What can I do for swollen feet in pregnancy?

FTM 21 weeks. Last night my ankles got super swollen. I’ve been off my feet with them propped up since last night. They are still semi swollen and hurt to walk on and get sharp pains on and off in my right foot. I’ve called my drs but don’t always get a call back and LandD told me to talk to my dr first. Is this common? Anyways too help it?


Could be your blood pressure being high if you have an in home cuff take it to rule that out !

lay on your left side. I had high blood pressure when I was pregnant and lived on my left side. It does work but by all means check with the doctor. I was on bed rest on my left side. good luck. But nothing beats the doctor advice.

Could be pre eclampsia x

You should be see because of certain illness in pregnancy. Preeclampsia for one.

Go get seen. I had swollen ankles and feet and ended up with preeclampsia. Had to be induced and then had to have an emergency c section because of fetal distress from the induction.

Get checked out just to be on the safe side but mine constantly stayed swollen no matter what I did but I never had preclampsia or high blood pressure. My dr told me that some womens ankles swell worse than others but just stay hydrated and sit back as much as possible

Get checked out it seems to early in your pregnancy for this Could be to much salt but could also be blood pressure

It must be ur blood pressure. Mine were like that when i had high blood pressure eith my 1st

Swollen feet is normal during pregnancy. They wont question your bp being high unless your hands or face is swollen and high protien levels in urine and of course they would check your bp and if its high. Then it would go down as preclampsia. I got diagnosed with it with my son when i was 32weeks with him in 2017 delivered him at 33weeks. Currently 21weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with it again last week.

Soak in epsom salt. Stay hydrated, ice your feet and keep em up when you can

Go to hospital. This could be very serious. Sorry to scare you but I think you need to get checked asap

Limit the amount of salt you intake…causes you to retain water

Go to labor and delivery and get checked out