What can I do to relieve morning sickness?

Hi, I’m currently nine weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I have had nausea nonstop; everything I eat comes back out. I tried eating toast in the morning (cause I heard it’s good for morning sickness), but nothing stays. Any advice?!


Sea bands! Peppermint oil and peppermints! Small frequent meals and snacks.

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Crackers, water, sprite has helped me even getting those motion sickness bands peppermint oil bananas help

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Ginger ale or anything with ginger, saltines, mint gum or anything mint really, prego pops are supposed to help, potassium.

Preggo pops, ginger chews or ginger tea!

Buy a hugeeee bag of jolly ranchers to suck on

Medication. Dont be afraid to talk to doctor about it. I had to use reglan because unisom and b6 did nothing and I couldn’t take Zofran. I was in and out the hospital alot too. I was so dehydrated I was even confused at points and couldn’t even keep my eyes open. But for foods/drinks Ice chips crackers, gingerale, watermelon, sucking on a lemon, lemon water.

I kept ginger snaps at my bedside and before I let my feet touch the floor when I woke up I had a few with a ginger ale. It worked for me

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Try taking your prenatals at night with food.
Find something (food) you can tolerate in small quantities and have it on you at all times. Drink plenty of water. Hang in there mama

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My Dr told me to try unisom and b6 vitamin. It’s the only thing that worked for me. Good luck mama!

Saltine crackers and hot tea. That’s what helped me.

Dry Crackers, before getting out of bed help.

Zofran was the only thing that helped me

Zofran and Phenergan have been my friends this pregnancy!

Sea bands worked wonders for me.

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I was sick the entire time with my daughter born January 2020. I used sea bands, lemon water, peppermints, peppermint oil, broth, crackers, bubble water, Perrier. Sometimes nothing works talk to your Dr. Congratulations

Sea bands and Zofran when needed. I had bad morning sickness my entire pregnancy all 3 pregnancies

Take your prenatals at night before bed because they actually cause nausea if taken during the day or morning. There really isn’t any special foods that could help if you can’t even keep water or toast down. People told me to try ginger and it tasted so awful it made the nausea 10x worse. It got to the point where I couldn’t keep down water or my vitamins and I wound up in the ER for dehydration, so they had to prescribe me something to take the edge off the morning sickness. Which lasted 5 months for me. I’m about to be 38 weeks and the dissolvable tabs they gave me saved my life. Made it so I could at least snack a few times a day till it finally subsided on it’s own around the 6th month.

Mashes potatoes! Plain old mashed potatoes with some salt. It saved me this pregnancy! Only thing i could eat until about 15 weeks

The sea sickness bracelets

Mints and sprite. Also, for me personally dealing hyperemesis I couldnt eat something as light as toast without quickly (30 min) eating soemthing heavier on the stomach. I’ve had 3 babies and its true with all of them. Start out light then when you get a appetite eating something more filling. So grahm crackers, etc.

Mints, eating before u get really hungry and first thing in the morning. Cheetos, chicken broth, tums

Small pieces of brick cheese

I had the exact same problem! And still do to a less severe extent now. I’m 25weeks and up until about a week ago, nothing helped. It was so bad I couldn’t hold liquids down, and every time I drink plain water or milk, I throw it up. Which sucks so much because before I got pregnant those were what I drank most. I still get nauseous probably about 4 days a week, but its not every day, I have worn sea bands every day, sometimes all day/night and they helped some days more than others. I really hope you find something that helps you, but if not, maybe you will find some relief some time in the second trimester. You got this mama!!

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Animal crackers were my saving grace. Try to nibble on them and keep something in your stomach.
Talk to your doc about stopping the prenatal vitamins until you’re feeling better. The iron can cause nausea. I couldn’t take them at all.
If you’re losing weight your dr will be concerned, if not…a couple more weeks and you should be feeling better.

Oyster saltiness crackers, ginger ale and some hard candy that you can suck on (hard jolly ranchers worked wonders for me!)

Sugar I needed to eat ir drink something sweet as soon as I woke up I woupd not reccomend orange juice fir that tho

Ginger ale crackers, sliced lemon in your water, lay on your left side (learned that in elementary school) if its too bad ur Dr can give you some thing for it ginger helps too pepto

B6 and unisom. Ask for a prescription of diclegis from your doctor if your insurance will cover it! My morning sickness was horrible for the first 20 weeks and is now on and off, i finally got on zofran and saw a huge improvement! They were hesitant to give it to me bc of the side effects, but i would ask the dr for a prescription for something.

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I had to eat a little before even getting out of bed. Candied ginger helped too.

I second the B6 and unisom! I was terribly sick with my first and insurance didn’t cover the diclegis so the pharmacist told me this combination and it worked miracles!

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Which one of sea bands best to buy

Peppermint helps alot

Candied ginger, ginger ale, crackers, Vitamin B6 with Unisom.

I smoked weed that helped me and inaldo had zofan for when it was unbearable and smoking was not helping I also did unisom as well

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Milk helped me…along with preg pops…u can get them at Walmart in the baby section

Waking up, the only thing that got me thru it were saltines on the nightstand, not sitting up, getting and eating them while turned sideways not sitting. I had a cup of stale ginger ale on the nightstand, too, to wash it down. I was very sick even into my first trimester. It was the only way to get out of bed in the morning without puking! You have my complete sympathy!

I used to drink very icy water first thing in the morning before breakfast.

B6 and unisom before bed, it’s the only thing that’s hrlp with my morning sickness, I’m still nauseous but it’s not nearly as bad

I had nausea started taking the prenatal gummies while prego and it went away

I had terrible 24/7 morning sickness for 5 months and nothing helped me unfortunately.

Ask doctor for nausea meds, I’ve been vomiting everything this pregnancy and I am 5 months pregnant. It s a girl, when I entered my 19th week my vomiting slowed a bit but I still vomit just not as bad as it was. Nothing worked for me because what would work one day didn’t work the next. Just pay attention to your body and even if you know you’ll throw up eat something because you need the nutrition and something always stays behind. Good luck!

Zofran is the only thing that worked for me!

Indian head pumpkin seeds (red package) was the only item that worked when I was pregnant with my son. FYI…I was 33 lbs lighter when I delivered than before I got pregnant.

You poor thing! I’m soooo sorry you’re dealing with this.
Sorry I can’t help with any advice, or special remedies , ‘cause I was sick my entire pregnancy !
I tried everything under the sun , but to no avail.

I went into pre-term labor ( had a VERY high risk pregnancy ) 6 weeks early ,and I had to have an emergency C-section. I vomited while on the operating table , just moments before I gave birth.

Hope you’re able to find something that works for you!

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Town House crackers, ginger ale, peppermints.

Pickle juice seriously!!

They have this prego lollipop on Amazon

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Yogurt and crackers work well

Saltines and baby carrots did it for me.

I used Cheerios for my nausea and had to take my prenatals at night so it wasn’t to bad. Anytime I took my prenatals in the morning I would get sick off of them

Crackers and ginger ale…

Mint tea! Seemed to be the cure for my daughter who has had it bad her entire 1st trimester. Poor girl couldn’t keep anything down lost 8lbs or more because of it. But the tea helped her keep food down and now she just hit her 2nd trimester and it really isn’t bad at all now. She still drinks the tea just to help with the nauseated feeling

Unisom and vitamin b6 taken together were the ONLY thing that relived it for me. And I was in and out of the hospital from puking. It works magic.

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I had morning sickness bad until 20 weeks pregnant, then I got soo hungry​:laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the last 16 weeks

Zofran prescribed by your doctor. I also got vitamin B6 from my local pharmacy. I ordered preggie pop drops off Amazon (taste pretty good actaully). Also sucking on peppermint. I lost 15 pounds in my first trimester because I was so sick. Good luck momma!!


That, to me, sounds like H.G. and you should call your doctor about it.


I recently had this issue and it made me lose weight in my first trimester. I’m now prescribed zofran but until your doctor is okay with you being on a nausea med I would drink lemon water! Or chew gum. Lemons helped me I ate them as they are and added them to water but you can add them to tea and other things

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Crackers, lunchables, and Coca Cola. Cola syrup is great for settling stomach. Never let your stomach get empty. Snack away!

Get ur midwife to prescribe u some anti nausea medication. I had the same problem some days the meds would help some days I would throw them up too … u can also try sea bands and theres a spray most pharmacy’s sell that’s safe for pregnancy and u just squirt it under ur tongue… I hope that helps I really feel for u my morning sickness was torcher … I would actually rather go thru labour again than have prolonged morning sickness . Best of luck x

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Think about what you want to eat if that’s what you want then that’s what will stay down the only things that would stay down for me is what I was craving

Watermelon worked for me

I found Preggie Pops to be very helpful and FAST. They also help with motion sickness.


Sour patch kids and an ice cold coke always helped settle my stomach. Preggo pops sort of helped and making sure you don’t overheat(it happens easily). Good luck mommas​:heartpulse::hugs:

Prego pops worked wonders. I was constantly sick my last pregnancy. It was the ONLY thing that worked for me

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McDonald’s french fries, watermelon, sherbert, and ginger ale were some of the only things I could eat that made me feel okay for the day… but also b6 and protein. Carbs like toast can help. But the protein will keep you fuller longer and hopefully aid with all day nausea. Good luck op!


Graham Crackers! Saltiness weren’t good because of all the salt and having to eat them all day. I started chewing small nibbles of Graham crackers as SOON as my alarm clock went off and then all day long. It was amazingly helpful to me.

Lol im 14 weeks in and I STILL am not keeping anything down. I’ve lost weight and I just try to stay hydrated. One thing that does seem to help which sounds so silly but I swear it’s helped me on my worst days… standing barefoot in the grass. My midwife suggested it while giggling about being a hippie but I was desperate at that point and I did it. Kid you not it made me feel a little better.
I’ve had ginger pops, B6, B12, altoids around at all times, Popsicles, carbs, saltines, grahmcrackers, fizzy water, gingerale, morning sickness shakes, morning sickness tea, zyrtec( worked for my first pregnancy but not this one) lord you name it I have tried it. Good luck, but sometimes pregnancy just sucks. The babies are worth it though. I’m starting to feel little one move and even though I’ve been nauseous all day, I really love the little babe.


I had morning sickness so bad the doctor prescribed me zofran it took away every bit of it!


Unisom and vitamin bcomplex. Take at night…helps w the am at least. Can take twice daily but makes you sleepy. Crackers or cookies before y lift ur head up from bed. Small water sips. Don’t go more than two hours without snacking. Go for carbs. Lemon water or fresh ginger too. Greek yogurts. Good luck. My fourth baby and I’m terribly sick w all of them.

Ginger, there is also a spray you can buy from the chemist, you spray it under your tongue and it helps relieve nausea

I NEEDED medication. Diclecton? Something along those lines. I was very sick there both my pregnancies. Couldn’t even keep down water…

But other then that before the meds I would have one-two salted plan soap crackers before getting up and was slow. Very little to eat at a time and I listened to my body. Somethings made me worse. Others I wanted more. And sometimes listen to what your body wants (fruit, veggies, meat) what ever it is. Your more likely to kee down. (In my experience)

Good luck.

Burrhhh it’s the worst feeling isn’t it?
I couldn’t figure anything out. So I had to endure it. So horrible. Mine was worst in the evenings.
Then there was the not being able to wee ( lean forward) then the constipation that one made me cry so much.
Pregnancy is so hard! Keep going lady! Keep looking forward to your beautiful baby!

Small amounts of food nothing to heavy…eat when you can and what you can…when I was pregnant I swear the only thing I could keep down were Popsicles/freezies, strawberries, cantaloupe and dry cereal fruit loops… I had morning sickness from the time I found out I was pregnant up until a month before I had her…horrible…maybe talk to your Dr at your next appointment she/he may be able to give you something or add some other suggestions

Ginger ale, peppermint, sprite or 7up, crackers, sassafras, vitamin b12, acupressure, morning sickness lollipops, watermelon,

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I sucked on Starlight mints, it’s all I could handle for a while and helped my nausea.

I never had morning sickness, but lots of gals u know did. Keep ginger ale on hand at all times! And just know you’re almost done with the first trimester, and that’s usually the worst trimester for that. The 2nd trimester is referred to as the “happy trimester”. :blush: Good luck!

Ground ginger spice is without a doubt the best quickest for many pregnancy ailments regarding all digestive issues, if you can handle the taste. A tiny smidge on the tongue and you’ll get over the taste because it works wonders for nausea, heartbeat, gas, upset stomach.


Get some acupressure bands they help me greatly with morning sickness and nausea


Pedialyte, and some drink that gives protien. Example: boost drinks.
Ask your doctor about hyperemesis gravidarum. If nausea and morning sickness continue after your first trimester its a good chance this is why. I threw up 24 hours after i gave birth due to this condition that doctors and especially nurses dont take serious

The only thing I could hold down for the first 6 or 7 months of my pregnancy with my daughter were popsicles and that was it!!


Body armors… I swear by body armors. They have vitamins to help with it. I would be so nauseous and I’d sip on a body armor ( strawberry banana is my favorite) but it would hydrate and give me the vitamins. I would be sick no more.


Make an appointment with your doc and ask for diclectin. Works wonders! I would have been down and out for my entire pregnancy if it weren’t for that gem💎 lol

My OB told me Vitamin b6 and unisom. Eat ice chips to stay hydrated. I had Hyperemesis gravidarum with my 3 pregnancies and was in the hospital so many times from being dehydrated from throwing up so much.

I lived on ondansetron for my entire pregnancy up until I delivered her at 24 weeks, I was so severely sick! They told me I was suffering from hypermesis, but I also had a horrible horrible infection brewing form day 1 of finding out which could have contributed to the sickness also

You can get ginger gravol which is safe. I found that eating smaller amounts of food throughout the day helped me a lot when I was pregnant with both my girls. Drink lots of water too

Buy fresh ginger and make tea. It will help the nausea. Just peel the ginger then slice and put in hot water. The amount of ginger depends on your taste. Bigelow makes a lemon ginger tea bag, which is quick and easy but hard to find. At health food stores you can find ginger lozenges or chews. Good luck.

Currently same. I was diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidarium? Literally NOTHING stays down not even water. I lost 20 pounds in a week, and was in the hospital 3 times during that week. I finally saw my O.B. and he put me on Zofran and Promethazine and I had been taking them together every 5 hours and I was like a different person. Sick in the morning, but then it went away. That worked, and then the nurse on call when I called in my prescriptions told me I needed to stop taking them like that and I ended up back in the hospital 48 hours later. Currently at home with Promethazine suppositories and I used the first one and have still been getting sick.
I’m praying for you mama :pray: I’m 8 weeks and 5 days.

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My midwives advised me to take benadryl and it helped a ton.

I ate red beet eggs before bed. I had morning (all day) sickness for almost 16 weeks before I had a craving for red beet eggs. After the first day of no sickness, I continued to eat one before bed and the est of my pregnancy was a breeze!

I had hyperemesis the entire pregnancy, for all 3 of mine. I wish you luck!!

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I only had nausea if I took my prenatal pills in the morning. Taking them before bed greatly helped. I don’t know any other tricks or tips, but I hope this helps.

I had to keep saltines beside my bed and eat a couple before I was able to get out of bed or would throw up, you may want to look into seeing if it might be ur prenatals making you feel that way

Keep saltine crackers at your bedside. Eat a few every morning before you even get out of bed and start your day.

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The medical term is hyperemesis gravidarum, I was diagnosed with this during my pregnancy. I got so sick my body was shutting down I ended being hospitalized because my potassium level dropped. I would recommend you speak with your OBGYN about it so they can prescribe you medicine. With out the pills that were prescribed to me I was not able to eat I couldn’t even keep water down😪 they say it gets better after 16 weeks or at least it tends to go away… but I had it the whole 9 months.

Honestly nothing just gotta ride it out :weary: try and get some morning sickness tablets, the ginger tablets worked to a certain point… hope you feel better soon :crossed_fingers::relaxed:

I use to have to eat green apples with peanut butter that was the only thing that helped with my first

Sour candy and coke! I literally was in a nest(spot on the couch)for 3 months with extreme sickness. Also try changing your prenatal that helped a ton with me

I had horrific sickness with my first from 6 weeks till 36 weeks not something I’ll ever forget they do recommend eating whatever you can even if you bring it back up the baby will absorb nutrients from the small amounts you do manage to keep down. Its not ideal, however sometimes nothing you can eat or take helps and you just have to ride it out. Toast and milk were my go to and although they never stayed down they were the only things I could stomach to look at. Fingers crossed you find something that works for you!

When I was early in my pregnancy I could barely eat anything. My doctor told me to eat toast with no butter which was disgusting, or rice by itself. Both were gross. And I could only drink water; no pop or juice or anything else. But water made me throw up for some reason. So I started putting lemon in my water and that helped so much. Lemon water was my go to, and it’s healthy! Obviously not food but it kept me hydrated and less nauseous.