What can I do for my sons insomnia?

Any tips for a kid dealing with insomnia and leg pain (growing pains)? Going on weeks now, my son is completely off his sleep schedule and at a lost what to do.


I give my little guy Motrin when this happens. It seems to help

Melatonin and Tylenol.


Magnesium supplement is great when your legs bother you at night.


Bananas! Lots of bananas for growing pains. Sleep issues are due to the pain so I assume that once you get the growing pains under control sleep will soon follow

Warm bath, Tylenol, and depending on age melatonin at night to help sleep. My 10 year old has been talking 3mg melatonin for a couple years now. Her doc is fine with it but i still advise check with doc. As a mama that’s where i would start with my kids.

Magnesium helps with leg pain and sleep

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There’s a cream on Amazon for restless legs. I use it when I get off long work days and it’s a huge life saver

Magnesium, my son to take it every night and they sleep like a charm

I take a lot for mine. I take melatonin, valerian root, magnesium calm, ashwagandha

Magnesium supplement is good for both.

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I used to get growing pains really bad , my mom would have to rub a-5-35 on them . Tiger balm works also . She would rub this stuff and than wrap them with a small towel . Best thing after she did this and only after I could sleep . The pain was the worst thing ever :sleepy:

potassium. i remember babysitting a brother and sister back in the 60’s he was having leg pains due to growing also, i would give him a light calf massage to both legs before bedtime. it seemed to help.

Melatonin and tylenol. My kids take the gummy melatonin on nights they struggle and tylenol helped my son’s growing pains. They also own weighted blankets that seem to offer some comfort

If he likes pickles, have him get up and drink pickle juice when he gets them. What we did way back in my days, still do when I get leg cramps in my elderly years.

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I give my son the Melatonin gummies

Maybe some Tylenol or Advil?

Foam roller his legs every night before bed

I’d take him to his doctor and have his iron checked. Sometimes low iron can cause restless leg which can make it hard to sleep and also be painful

Magnesium, iron and loads of bananas

Rub vicks at night wear socks :socks: tylenol before bed .

Zquil by the makers of Nyquil helps wonders. Its not habit forming and knocks my nephew out.

Depending on age try a warm Epsom salt bath before bed maybe with lavender …is he not sleeping because of leg pains? Potassium? Dehydration? Make sure you consult the child’s dr if it continues too long…to rule out other possibilities if need be. Just pay attention for complaints of other symptoms. Maybe a weighted blanket for sleeping they are supposed to help with sleeping issues. Not wanting to scare you or worry you but my family had issues with two different kids in the family with "growing pains’ supposedly both right around age 10. (One was arthritis the other was an infection in his pelvic bone)

I had same problem with my daughter not wanting to sleep an I was told about melatonin an it worked on her.

My sons legs hurt after he runs and stuff so I give him ibuprofen for the pain

Uncooked Rice in tube socks, put in the microwave to warm up, wrap around legs!!

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Bananas and melatonin they have a children’s dose of 1mg in gummy form

I second melatonin :sleeping:

Meletonin. It works wonders


Maybe potassium , if it’s leg cramps

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Ibuprofen kids one for his legs

Does he drink enough water?

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Ya melatonin helps with sleep

Wrap warm towels around his legs, I remember my Mother doing this for me when I was little with leg aches.

My grandmother used to rub witch hazel on my legs when I was a wee one. Maybe it was just grandma’s messaging that did it, but I remember how better it felt afterwards :heart:

Barring other medical causes…I’d recommend Epsom salt bath before bedtime. Also…my son is growing at an outrageous rate (he’ll likely be 7ft or better)… we’ve found a good calcium supplement and daily vitamin helpful as well.


Use Motrin for his groth pain. My Husband being a new dad, took my son to the acute care center. It cost us $500 for the exam and exray. They couldn’t find anything wrong. I wasn’t woken up during the night. Good Luck.

I use to put my son in a tub of hot (being safe) water. Took away his leg cramps.

I was told once from a doctor, children do not have growing pains it is not natural


My daughter would get leg pains around the time she would have a growth spurt. She would eat bananas and they would go away. I believe it has potassium and magnesium in them. Her pediatrician said that she was apparently low and that was causing the leg cramps. She is 38 now and has found that she still needs to eat them.

I would ask your pediatrician if it could be because of a mineral deficiency.

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Rubbing alcohol always worked for my daughter’s leg cramps. Melatonin and a humidifier (for noise) for insomnia.


Eat a banana every day. Could be a lack of potassium.

I would see his doctor to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong causing the insomnia and before giving anything for the leg pains. I know when I was a kid having what we called leg aches Mama would have us lay very still and not move our legs at all. The pain would get very very intense for a couple minutes then start easing off then go away, Tylenol would help some but the being still was the only thing that made it go away.

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Melatonin for sleep issues. Visit doctor for leg pain, just to be safe. My husband suffered from severe leg pain at night, turned out he had Vitamin D3 deficiency. He’s on supplements now which helps. If it is in fact growing pains, try a heating pad on his legs

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See a Dr first…get their recommendations. My Mom had low potassium and would have half a banana a day to help bring potassium up…low potassium can cause leg pains.


I would call the dr to rule out anything else especially since it’s been going on for awhile. Dont just assume its growing pains. Blood clots in the legs can also cause intense pain

I used to get horrible pain in my legs. Rubbing vicks vaporub on my knees took the pain away.

I am 71 years old and have leg cramps at night like a good old fashioned charlie horse… I drink a small bottle of tonic water and it helps me so much.

It could also be low potassium my dr tells me to eat more oranges a banana and other foods that has potassium

I had a lot of leg pain as a child. Ended up being a form of juvenile arthritis. Stills disease. Carried on to adulthood. Check with your physician! Best wishes!

Magnesium -helps repair muscles and assists in sleeping. Its sold in powder and pill form. Works well with my son. And helps him sleep especially having ADHD

Electrolytes for the leg pain, essential oils might help with insomnia

Epsom salt soaks, magnesium (a banana a day) and you can try 1-3mg of melatonin 30 mins to an hour before bedtime. Good luck!

Has the kid been checked for other causes? Was told years ago my daughter had growing pains. And to have her walk the leg cramps out. It was torture for us. My grandson is under going genetic testing… he has low muscle tone and hyper mobile joints. He too wakes with leg pain for 3 yrs and now hand pain too. It’s not cramps, it’s muscle fatigue causing him pain. No specific diagnosis yet. But some Drs think it’s EDS, likely what my daughter has too. And I didnt take PE beyond 6th grade, due to joint pain and swelling.

Peanut butter and our winner is turkey and mayo sandwich. Been giving kids peanut butter in a spoon for years.

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There’s a combo of melatonin, lavender and camomile. In gummy form. Safe and really works. Also lavender spray on pillow


Leg Cramps could be a symptom that he needs more milk/calcium. Sleep problems could be many different things or a combination of them but I would first have him tested for food sensitivities.

Dealt with it for years kid, and grand kid. More yogurt, and bananas. Rub legs with alcohol. Pray a lot. Try soap bar under cover. Can’t hurt.

Use lavender oil on him and diffuse it too!

My son takes melatonin between 1 and 3 milligrams periodically to reset his clock… he is on meds that can give him insomnia.

Heating pad and motrin worked for my son.

Bananas, water, epson salt baths before bed. And a multi vitamin

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Melatonin and banana will help with leg cramps

Depends on his age. If he’s a teenager and in uk lockdown so not going to school and poor exercise it may just. W his sleeping pattern is to ff kilter. It will right itself once back to normal routines.

Have the leg pain checked out. Could be serious. We just dealt with this. Good luck.

Have you taken him to a pediatrician also tried having him drink Gatorade having him take some calcium potassium and magnesium that might help with the leg pains

Should definitely be checked out by dr. Either symptom could be sign of bigger issues

There is no such thing as growing pains it does not hurt to grow the pain is probably cause by a problem with his back find a chiropractor

My youngest son would have leg pains when he didn’t be a nap in the afternoon. he just got too tired!

Take him to the doctor and get him checked out. It could serious like leukemia

Get checked xrays , mri,
Don’t let it go, stand for your child, no matter what

Did you ask his doctor? Perhaps he can give you better advice than a bunch of medical wannabes!

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Have you tried melatonin?


Give ur child children motren growing pains hurt maybe 1/2 he b4 bed

Two table spoons mustard it’s unreal for leg cramps…and drink some water or soda after you take the mustard…

even 2 teaspoon for his age… I take table…

Weighted blanket worked wonders for my kids.


Pickle juice is good for leg cramps.


Were you told it is growing pains?

Call the Doctor, leg pain could be something serious. RSD, MS.


cbd oil or melatonin


Magnesium may cause loose bowels have some anti diarrhea med ready just in case

Melatonin but if your really concerned talk to his dr first

Melatonin works great.

Magnesium for cramping. Works wonders.

Melitoin for sleep and lots of water to help leg cramps

Rub CBD ointment epsom salt baths. My son is 6’5 he had same problem :heart::100:

Try and get him to read. Get him Tom Sawyer and the like kind of book.

Melatonin for insomnia :woman_shrugging::pray::heart:

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Melatonin is the least intrusive and does work


See a doctor first. If you have, maybe luck here.

No melatonin for kids

Organic apple cider vinegar for leg pain, a couple tablespoons full an hour before bed.
Ask doc if he can take melatonin.
And how much.
No caffeine after Noon, that includes chocolate.
All else fails, have him tested for sleep apnea.

Also drink Pickle Juice

Definetly get the legs checked out…my cousin had leg pains for months and by the time they had her checked out it was to late and she had lukemia

My good friend lost her teen-age son at 14 from bone cancer. He was diagnosed for a long time with growing pains!! By the time they found out, it was too late! Tell them to check deeper or try a different doctor!

Cut all electronics… Boil bananas in chamomile tea and some real vanilla extract.

CBD oil would fix both

I used to rub Ben gay also try chiro bloodwork?

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Bengal doesnt hurt may help