What can I do for swollen feet while pregnant?

What can I do for my swollen feet? I am 39 weeks pregnant and they are huge and painful

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Best thing to do is soak them, and also to prop them up and stay off them for a bit


Your body wants you to sit down avoid any sugars or salts. Drink lots of water and elevate them lady


Elevate them. Lay down and put them on pillows so they’re above your heart


When you go to bed, make sure you have your feet on a pillow.

Eat lotsa fruit and vegetables

Lay on your back and put your legs up on the way. I did that every night after work during my 1st pregnancy

Elevate and bed rest then follow up with dr could be pre eclampsia

Make sure it’s just swollen and not like preeclampsia swollen, definitely keep elevated and bed rest.