What can I do for my 3 year olds night terrors?

My 3 year old is currently sick…every time he gets sick , he gets very bad nightmares and freaks out…what can I do to comfort him?


I would look into the medicine that you give him when he’s sick, if you give him anything. Benadryl, motrin, something like that? Medications can really cause some strange behaviors in some people. Just a thought.


Try to keep the fever down. It may help with the nightmares and tremors.

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I agree with Lorie Strauch. If your area is experiencing a shortage of children’s tylenol, motrin, etc., there are ways to do this other than taking your little to the hospital such as cooler baths, compounding pharmacies, there are charts online regarding use of regular tylenol based on age/weight. You can also use honey/lemon juice/cinnamon to ease cough and sore throat instead of cough medications as well.

Amazing the advise you get when you didn’t even say what kind of ‘sick’ your child was having! Before you start pushing pills down their throat, being sick is alarming to any little one. If it’s not fever, cacoon them in blankets and change the environment for a few nights. They expect to have bad dreams the last place they had them, so put them in bed someplace else. Also, little ears are very keen on audio, so soft music can soothe them almost every time.

"Medication-induced sleep terrors”

A lot of antihistamines used in cold and allergy meds can cause nightmares
They’re also in OTC sleeping pills which is why I can’t take those anymore