What can I do for my postpartum depression?

Am 5 months pregnant with our 4th child. Little back story. He has a son from his first marriage. When we met, I was eight months along with my first child, and we have one together. We have had two miscarriages in the last two years. So he has only been with me through one pregnancy, start to finish. I had very bad PPD (Postpartum Depression)with our son. It started about halfway through the pregnancy and didn’t go away until a few months after birth. Now with this one, it’s starting up again. I get scared for no reason about the birth. I have times where I don’t want the baby and so much more. I never have and will never hurt myself or the baby. PPD is something that’s so common but never really talked about, and I need help and advice about how to get out of my head with all of these feelings I don’t want to have. I would also appreciate any help you can give to me for my husband as he does not really understand how to help me when I’m feeling this way. He also just does not understand why I have these feelings or thoughts, but at the same time, neither do I. I don’t want to feel this way; I want this baby. I love this baby, and I don’t want to feel the same way I did with my son it made me feel so terrible. Please don’t be rude in the comments as I understand that a lot of you moms won’t understand because you have never had PPD it’s very real and hard to deal with, so please don’t add to the criticism I’m already telling my self when I have these thoughts and feelings.


You are not alone love. Please reach out to your doctor to get the help you need. There is no shame in asking for help!

Medication and a therapist will do wonders. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about nor is it something you can help happening

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Go to the doctor and therapy. Make sure ur partner goes with you so he can get educated.


I’ve had ppd terribly after all 3 of mine. Docs opted to keep me on meds throughout pregnancy to hopefully lessen the ppd blow. It helped and I still take the meds and my kids are 2,4&9


Therapy. Spend some time doing research to make sure you find the right therapist, but therapy makes a world of difference. I’ve only been seeing my current therapist for a month, took me about a month of searching before I decided to give her a call, and she is amazing. It’s worth it to take the time to make sure who you reach out to, is exactly who you need. Not all therapists are the same, not all will work for you.

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Medication and therapy. I had it bad with my now 5 year old. Was on meds my whole pregnancy and then added another med on top after I had my last baby 15 days ago. I started therapy on Friday and can already tell I am feeling better. It definitely needs to be talked about more often. You can always ask a therapist on tools or books or resources to help your husband understand.


Honestly I was so against medication until the night I found myself literally having a breakdown/anxiety attack, planning my death and that was it. I went to the doctor the next day and I got on some medication and started off on a small dosage and expressed my nervousness about being on meds and my doctor checked in with me every week and gradually raised my dose. It was the best thing for me. And then I started therapy and it’s been so helpful.


I just went back on my medication. I feel amazing.
Talk to your dr. Lots of medications are perfectly safe to take during pregnancy.

Following. I’m due in 3 weeks with my second, I was on anti depressants but the doctor had me cold turkey my meds when I found out I was pregnant. I am struggling, I have struggled this whole pregnancy with my mental health and I’m so scared it’s gonna get worse when she arrives :sob:

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You knew it was going to happen, put on your big girl panties and get help, recognize your situation and act

Please seek help from your dr. You are doing the right thing by asking for help. Go to the appointment with your husband so that the dr can explain what is happening and what the options are. I had post partum depression with my twins and I had a 2 year old. My husband helped me alot with our babies. It’s just a chemical imbalance. Medicine helped me.

Talk to your doctor about this now

B.c can also add to the PPD FYI for when u start that up. Take vitamins especially vitamin D helps with depression. Vitamin B12 helps with anxiety. St. John’s wort helps too talk to ur dr. When u can take that one.
Figure out ur home situation sometimes when it feels even a tiny bit unstable it contributes to PPD. That’s why therapy helps so I can figure out these things. I think u need meds to calm down and only ur dr. Can assist u with these.
Try to do things that help relax u. Prayer helps too

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Low dose medication would help a lot

Whoever you are, go to a doctor, get help. Talk to A therapist. Anything, anyone
I’m A total stranger and would be here to listen to your feelings. PPD is so common

Im sorry I don’t have any advice to offer but I would like to commend you for speaking up and asking for help… That’s a step in the right direction… Good luck!

I went thru it and honestly I feel like its not really bout not wanting the child but just not feeling good enough to be in the child’s life. I still have rough patches where deppression hits bad I’m very lucky my husband figured out a recipe. He usually rubs my shoulders prepares a bubble bath for me and bathes me and rubs my back while I pour out everything … If youre not comfortable talking with you’re SO look into therapy . but talk to someone

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So for me personally drs therapy and medications weren’t a go for me. What worked and completely erased it was cbd oil :clap: anxiety and depression plus pregnancy pains gone! Also you time. My other half lets me get away from kids and house. I usually chose bingo but it helps. At the birth I also saved my placenta and had someone do placenta pill encapsulation. They make your placenta into powder put it into pills and you consume it. Faster healing, gets rid of ppd, and golden milk. :slight_smile: im having a c section tomorrow and this has been my go to this and all my other pregnancies. Good luck!

I went back on my meds. Took them my entire pregnancy. My daughter was born perfectly healthy. You need to be healthy mentally and physically to have a healthy baby. Taking care of yourself is taking care of the baby. Talk to your doctor about what meds are safe to be on.

YOU ARE SO BRAVE! :heart::sob: YOU GOT THIS! Plz plz plz speak out
to your OB and doctor! If anxiety doesn’t allow that write it down!! Bring it Next time your there let them know you couldn’t talk about it but would like them to read it!

You need to talk with your doctor. Plain and simple.

I had it for a few months after I lost my daughter but I decided being depressed wasn’t going to help me. I quit my medication cold turkey on the last day of last year. I had a bad day on Jan 26. I haven’t had a bad day since. I’ve done pretty well. I keep myself busy and focused on other things. I do my best to not think about her. It helps. My situation is obviously different. Just wanted to share my experience though.