What can I do for my childs diaper rash?

So I’m calling my 16 month olds doctor in the morning, but looking for some advice. She’s had a diaper rash that can get almost gone until she poops again. Every time she poops it’s like her poop burns her or something. Has anyone else’s little had this problem? Like she will be good with just a small amount of red but as soon as she poops she’s so red and wiping her even very easy she’s so raw it bleeds. I’ve had to start putting her in the tub to get her clean so she doesn’t bleed, or scream in pain. I feel so bad because I can get it healed and then right as soon as she goes it’s horrible again. My mommy heart hurts so bad!


My 1st baby had terrible diaper rash that would even bleed at times. I took her to the pediatrician, tried different ointments, vaseline, corn starch and leaving her without a diaper on at night. Nothing worked until someone suggested browned flour. Just put plain white flour in a fry pan and cook until it’s tan and silky or can do it on a cookie sheet in the oven but easier to watch on the stove. I would sprinkle it on my baby’s bottom with each diaper change and her rash was gone in 2 days! That’s all I used on her and her rash never came back.


Is she having acid foods?? That may cause the burn in the poos. Do you leave her nappy off to air after changing? It may get messy but better to have mess then a burning ring of fire…

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Aquaphor with every diaper change


Acidic foods do this to my son…mainly fruits. Stop using wipes on rash and just use paper towels with water and slather on Vaseline. Make sure totally dry before new diaper and the more time she can be left without diaper and open to air, the better.


I used Vaseline for that layer of protection… dr gave me a prescription for cream.
Even laying on a towel and let it air out a bit.

My daughter had this problem and I had her tested for food allergies. She was having a reaction to wheat and once she avoided it, she didnt have any more issues. It doesn’t bother her much since she’s been potty trained though.

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Mommy definitely take your angel to the dr but when I’ve been in this situation I’ve out water in the tub and let baby just sit in it to soothe the area. Then lather with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Creams sometimes irritate the rash more. Good luck

Use yeast infection cream. It will clear it right up. Canstean cream


My grandson got like that and had yeast infection and took him off juice for a couple of days and it cleared it rite up

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Corn starch! Trust me, my daughter was exactly like that and corn starch does the trick!
Leave her without a diaper for about an hour or so with just the corn starch and she should be good.

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Milk of magnesia put on rash its cooling and it will neutralize the acid when they dirty their diaper

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Avoid fruits, and use yeast infection cream!! Went thru same problem with my first child and doctor recommended

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Soak in a like warm tub with baking soda sprinkled in allow to air dry completely then apply a coating of milk of magnesia (liquid antacid). It will pull the acid out causing the rash out and dry the out the affected skin.

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My kids and grandkids would get that type of diaper rash when they were cutting teeth. Clean it with water often and let it air dry for as long as you can.

Little bit of 100% corn starch helps with rashes on babies butts. This advice was passed from my mom, grandmother, & great grandmother. It helped with my 4 kids when they were babies. If it doesn’t help then a doctor would be definitely needed. I also found that pinx sav helps by itself helps as well.


If your breastfeed use some . My kids never really got a rash but whenever they did I just squitered some on my palm and slathered it on :rofl: worked better than any cream from the store. I also donated some milk to a mom who’s child had bad eczema. I never knew it was a thing till she asked for some to make homemade cream :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Well make sure after she poops you clean her butt( let her soak in a tub if you can)and - air dry. For my kids they were in a desitin coverage until the kind of got out of the poops. Now if your kid doesn’t do well with zinc you can also do Aquaphor too. It happens and you will have foods or times that will be worse if your kid is on antibiotics or is teething , juices or you find out that your kid does not do well with yogurt or some other food. You just need to find a system that works for you and your kiddo. You got this Mom.

I swear by bepantham not sure of the spelling or sudocream apply lots every change my girls never got nappy rash it’s a real good barrier🥰

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This happened with my first baby. Raw, red, and bleeding. To clean her I had to gently dab her instead of wiping. But my absolute no fail cure all was OLIVE OIL. INSTANT SAME DAY RELIEF. Just take a little and pour it on their affected area, you can use a cloth or paper towel too and then put the clean diaper on. It was the ONLY thing that worked on my baby.

Juice does that to my daughter. She pretty much just drinks water. And aquaphor works wonders on her, rash is noticeably better by next change and clears up overnight

Cornstarch is all I use! It works wonders! Old time remedy. My baby had a horrible rash I spent hundreds of dollars on creams and switching diapers and the Cornstarch was only thing that helped and still does

Once it’s warm. Let her run outside naked and “toughen her skin”. My neighbor was furious but the doctor recommended it and it helped. What does your doctor recommend? Always keep her creamed

Use vasoline every time you give her a bath to prevent diaper rash, and a and d ointment to get rid of rash

My granddaughters did that, the doctor will give you a prescription ointment that works wonders…don’t worry mama, then keep A and D ointment on her for a while. Acidic poop causes it.

Balmex. Name brand. Every diaper change. Someone in my family as an adult had a similar problem and was using everything on the market. Balmex was a Hail Mary and worked like a charm!

My friend had a similar issue and found out her baby is allergic to dairy products

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Get a script for Nystatin and mix with extra strength Desitin. Frost all over
Magic wand for diaper rash.

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The only thing that ever worked for my son is A&D ointment.

Watch what foods you give frequently.
Boogie bottoms diaper spray is liquid gold. Solved a lot of our issues. And switching to water wipes

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Let her soak in baking soda in the tub

Butt paste with a and d over it to seal it up! Also a wet cloth instead of baby wipes until it heals.

Cornstarch! Creams keep the skin too moist. Use cornstarch to soak up the moisture. I work in Healthcare and use cornstarch on my residents as well!


Fry some flour in a pan till it’s light brown and use it like baby powder, just a light sprinkle. I swear by it.

Put a heavy layer of Vaseline on her bottom and avoid acidic foods. Don’t use a soft wet unscented cloth to clean her bottom.

Butt paste is the best! It takes away the worst rash within a day or two. Try letting it dry out as much as possible.

Use a thick coat of purple desitin (generic with just as well) and add a thick layer of aquafore on top. My daughter has the problem works everytime

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Triple paste or corona cream worked wonders for myself and my daughter…

Alba botanica un petroleum jelly is great as a protection and helps heal

Try Mothers Love diaper balm

Try using curash or solverine cream
Also leave bubs without a nappy

Corm starch works wonders!

Find a diaper ointment that has a high zinoxide in it, that’s what gets rid of rash’s and keep applying it till you know for sure it’s all gone

Vaseline and corn starch is a LIFE SAVER when it comes to bad diaper rashes. Clean her up. Liberally apply a thick coat of Vaseline to the affected area. Then coat Vaseline in cornstarch, again, liberally. You’ll see a difference literally with one diaper change.

My doctor told us just straight Vaseline. If you are afraid of infections use coconut oil.

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Coat her clean, air dried cheeks with vaseline between every diaper change until you can talk to the doc

My kiddos did the same thing and I had this recommended to me and I never turned back the off brand works just as well Ik we all have our own opinions but this worked liked a charm for mine!!!


Give her a bath/soak then leave her butt out to the air. The more air time the better. Use cornstarch to help dry up the area. Do not use wipes with any scents as it can irate it more. Look into what your feeding her that is making her poop so acidic cirtus fruit is a good culprit.

My grandson does this a lot off and on
I keep butt paste and A&d in the house I’ll put the a&d on first then butt paste on and it works really good
Also he loves to soak in espom salt baths

Put baking soda in her bath water.

Could be the wipes my daughter was allergic to luvs I used wash clothes with witch hazel and water. Then made a paste with corn starch

34 years ago I used good old corn starch for my daughters diaper rash. It cleared up literally overnight!!! It draws out the heat and if it gets to dry my Grandma told me to put on a small amount of vaseline before applying the corn starch. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me. Best of luck, hope your baby feels better soon.

I used metoneomcream from chemist worked a treat .

My daughter used to get a bad diaper rash often when she pooped and still does once in a while. Her pediatrician gave a prescription for when it was really bad and raw. She also told me to use a homemade concoction of corn starch, mylanta and desitin. Mix until it’s a thick paste and use that for a few days. It worked great

Granddaughters had bad diaper rashes when they ate acidic foods - tomatoes and all citrus fruits and even when they drank the citrus juices like OJ. I always used Extra Strength Desitin and then sprinkled on cornstarch. Instant relief. Limit intake of those types of foods until potty training is complete.

This was my babe too since he was born in December! The only thing that has worked is every single diaper I need to glob on some triple paste then throw baby powder or just cornstarch over it. No more raw awful rashes from his acidic poop since

All the above items will work but the key is to put it on so THICK that when you wipe her bottom the next time you don’t wipe it all completely off and re-irritate the area. You wipe the top layer and put more ointment back on thick.

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Sounds like our first one. We had to put him in cloth diapers instead of disposables. (It threw our babysitter. She had never seen them!!) Zincofax ointment for the rash, and he was also allergic to lactose (later outgrew it)

I feel like I wrote this myself! This was happening to my almost 2 year old. She was having the same thing happen to the point she was bleeding. I didn’t use any medicine on her butt. I did however switch diaper brands and now she’s not red, no more rashes, no screaming in between diaper changes, etc. I was using Paw Patrol Parent Choice Pull ups because she liked the puppy on it. I switched to Pampers and she’s clean and clear. Not saying it works for everyone but switching diaper brands might help.

Nystatin cream works wonders. That sounds like a yeast rash which is different than a yeast infection. Has any food changed in their diet? My little girl breaks out like that if she drinks Enfamil formula. Bath tub soaks work wonders. NO baby wipes and that even goes for the water ones. NO wiping, only pat with a wet wash cloth. Pediatrician said it’s okay if there’s a little residue left, just get what you can off without wiping.

Baths with nothing extra in the water, bagbalm is amazing for soothing and when you can keep it dry.

Bag balm!! Green square container… works wonders for diaper rash

A nice warm oatmeal bath. And then it needs dried out if pastes or cream isn’t working, CORNSTARCH afterwards allow her to run around for a little bit without a diaper on

I used vitamin a and d ointment

Make a paste of cornstarch and water works so good this is what I use for my baby

Get some vitacilina. Cream that will take care of it

Maylox liquid (antacid), works like a charm!

Use baby scent Vaseline at Walmart

Stop using wipes . Wash with facecloth , dry completely , put cornstarch on it regularly

Let her go without nappies for a couple of days till the rash clears up and heals. I would also use nappy cream when you place her back in nappies. Smother her in it so it’s enough to protect her skin.

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