What can I do for teething 4 month old?

My baby just turned four months and already teething. Any advice is helpful.


Try the natural teething gels

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Mommy’s bliss infant gripe water helped my two little ones. And if you are breastfeeding boobie pops are amazing

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Slice a banana and freeze it, can be soothing for gums when they chew on it

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Frozen anything in mesh treat thing and wet washcloth

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Some teething gels are for 4 months olds

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I put a baby wash cloth in a bowl of cold water, let it sit for a few, squeezed some of the water out and gave the baby wash cloth to my daughter. When the cloth gets warm then just repeat. My daughter would gum on the wash cloth and the cool water helped ease the pain. Best of luck mama!

There are benzocaine free baby orajels in the baby area, like the above said have panadol in them for pain relief. Also tylenol if needed, cold wash cloths, cold teether pops. With my daughter I kept a bunch of soothie binkies in the freezer so when she needed it she’d go to town on it. Also there are popsicle molds, I’ll add the link to the one I used, you can put pedialyte or breastmilk in it and freeze it and it’s a easy popsicle! She loved it :slight_smile: Best of luck!

I recommend Nubby teething gel

Amber teething necklace and it works for more than just teething


Hylands teething tablets, punkin butt teething oil

Baltic amber teething necklace!!!

Tie a baby wash cloth in a knot, get it wet, and freeze it :blush:


Make baby cereal pops for them to suck on

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Amber teething necklace, and at night you can wrap it around there ankle. X

Hylands homeopathic tablets. Absolute life saver

Be careful using things like Orajel. It does help numb but it hardens the gums making it harder to cut the teeth through.

Try teething tubes, a MoonJax, frozen wash cloth, or frozen formula/breast milk in a mesh teether.

Peel and freeze cucumbers. Both my kids loved them and it’s a healthy snack. Just watch so when it defrosts it doesn’t break down and choke

Tylenol, with a lot of baths we did wash rags frozen my daughter loved those my son was a champ with those amber necklaces to they do work

I use raw carrots. Keep them in the fridge. Cut them so they are long enough to hold but not long enough to choke. Thick carrots work best. As long as the babies don’t have teeth yet works great! My daughter loves to gum them to death lol

Take a cucumber put it in the freezer peal it and give it to the baby.

Freeze one of his toys or several.

Frozen fruit pieces in one of those baby mesh chew toy things or use vegimite

If you are still breastfeeding, you can use frozen breastmilk in a little mess bag. Do not do orajel. Studies have shown that it can actually numb babies throat and epiglottis and baby can choke on whatever enters the mouth. It also not recommended to give any sort of solid food until baby has the ability to sit unsupported. Tylenol, teething rings, amber necklaces are all good options.

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My kids loved loved loved to chew on the little finger tooth brush ( while on your finger) and frozen teething rings
Then when they get older and you feed them foods give them frozen fruits in the teething mesh bag my kids loved those

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Teething tablets worked for my daughter they are great relieves pain where they are able to sleep


Beef jerky and infant Tylenol has gotten me through 2 teething children.

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Get an amber necklace sold on Amazon. They r a God send. Most under $20.

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Mine I use infant tylenol and he loves chewing on his spoons idk y they r his favorite

Freezing teething rings, orajel, Tylenol in case of fevers and lots of cuddles

Yes cold teething rings or anything frozen and hard wrapped in a thin blanket or towel

Amber teething necklace and allergy medicine rubbed on the gums worked for mine.

Rub pickle juice on gums. Dill is a natural numbing herb.

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Teething ring and put in refrigerator to get cold

I put my kids pacifiers in the freezer. For one it kills germs :microbe: I wiped down the sides with a warm cloth before giving it to them so it wasn’t cold on their cheeks but they loved them.

I used to freeze watermelon cut into chunks and give it to them… Also theeta granules

Mine teethed on a piece of real leather. Also used teething tablets

A cheap and simple way is use vanilla extract it sooths the gums


Rub vegemite on gums ,it really helps

Xylogel for the gums and teething rings.

No orajel, it gets hard on the gums and makes it way harder for teeth to cut through.

U can freeze a little wash cloth n let the baby chew on it


There are so many things just depends on what baby likes. Frozen teething rings, chips of ice, freeze fruit and put it in a mesh popsicle thing, finger toothbrushes or a baby one that has a handle. Good luck!

This is what we ordered for my granddaughter, all natural and works great, from Walmart

Amber necklaces are a huge choking hazarad

I used one of these with frozen melon. Worked great!

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Wet a washcloth and twist it. Put in freezer then let baby chew on it. Also use your clean pinkie to massage their gums.

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Put a wet cloth in the freezer let them.knaw on that. But if the little one is that much.pain call your pediatrician ask what you should give for pain

Wet a wash cloth and freeze it. Then let them chew on it. The cold kinda numbs the gums

Highland teething tablets

Camilla teething. Natural and works like a charm

Also orajel has an ingredient that can slow a childs heartrate down. Call pediatrician and they will tell u how much tylenol u can administer. My 9mo old has 8 teeth (been teething since 4mo)

I use to give my kids pickle spares to chew on. or I would give them a wash cloth that had put in freezer.

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We did the old fashioned way and rubbed whiskey on the gums!!!

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Teething tablets and the amber necklace

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