What can I do to stop the breakeage in my hair?

I am having issues with breakage in my hair. I have been growing it out for several years, but it seems to be brittle. The left side seems ok, but the right side is very troublesome. I have a large area that has broken nearly in half. I need to cut the breakage and ends and help rejuvenate it, but does anyone have any other suggestions? I have tried changing shampoos, not brushing it when wet; I very rarely put it up. I am at a loss.


I have the same problem.

Conditioning treatment, Tresseme is the best for hair cause it doesn’t not contain salt. Dove and Pantene is basically plastic. In currently a cosmetology student and Iegit just went over this chapter on hair care. You can call up and ask a salon near you what to do first hand, and maybe they can recommend the best conditioning treatment to get you started.

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Since it’s on one side, maybe it’s your pillowcase,?
I use a satin type one and its good for your hair and face.


Start taking biotin daily…multivitamin for hair/nails

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Do you use a lot of keratin treatments on
Your hair? I used to use shampoo, conditioner and other products with it in them and didn’t realize that too much keratin can cause damage

I second the pillow case recommendation

I am a hairstylist (for 5 years now) and I would suggest an olaplex treatment. This repairs the broken bonds within the hair unlike conditioning treatments which just make It feel better for a short time. Then after your visit in the salon you choose, let them recommend a shampoo and conditioner that would be best suited for you. Talk to them about the products your already using and wether they are doing anything beneficial.


Take a collagen supplement and go to a farm supply store and see if they have show and sheen deyangler and conditioner oil.


Use coconut oil, olive oil, onion oil and black seed oil, it regunevates the hair, stop breakage and makes hair longer.


I love the way Moroccon Oil feels in my hair. I have the brittle hair too it feels really grippy and course in my hands when I don’t use Moroccon oil


I use a garlic&capyxil shampoo & hair mask & my hairs healthier than its been in years

go see a stylist and see if they can find the root of the issue first. They will suggest the right product for you


I am watching for hello too

See a doctor for blood work, consider your diet, and general wellness.

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Try a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction

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I use hot oil treatments and I also don’t wash my hair everyday.

I wash my hair about once a week and it is so healthy. Yes I haven’t cut it in like a year and need a trim badly. I don’t wear my hair up in bed at all and most days keep it down. I had to train my hair to not needed to be washed so often. I started with every other day and then would add a day, dry shampoo for in-between wash days. I just kept adding days and don’t put condition on my roots they are already naturally more greasy and doesn’t need it. It has helped tremendously.

Look into the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth, it is really good for hair among other things. Also where you said one side is worse is that the side you sleep on? Get a silk sleeping cap or silk pillow cases, it could be friction from sleeping.

OlaPlex saved my hair. There’s a whole system, and even salons have it, to add into color treatments and conditioning treatments. At home, use No 0 which is a primer, then No 3 as a way to heal your damaged and broken hair. It binds to your hair and makes it like NEW. I had broken pieces a few years ago that were SO SHORT & BRITTLE. My stylist recommended getting it trimmed often (6ish wks), not coloring it (instead we did a colored gloss treatment to freshen it up, with OlaPlex added in). Then OlaPlex No. 3 at home. Within a few months it stopped breakIng and grew back! Also, biotin gummies.

Sephora carries OlaPlex. I’ve seen them sold separately on Amazon also. This kit even has shampoo, conditioner, and a smoothing treatment.


Don’t wash your hair every day. I wash my hair every 3 days or so. You have to brush the oils through your hair. One “secret” I’ve found consistent is the daily large amount of strokes brushing. Girls go on saying they brush their hair upside down for 150 strokes lol. It’s just that they’re brushing their oils throughout their hair and massaging the scalp with the bristles. My hair has been very healthy I just gave myself a trim too and it’s been feeling amazing

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Its called botox for your hair. I order it from amazon and i swear by it. Google it and its a god send.

Monat hair care products…amazingly better than any commercial product.

Hair masks and folic and biotin vitamins

If its that brittle it means its super dry…try moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. After you wash your hair leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing. Stay away from Pantene pro-v though…try tressame brand or main n tail. When your drying off dont rub your hair with a towel

Iron. Biotin. Thyroid levels. Hormones? Are all those normal?

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What type of hair do you have? Straight, thick, coarse, fine, curly, thin, ethnic? Also what are you using in your hair? Not just shampoo wise.

Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently?


Only thing that helped with my hair breakage post-partum was getting it cut above the unhealthy area. I tried supplements, expensive shampoos/ conditioners, leave in masks, etc and nothing worked but the haircut.

My hair is brittle due to thyroid & low iron. I have to sleep in conditioner, not use heating tools. Besides that, sometimes the water we use will make it dry.

How long is it rn? You should get trimmed, do the 100 stroke brushes a day (multiple times if possible), let your hair get oily once a month, and do coconut oil hair masks once a week (multiple times even if possible), stay hydrated and eat regularly

Biotin vitamins and try OGX biotin & collagen shampoo and conditioner. It worked wonders on my hair breaking postpartum. Otherwise I agree with everyone with having thyroid checked as my friend went through something similar.

Argan oil and wash only once a week.


I would try getting a trim every 4-5 months. Cut back on any heat use, and use moisturizing hair masks (1-2 nights a week). You can buy them already made at walgreens called shea moisture. For $8 dollars you have about 6 months worth. I would also maybe switch your pillowcase to a silk one (walmart $5-$8) and maybe try sleeping with protective hair styles like a braid at night so it doesnt snag. Another thing is invest in a wet brush(actual name) it’s about $8-$11 and reduces breakage and have ones for different hair types. When you get out of the shower use a cotton tshirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair. Dont rub the ends of your hair with a tshirt, but gently dry it. Also consider leave in conditioner or a little of your regular conditioner on your ends. Hope this helps!

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Don’t use traditional hair ties, Shea Moisture has some great hair treatments to help with dryness you can use every couple of days or weekly, get a silk cap or a silk pillow case, use a lightweight oil(not coconut oil, the molecules are too large for most hair and will just sit on the surface causing problems) to use after you get out of the shower and dry your hair with a t shirt. I have more if you’d like

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I use the redken line. Especially the anti breakage blue bottle leave in. When I use to dye my hair a lot in the past and bleach it. My hair was left like a rubber band. I used that and it always saved it!

Prenatal vitamin (the gummies) work for me

Keratin treatments! Any shampoo that has keratin in it as well as any oil with keratin!

Biotin, have your thyroid checked by an endocrinologist

Take biotin supplements, try argan oil just on that side. Or just do the half shaved head look. So edgy!

I know everyone is different… but my hair was so healthy and long when I wore it in a bun (for work) and I just used head and shoulders most of the time.

Without knowing your hair type I’m going blind with this. For the breakage try a silk pillowcase or scarf at night. Also don’t shampoo very often, but you can condition daily. The hair, not the scalp. Your natural oils will help it grow and protect it.

Egg yokes, strawberries, coconut oil hair treatment. Along with collagen, biotin vitamins. Try ren pure thicking shampoo it has biotin in it. Silk pillow case or a hair wrap :blush: good luck

Get yourself a good cut and look into Hairstorys detergent free wash called New Wash. It is (Truly) non toxic and has changed the wash game 100% look into it and give it a try!

I do a coconut oil mask once a week and leave it in for an hour or so and oh my it has completely changed my hair. I am so glad I started using coconut oil :blush:

I use coconut oil and leave it on overnight with a cap

Cut it and take vitamins. Don’t wash it often, deep condition, drink your water.

I have the same promblem.i try to grow.it.but dry and fussy do I always in up cutting

Don’t use drug store shampoo. Use professional products, there’s a reason stylists don’t use Pantene or tresemee :slight_smile:
Regular trims also help with healthy growth!

Egg,castor oil and olive oil mix! Leave it in your hair for about an hour and then rinse with cool water,not hot water! You can also use castor oil with coconut oil. The egg and castor oil mix should be used once a month. But the coconut oil can be used once a week.

Take daily vitamins, they do have vitamins for hair and nails. Also buy VO5 oil treatment. Wash your hair once a week but brush it throughout about 100 times. Trim the ends.

Going old school here but being in beauty pageants for many years when I was younger we would use an ale beer to wash our hair 1 to 2 times a week, and we also used a horse main (hair) shampoo at least once a week.