creams they wanted to prescribe her. We are beekeepers and have a little store that we sell the salve. We have it with or without CBD. We have samples if you want to come try it!

Eczema honey has a whole line for eczema. I use the soap on my son and it helps clear up his. I also put aquaphor on his spots every night that helps.

This stuff is amazing! works every time for our daughter! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my daughter. This is the only thing that helps. They have a lotion but this is an oil. I put it in a spray bottle and spray her down after showers. It’s amazing.

I have to wipe down my sons face with a rag every hour or so if he’s outside. I’ll apply cream at night before bed only. The allergens in the air outside seem to stick to the creams & make my sons eczema worse so we do without if we’re outdoors. Certain foods make my sons worse too. Like stuff with tomatoes.
The honest company has an eczema cream. We also love the aveeno night time eczema balm. It’s so creamy & works the best!

I suffered with it really bad
Especially in my last pregnancy in my arms and wouldn’t go away. I recently cut out dairy from my diet and it has cleared up almost instantly!
If you are breastfeed maybe it something you are eating
Or possible the formula


Are you using all non fragrant soaps and detergents? No lavender products, all free & clear shampoos, bubble bath, etc.

Eczema starts in the gut. If baby is nursing you can cut out dairy or switch baby to a soy formula.

Lots of exzama lotion. Short baths. A little bit a sun helps to. The south African black soap really made all the difference with my son.

I use L’BRI skincare products, they are all natural and aloe based. My son had horrible exema and these products cleared it right up. Its a consultant based business so can’t buy in stores but totally worth it!

My daughters eczema was caused by a milk protein allergy. She was put on a prescription formula. We also used plain dove soap to bathe and cetaphil lotion. Pat her dry dont rub and then apply the lotion to damp skin. That helps lock in moisture. We also only clothed her in 100% cotton clothes and used hypoallergenic clothes detergent. Also only 100% cotton blankets and sheets.

You can bath them in oilatum, helped my little boys skin loads and since doing it in every bath his Eczema hasnt come back

Child’s farm range is brilliant :grinning: x

If you’re breastfeeding. Put your milk on it every 4 hours! I did that with my daughter when she was a baby and it went away within 2 weeks.

If you can get ahold of a dead sea mineral cream it will help tremendously it did wonders for mine, I have tiny flair ups occasionally. They sell it at places like Ross and Marshall’s but it can be bought online as long as it says made in Israel you’re good to go, the lotion or the bath wash will help soothe it

Lush - dream cream! Its AMAZING

Nothing worked for my son. Nothing. And then 6 months later it just disappeared. Never came back. But oatmeal based lotion seemed to help him the best.

Aquaphor ointment… Used on baby like lotion everyday…

Try Ozenol and cover it over
Works 4 me
Hope it helps

My son is just like this also. We haven’t been able to figure what is triggering it yet. He is on Similac Alimentum formula and that has helped but he still gets random flare ups. I soothe his spots with a cold wash cloth. No lotion has worked for him yet and we have tried dozens.

Aveeno worked amazingly for my son. That and vaseline when it was real bad

Baby aquaphor worked as well as black African soap for eczema. If you’re breastfeeding, put some milk on it.

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I had really bad eczema and every cream dr’s would prescribe me either didn’t work or would get it to go away and then it would come back even worse after I stopped the cream. Finally went to a dermatologist and it turns out I was allergic to an ingredient that was in the all of the creams that were being prescribed to me (propylene glycol was the ingredient). Might need to see a dermatologist and get an allergy test done to see if it’s something like that.

My daughter had it really bad as well when she was a baby I used all aveeno baby products and that seem to work for her . I would also put some cornstarch in a little baby towels wrap it with a rubberband. And powder her with it to help with the itching and sweat especially in all their little rolls .

My son is 9, and we have dealt with eczema since he was a baby. Unfortunately his is allergy related, so it come and goes with the seasons and his allergies. Try oatmeal baths to help soothe. And our dermatologist suggested we use vanicream ointment lotion. It is thick and creamy and has no fragrances so it doesn’t doesn’t burn when you put it on cracked angry skin. You can buy it on Amazon or at Walgreens.

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Gold bond excema cream works wonders. For my kids I will apply 2-3xs a day. For myself everytime I can’t stop myself from a scratching.

Cap full of bleach in the bath water

For mine, I do oatmeal baths for every single bath. I have to limit her baths to one or two a week, or it gets bad. I use the aveeno overnight eczema cream around the clock.

we switched to lactose free whole milk, use wash clothes instead of wipes for faces, free and clear laundry detergent, sensitive/ eczema body wash, bleach baths,use ointment instead of lotion

I mix cortisone and eczema lotion together, it has seems to work the best for my daughter. Aquaphor works well too and oatmeal baths help

I’m the same way. Been like that since birth, apple cider vinegar baths, oatmeal body wash. I still deal with eczema. For 3.99 in walmart, they have dermatologists approved body wash, equate brand, with oatmeal in it. Have never had a break out using it and I’m strict about sharing towels and other garments and whatnot.

Aquaphor was the only thing that worked for my son.

I use Aveeno night time eczema balm and used it every night for 2 months and it cleared it up. Now I use it about twice a week.

If she is breast fed cut dairy out of your diet
If she is bottle fed make sure formula is dairy free

My son had it when he was tiny and we cut dairy out and it pretty much went x

Have the doctor run an allergy test, it may not be eczema it could be an allergy to the formula you are giving the baby or something you are intaking if you are breastfeeding.

Aveeno Eczema therapy, Aveeno eczema night time balm and the Aveeno baby cleansing therapy for eczema

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Cetaphil Cream moisturizer. Neck down after baths. This is what our dermatologist told us to use in between her serious cream for flares

Aveeno oatmeal baths with aveeno eczema creams. Don’t over do the amount of baths.

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Get the Nivea Intense healing 72 hr lotion. It is the ONLY thing that helped my now 1 yr old. When the eczema peaks, mix it with a small amount of A&D ointment and apply to the affected areas. Trust me… It works absolute wonders!! Nothing the Dr recommend worked. My girl had it since birth and shes slowly starting to grow out if it.

Sometimes kids will grow out of eczema but may continue to have on and off flares. Try to use all free and clear no fragrance on clothing and bathing products. Also moisture moisture moisture is key. Aveeno is great or even vaseline.

Nothing helped my daughter but hydrocortisone cream w aloe rubbed it on her worst spots after a bath. Shes almost 3 and still gets the occasional breakouts but NOTHING like when she was a baby and that still helps her :heart:good luck mama

If you are breastfeeding, It may help to consume more healthy fats. Organic fermented cod liver oil could be helpful aswell. I’d recommend seeing a nutritionist or naturopath

Aveeno baby eczema therapy worked for my daughter within 3 applications :raised_hands:

Check ur laundry detergent i had to switch mine when my littles eczema kept acting up

My son had it very bad at that age. He had a gluten allergy that aggravated it. Perhaps an allergy is the cause? I used oatmeal baths, perfume and dye free detergents and soaps. Hope things get better for you and your young one.

I’ve always heard eczema is readily if a food sensitivity. Find the cause and eliminate.

Aveeno oatmeal bath with the lotion works great! My son has eczema and when he was little this worked awesomely. He barely has it now.

My baby boy goes thru this he is almost 2 now n he had eczema very bad the creams the doc gives helps alil but the aveeno oatmeal bath n lotion helps alot n I also use st.ives oatmeal n shea butter but if u use that it’s best to add more soap then water so it’s really soapy let baby soak for a good 10 mins then wash off with warm water

I used Johnson’s baby cream aloe and vitamin E oil after every bath using Aveeno oat extract wash for my daughter. Even tho it’s fragranced, it helped her eczema fo away. The other eczema creams did not work for her. I hope this helps!

We use hydrocortisone cream. My daughter is 2 yrs old and it gets bad in the summer

I’ve heard oatmeal baths help

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Tubby Todd … It’s pricey but it worked wonders on my kid. We went to pedi, dermatologist and allergist and none of those worked. Also, after the bath we covered her in vasoline and put her onesie on her to trap the moisture in her warm/damp skin. Good luck!

Tubby Todd all over ointment and any sort of fragrance free baby wash

Try the brand moo goo

My son had this also since around that age. He’s now almost 2. I went through many creams also, both over the counter and prescription. Turns out he just has a milk sensitivity. We give him almond milk now and he’s been fine ever since!

My son had it very bad we used vitamin e ointment and changed his formula to soya based and cool baths not hot and it worked took about 2 weeks before we started to notice the change good luck

Eczema soothing bath treatment from aveeno did wonders. Keeping your baby moisture w baby oil in the bath and lotion while still wet my babes had it bad bad

Change laundry detergent and maybe the lotion you are using. My Daugther has eczema and the only lotion that works for her is Dove Sensitive Skin and Dreft detergent.

Aveeno baby eczema lotion

Vanicream is amazing! It’s all we use now

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My daughter has always had eczema and I have found that heat makes it worse (for her). It has been really helpful to cover her in lotion - I use Everyone Lotion - and then sunscreen to prevent it. If she still gets a rash, I continue using lotion and/or aquaphor or Vaseline and hydrocortisone cream on the worst places. Let’s just say she was one oily baby :joy: but it did help and it has gotten better as she has aged!

Do you breastfeed? If so, apply some breast milk to the area. I did this with my son and it worked great!

My friends baby had horrible eczema, and turns out it wasn’t eczema at all but a gluten and egg allergy!

We use Aveeno fragrance free body wash frangrance free Lotions and free and clear laundry detergent on everything that will be on my daughter’s skin. She is big now but it worked to get her eczema in check

We switched to vanicream. There’s a soap and a lotion. I found even Aveeno irritated my daughter’s skin…even though it says fragrance free, it still has a fragrance. Vanicream is non scented and gentle. They also use it as a base in compounding pharmacies…highly recommend it. You can buy it online or at target/Walmart.

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Try some aloe, works for many things. Also if you use hand sanitizer or wipes, could be allergies. I was off work two weeks, the Drs couldn’t figure it out it was antibacterial wipes and hand cleaner.

Lush has a amazing eczema cream i swear by it for my daughters skin

I second this☝️. It works Amazing!!

Aveeno baby eczema cream! And Aveeno baby wash. I also use the Cetaphil baby wash as well my daughter has super sensitive skin like me.

We use cetaphil cleanser instead of other soaps, cereve lotion applying 3 times a day along with his prescription creams. Works amazingly clears my son’s eczema fast.

I used cetaphil cream on my kids.

Aveeno (Coles or pharmacy) products are amazing and so are child’s farm (big w) or anything goats milk, it took a few goes to find the things that worked for my daughters skin definitely nothing containing soap as it will dry the skin, it could also be the laundry detergent your using try a sensitive skin one and see if that helps

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I would try goats milk, my granddaughter had digestive issues but did great with powdered goats milk.

My daughter had eczema for the first year of her life, I tried everything changing soap, laundry soaps, creams, and once I switched her forluma it was gone and never came back.

The only thing that helps my kids is Aveeno, we do oatmeal bath, the body wash and the overnight eczema cream. We also use hypoallergenic laundry detergent that’s free of scents. Our favorite is seventh generation baby for sensitive skin.

Oatmeal bath worked for my baby girl :slight_smile:

My daughter also has eczema. The doctors always said, try this or try that. It was painful for her, and frustrating for me to watch. Unfortunately, there really isnt a magic cure-all. What works amazingly well for one, makes it worse for another. What works very well for my daughter is Vitamin E stuff from The Body Shop… she uses the body butter year long, and the overnight serum when its bad. Good luck!!!

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I have eczema. I use body butter. Goats milk is also good. Prescription creams never help me. Also agree with those saying nothing containing soap as it will dry out the skin and make it worse. Be careful about what laundry detergent products you use. Fragrence free. I also avoid fabric softener.

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Oatmeal bath once or twice a week. In breastmilk baths helps too. If you don’t bf find a friend that don’t mind its chemical free all natural.

Our doctor told us bleach baths… unconcentrated, and about two cups in a bath. I never did that, but I took my son to the swimming pool often, it works miracles.

Only cotton clothing helps

Goat milk lotion find someone who sells it

This cream worked like magic for my baby’s eczema! I applied 2x a day and it was gone in like three days!

I have eczema and didn’t find complete relief until I found a great dermatologist.

We use baby dove sensitive skin for baths and were prescribed derma-smooth to help flare ups.

Aveeno eczema. When you bathe don’t fully dry the little one and put Aveeno. I did that for my kids

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My daughter had it on her legs. It would get so bad, they would crack and bleed. Tried everything. Quick lukewarm baths, oatmeal soap, and a rubdown with baby oil before slathering Vaseline on her legs and having her sleep in knee socks. Put lotion on in morning. Seemed like was always better in summer with her little tan, but was killer during winter time. She eventually outgrew it.

I had eczema for thirty four years.
I have had shots, allergy scratch tests, cream, ointments, special baths, etc. You make it I had it. I used Synalar ointment as a face cream just to get me through.
When my son was born, I was so paranoid about a rash, which resolved in a couple of months, my Mom sarcastically suggested a baby detergent. Ivory Snow or Draft Fortunately I started with Ivory. Since he was against my clothes, towels, and sheets, I chose to use it on everything. In a couple of weeks I was clear. For the first time in my life, I was clear.
Eventually, after five years, I was able to switch to Tide.
I have been clear for over 40 years.
(When my laundry turned grey, from soap build up, I used Calgon as a rinse.)
Don’t use any soap, or creams with Vitamin E or with it’s generic name. I am allergic to it. It burns my skin.
This works for me.

You can try Dove sensitive body wash.

Tried a bunch of creams for my daughter’s eczema by far best one I’ve found is honest co eczema balm

I may get shit for this but my son suffered from eczema since he was a baby (hes 10 now) and I tried everything the drs prescribed and what I read to try. One day I told my dad (who makes cannabis lotions and oils) and he told me to try some of his lotion on him, desperately I tried it and my son hasnt had any issues or a flare up in awhile.

My LO’s dr prescribed mine Triamcinolone. You use for a week then take a break for a week because it’s a steriod but it helps my daughter when her eczema is flared up

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Moogoo cream worked like a charm for my kids, but everyone is different. When I had it as a baby my mum would wash my in warm water with rolled oats wrapped in a chux cloth

My second had a lot of eczema. We had her tested for allergies. After removing the allergens she cleared right up. Maybe something to inquire about!

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