What can I do for sweat between the legs?

I work 3rd shift at my job. It is very physical. I work from the second I punch in to just about when I punch out. I have been dealing with something very uncomfortable for me. I always wear cotton pants but from all the walking and bending I’ve noticing I tend to sweat in between my thigh/groin area. There are days where I notice when I’m doing more work that it’s starting to hurt. Is there a powder that is safe to put down there that wouldn’t cause any harm. I’ve tried putting deodorant, even a heavy rash cream. The cream works but it’s thick and gets on my pants and I’d have to apply frequently and I just don’t have the time to run to the bathroom like that. Any suggestions?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do for sweat between the legs?

LUME is great! They have a cream type one.


Pure romance chaffing cream works amazing and I am NOT a consultant


I use the lil bike short things from the warehouse, not sure where you are writing from but they are amazing. (And also good for gusts of wind haha)

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Gold bond friction defense

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I use monkey butt lady powder

Lume is great for this. I use it on my thighs during the summer when wearing shorts or dresses.


Baby powder. It’s just cornstarch

They have a product for that. Anti chaff bar.

This would help I bet.


Pure Romance Chafe escape.


Cornstarch works well too down there. It really absorbs the swass
Also a tip:
Ladies instead of using baby powder even for in baby diapers use corn starch. It’s better.


Step one underware will sort you out

I don’t recommend Lume because it isn’t an antiperspirant. It’s for odor not wetness. Lume makes you more wet.


Deodorant and a feminine powder

Anti chafe bar my husband uses it.

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Deodorant quick fix for theigh sweat

Monkey Butt powder!!! It’s a live saver.

Corn starch trust me

Deodorant works great

Super Fresh Lady Parts Powder… Amazon.com

Corn starch… It’s magic

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Chafe escape by pure Romance

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Wear bike shorts underneath


Whatever it is make sure that it’s meant to be used in the groin area. Babypowder, cornstarch even deodorants can cause an infection in your groin itself. Like a yeast infection.

They do make stuff specifically for this issue for women.


Chafe escape I’m a consultant if you need help.

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Fungus powder or spray

Lume! I just started using it for boob sweat and it is a miracle!


Gold bond or corn starch

Lume solid stick deodorant

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I switched the type of underpants I wear due to this ame problem. I wear boxer briefs. My legs don’t sweat or chaff like they use to. Also no more wedgies.

Lume- order some on Amazon

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I wear biker shorts under my pants to keep from getting chaffing and it has worked for me! Keeps everything in one spot and not cause friction.

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Gel Deodorant between your thigh and under your boobs… Been doing this now for over 25 years… I have thunder thighs and swear by it.

Corn starch. It absorbs the moisture. Also healing.

Deodorant on ur thighs

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Monstat chaffing gel

This stuff is absolute heaven. I used to be a server and it was my life saver. You can put it anywhere. Thighs. Groin area. Underarms. Breasts. And it takes care of any irritation starting. Now if the irritation has already started and there’s a rash, I recommend vagisil powder. Put it on the irritated spot for a couple of days and it’ll be gone. My grandpa used to use it when he worked in the mill and it was a life saver for him.


Deodorant stick :woman_shrugging:t3: don’t put it on your lady parts just the chub

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Lume. Lume. Lume. Lume. Lume!!! Worth every single penny. LUME!!!


I use a eco friendly deodorant and I have found it works really well to prevent sweating and chaffing under my breasts and my thighs! It’s called WOOHOO extra strength :relaxed:

Chubrub shorts, snag tights do a great anti chafe shorts too

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Just use unsented spray on deodorant it works wonders for men and women

I put deodorant under my boobs for boob sweat. So did you try deodorant on your thighs

i highly recommend the megababe thigh rescue!! it is amazing!!!

Wear tight bike shorts under your work pants

For me I used a&d diaper ointment when I get chub rub I work in a warehouse on the 2nd floor it’s already ridiculously hot in there

Chafe escape from pure romance!! (I don’t sell it but buy it faithfully!)


Monkey butt powder work great

Wear men boxers that will feel better.


Lume Deodorant the commercial says it was developed by a female OBGYN and people swear by it!


Salty Britches… or “Magic stuff” as my son calls it lol

It sounds weird but using a lubricant helped me a ton.

Get your doctor to prescribe you a powder form of Nystatin topical powder. It helps keep the area dry and free of any yeast infections and stuff like that. It’s what I use for the same reasons.

Trust me it works, I use it, you don’t feel anything.
Just sprinkle in the area that’s sweating and uncomfortable. The creams aren’t that helpful really, for this, because it’s just a wet product sitting on top of a sweaty area. Know what I mean?

If you’re not up for going to your doctor for it, there may be an alternative at stores but I would suggest something “drying” and gentle. Powder form.
They also make any chafing gel for the legs. Never tried it though


I use baby powder on my inner thighs. They rub and chaff so bad. Or I wear spanks aka Fajas or whatever they refer to them as…. Body shapers? Under all my clothes it definitely helps with the chafing

Theres a roll on I use called “Chub Rub” you can order it on Amazon if you can’t find it locally. Basically it’s an anti friction roll.

If this has just started happening it could be a chemical imbalance. Might want to talk to your doctor. So many things can cause our bodies to be thrown off like hormones to soaps we use. 

Dr can prescribe medicine and there are abdominal bands

Deodorant where it rubs. Under boobs too. 24 years serving and bartending here.

I always used powder fresh Secret deodorant, it’s works great. it comes in a solid but it works

Switch to boy shorts for underwear. I use Secret clear gel deodorant. When it starts hurting it’s actually a topical.yeast infection starting. You could treat the area first with an anti yeast cream. Then use the deodorant.

Powders or use deodorant. Seems to do the trick

Lume deodorant is the bees knees

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There’s a product called Monkey Butt powder for drivers. It’s a medicated powder for chaffing

Curash powder, baby powder with zinc

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Chafe escape from pure romance I don’t sell it but i buy it goes on like lotion turns into powder

Corn starch, also I rub deodorant after you have healed from using corn starch.

Or talc powder but not to often

Search ‘slip shorts for women’ on Amazon… LIFE CHANGING.

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There is a powder called anti-monkey butt that really helps

Desitin works for the guys. They work outside doing irrigation and get wet and have to do a lot of walking.

Gold bond powder, .wear cotton. Avoid spandex…

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Vagisil powder or regular baby powder helps. I’ve heard of people putting deodorant on the inner thigh and it helping. But, vagisil or baby powder will be fine for the groin area.

Diaper cream with sink and in the feminine department they also have a chafing cream I a plus size lady and use these items

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Wear :100: percent cotton undies baby powder with cornstarch

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Highly recommend by people that work outdoors and sweat a lot.


Long legged boxer briefs

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Sounds weird, but lay with a fan on area when home.

I use creamy Vaseline it keeps moisture away and allows the skin to heal

Have you tried corn starch? You can get it in powder form… that’s what I ise

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BEST investment ever!!! Works for chafing, fupa, feet, under boob, literally a life line :purple_heart:


Monkey butt anti friction powder. Life saver

Have you checked out invisable gloves ointment

I know this sounds crazy but it works and that is buy a box of starch ( no perfume) the starch for cloths and that powder will keep you dry and want harm you.

Google the Carpe Diem brand… Something for all types of sweat… WORKS.
First time I have not been sweating from head to toe.
The Groin powder is great. Check it out…

Under boobs , between legs. Works for those sweaty days! My job very physical, it helps!!!

There are alot of.great suggestions. Mine would include a powder of some sort bit also get yourself some.tight men’s boxer briefs to wear to work instead of panties. Game changer.


Lume!! … Google it it’s amazing but pricy it’s for whole body!!

Lumi? As advertised on TV?

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Megababe all over powder

My dr gave me zinc (diaper Rachel med) and Zezorb powder. The skin was literally burned below the hide under my boobs. The days of the ointment and powder from then on as needed.works on all lady parts…men too!!

Gold Bond Powder with Chamomile, smells good and works really well.


Darlene Christine Brown

The chafe escape by pure Romance

vagisil.it works wonders.recommended by my dr

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Lume was the only thing that worked for me. Steel worker 3rds


They make a cream near the summers eve stuff it works so well. It’s a chaffing crème

Secret deodorant/antiperspirant, works for me. I also put a smear under my breasts to keep them from sweating so bad.