What can I do to up my milk supply?

Hi, I’m a first-time mom & my baby is about to be a month old. We have been exclusively breastfeeding since she was born, but lately, I noticed my milk supply has dropped. I pump not more than an ounce when I pump & my baby seems hungry all the time, and she’s always frustrated when she’s latched on the boob. I’m exhausted & thinking of giving up breastfeeding but that is my last choice…


Usually it isnt because your milk supply went down but more rather baby hit a growth spurt. About week 3 and week 6 they have seemingly bit ones. However, ifnyournsuplly has week down, the same recommendations would be given for both low supply and growth spurts. Nursing more, makes more (easier said than done I know). But really, the more you do, even if it feels like you don’t have any milk in there, lots of stimulation will eventually produce more. There are other things like people suggest like mother’s milk tea, and fenugreek capsuls, hut I have never used them and I know some say they should be not be used. Lactation ideas that worked for me were oatmeal and lots of water. You can find lactation cookie recipes on the internet all over. However, nursing more often and never skip feedings is the most recommended.


It may be your supply dropping, but it could also be the baby is eating more and your body has to catch up. (It will!!!) It’s important not to let yourself get stressed out. Drink tons and I’m sure some mamas can recommend specific foods/supplements. Good luck.

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It takes almost two months for your breast to establish the milk supply. If your baby is gaining weight I’m certain you’re doing a good job. Nursing is very difficult, specially right where you are in it. One month in is hard times. Remember how much formula costs and you might decide to keep trying. I say keep trying. Though everyone will understand if you don’t. And I never could get the pump to work for me, just couldn’t relax for it. Sometimes oatmeal or peanut butter can help some, but it’s mostly about getting a proper latch and learning how to relax and let the milk flow. Big hugs darlin, keep trying is best, but you know what’s best for you. FYI chocolate, coffee, onions, definitely do not make good milk.

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She may be having a growth spurt and is taking more milk per feeding. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids and let her nurse often to increase your production. You can also supplement with formula without giving up breastfeeding. Baby will be happy with both as long as her belly is full. Happy baby equals well rested Mama.

My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks and I noticed a dip in my supply right around 3-4 weeks. There is actually a point in time where you experience a decrease after the engorgement period where your body is trying to establish just how little it can produce to meet demand. This isn’t something that many women are told about! Don’t worry!!! It goes back up. During that time I was advised to pump after each feeding (even if nothing came out I pumped for 5-10 minutes each side), drown yourself in water (seriously felt like my eyes were floating) and nurse on demand even if she just ate 10 minutes ago. I tried mother’s milk tea but I didn’t use it for more than 2 days because I noticed I got raging headaches and my daughter got insane gas. Both stopped after I stopped drinking the tea. But, everything else worked. It was exhausting… but my milk supply is back up, baby is gaining weight and I’m usually able to pump an additional 2-4 ounces after she is done eating to slowly build up my frozen supply. Keep in mind that breastfed babies don’t usually eat as much in a session as formula fed babies and they eat more frequently because breast milk is easier to digest for them so runs through faster. At least that’s what my lactation consultant and research has said. Try not to get discouraged. Also, when pumping, try to have her where you can see her or have a picture of her you can look at. It sounds weird… but I noticed I am able to pump more out doing that because it helps with the let down process. Also, you might think your “empty” when you’re not. There have been few times I thought I had nothing left and my daughter proved me wrong by spitting out a mouthful before latching right back on. And remember… FED is best. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do decide to switch to formula and don’t let anyone give you grief about it. I only made it a week and a half breastfeeding my son before giving up and he’s healthy as can be. I’m going to breastfeed my daughter as long as I can but I have no problem switching to formula if I need to.

Warm baths! Also I have seen people nurse with baby in the bath tub!


Drink plenty of fluids…and EAT. You can lose weight later. Just by breastfeeding, it will help you lose weight.

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I had this problem. When my son was 5 weeks I was forced to go with a bottle because he refused my boob all the time. Wouldn’t even try latching at one point.

Oatmeal cookies and mother’s milk tea!!! Try not to stress you are doing good mama!


It was the night nursing for us that kept the supply up. Exhausting, but once you master the laying down nursing it will change your life!

It’s probably baby eating more. Nurse often, try power pumping, keep hydrated and eat lactation cookies!

Power pumping can be done once or twice a day. 20 minute pump. 10 minute rest. 10 minute pump. 10 minute rest. 10 minute pump. It takes time but it helps boost your milk supply!

Homemade soup makes the best breast milk :blush: and drink a lot of fluids

Girl, eat and drink as much as possible. And continue to take your vitamins. Everything you eat and drink goes straight to the baby. I breastfed my youngest. It was hard at first but the more the baby eats, the more the milk will come in. But you have to keep yourself fed and taken care of also. When my baby was a little over a month old she was eating so much. I gave her a little rice cereal. But I made it a little runny with breast milk. It helped keep her full. Because she wanted to me be her human pacifier. Lol. Dont give up though, because it’s so good for your baby. And he or she will be the healthiest kid when they get older. :heart::pray:

I had the same problem when I hit 8 weeks of breastfeeding :roll_eyes: I tried it all and nothing would up my supply so I decided to move to formula. Whatever you decide to do just know a fed baby is a happy baby. Whether it be breast or formula.

also relax and stop stressing that effects milk. If a La leche league in your area contact them. great organization


You can definitely pump more, but I noticed with my baby it wasn’t the milk supply that went down, my breast milk was very thin and watery. I was told by a pediatrician to start taking a supplement called fenugreek milkflow booster which she used with her little one. It has done wonders for my flow and the milk is also thicker. It’s all natural too, hope this helps.

Pump one boob while you nurse the other. Keep switching until your completely empty. Let your baby bottle drink the pumped milk at the end of your session to fill her up.


I’m right there with you

Hydrate!! Lots of water, Gatorade, body armour, Powerade, etc. Guzzle up. No pills, supplements or tricks will help better than drinking water.

I seen this a few days ago
Also cluster feeding is definitely normal at that age. It’s riding but it’ll pass. I ebf my daughter. Drinking a LOT of water and staying hydrated helps with milk production.

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Cluster feeding is normal
And pumping is not an accurate gage on how much you are producing, a pump cannot effectively clear out a breast.
As long as your baby is having wet diapers she is fine.

Cluster feeding is definitely frustrating but it’s temporary.


Probably cluster feeding as the baby is also growing

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My SIL swore by body armour drinks and lactation cookies


I had that problem with my second so my doctor said to feed different breast at each feeding instead of both. And to put hot towels on my breast twice a day. It worked

I had to eat oatmeal every morning

I swear by oatmeal cookies and organic Nursing tea plus you do have to try to stay relaxed and calm, stress will affect the supply!

Easy Oatmeal Pudding Lactation Cookie Recipe! — Milkology® these lactation cookies worked for me… my supply went way down while taking decongestants after Covid… was fun to try different kinds of pudding mixes with them. Also stay hydrated… vitamin water and body armour were my friends. And if you can pump more between feedings that might help too. Good luck mama!

My dear old dad used to buy me raw peanuts to eat

Extended pumping. Even after your milk stops flowing, keep the pump on. After a few minutes it will stimulate another letdown. Your breasts are never fully empty and they are always producing. Sometime I used to pump 20-30 minutes and have 3 letdowns. Over time, your body will get used to it and produce more and more.

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Not sure if you follow pedsdoctalk on Instagram or not, but she has a podcast and I just listened to the breastfeeding episode where she has a lactation consultant one. I’ll be a second time mom in a few day, but did not have success breastfeeding with my first. It was really helpful information!

If you feel baby is hungry and not getting enough breastmilk, supplement with formula. Don’t let them starve while you figure out what to do.


Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Fenugreek and blessed thistle

Let baby nurse on demand and pump in between. The more milk you empty, the more milk your breasts make.

Get in touch with your local Le Leche League, or ask your OBGYN for references for a lactation consultant or for nurses who specialize in breast feeding

If baby is wetting 4 or more diapers a day and gaining weight, they’re getting enough. If diapers are dry and losing weight, you might want to supplement with formula. But only supplement if they are losing weight and not wetting diapers. The more you supplement, the less you are going to feed, the less you feed the less you make

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Growth spurt! She’s cluster feeding and your body knows what to do! Stay extra hydrated and keep your head up mama you’re doing great! Especially if you’ve exclusively breastfed this far! YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t give up!! It’s so hard but you got this!


One thing that works is also pumping on a schedule too. For example, I only pumped to empty my breasts after my baby ate with my first child, and my breatfeeding journey didn’t last a month. With my second, I set an alarm and pumped every 4 hours and if baby ate between the 4 hours, I’d pump to empty the breast. Ended up with over 400 ounces in the freezer. They also have lactation cookies and people swear by the armour drinks. Good luck. And just remember, even if you have to formula feed, fed is best!!!

i agree growth spurt but breast feeding isnt easy i had 4kids and it never got any easier the more u feed the better ur supply should get make sure u drink plenty try some stout if u like it supposed to b good but in all if u have to give up dont feel guilty bub has to b fed and it wont matter how if its making u feel bad give a bottle u tried thats all u can say or suppliment with a bottle

Cluster feed your babe is probably hungry because she’s going through a growth spurt. Unless your pumping because you work I would wait to supplement. Just keep cluster feeding. Growth spurts will sometimes confused moms and think they don’t have enough supply. (Not always the case). But very common.
Keep an eye on wet diapers. And stay hydrated and eat oatmeal every morning. And relax stress can drop your supply.
Also keep an eye on wake windows babies are frustrated when they are overtired too.

Soft breasts does NOT mean you aren’t making enough milk. Your body is finally just getting regulated to you & your babies needs!

I know it sounds weird but put cabbage on ur nipples it helps bring the milk out I tried it once an my milk was flowing lol

Growth spurt! Also your baby is a lot more efficient at getting milk out than a pump will ever be so don’t let that discourage you! If you keep nursing on demand, when this growth spurt ends, everything will level out.
The first three months are the hardest but if you stick with it, it becomes even more rewarding.
I also have some tea that helped me. I have some extra I can ship to you if you see this you can message me your address and I’ll send it your way!
You are doing great momma!

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Just because you are pumping less does not mean your making less!! Your baby sounds like she is at the age of a growth and will feed more often to signal you to make more milk. Give it a week or so and you will notice she will settle. You may not pump the same. You have a over supply when bubs is born until your body learns how much you need. Pumping for more then 15mins each side will signal your boobs as if bubs has just feed. Any less then 10mins and they won’t stimulate.
Keep up the good work!! Don’t stop your doing amazing!

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Make sure you are getting enough to drink.

are you taking breast feeding support tabs from chemist they help heaps :slight_smile:

Your milk supply will seem like it’s lessening but it’s more so like it’s leveling out. As long as baby is having wet diapers and gaining weight they are getting enough

I use nuun tablets for electrolytes , always get plenty to eat… My little was non Stop on the boob for the 1st year… He cluster fed and didn’t sleep well that whole time too lol… A nice hot shower w water on your chest and lots of massaging can help. I never noticed a difference or had discomfort in my breasts. The biggest thing for me was relaxing and letting ny little man get my body working right… It drives me insane but when he pokes at the other boob while nursing it stimulates the milk so I’ve commited to coping with it. Also lots of skin to skin and general snuggles helps your body too. Good luck…

Check your latching on properly. I screwed it up at first. Mine also loved suckling without eating! Go to a clinic or just check the head is back and the nose is clear of your boob. I found rugby (football) hold where you have the baby under your arm really helped to. You latch on and then move them back into the right position. I nearly gave up when you did but ended up doing bf for nineteen months.

Congratulations to you for choosing to breastfeed your precious baby. It is such an amazing bonding experience and so so good for your baby.
Don’t stress yourself your body will adjust to what baby needs.
Stay hydrated and eat a well balanced diet. My kids’ great grandma told to eat oatmeal to help increase my milk supply. That’s what they did before lactation cookies and things. She said good old fashioned rolled oats with milk, cinnamon and honey to sweeten it and worked great for me!! Almost too well… I breastfed my 3rd son exclusively till he was 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

Drink a glass of water ever time u feed and try the football hold for a better latch also you should have a lactation consultant in the area who can help its good to set up because she can see and help identify where you may be having issues hang in there mama it is such a rewarding journey I promise

I heard drinking the body armor drinks helps

Be sure to hydrate. Oatmeal also helped me a lot.

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The more you pump the more your supply will increase. In all honesty though… Formula works. Don’t knock yourself for not being able to breastfeed as long as you intended. You did awesome!


Make sure you are eating and drinking enough yourself. Also, try contacting a lactation consultant. You can find one either at your pediatricians office or your local WIC office (I’d start here first). Never be afraid to supplement a DHA formula in between feedings to give yourself that extra time to replenish yourself.

My son was born premature and always bottle fed. I know you want to breastfeed and that is good but if you are always exhausted and your child is hungry, then you need to bottle feed the child. You are not a failure or less of a woman or less of a mom simply because you have to bottle feed. I think we hold moms up to this impossible standard and it’s not a contest. The important thing is that your daughter gets the nutrients she needs. As for why your milk supply may be dropping, it could just be your hormones adjusting or the fact that you are exhausted. Talk to your doctor or a lactation nurse/consultant.


Mother’s Milk tea, eating oatmeal and Upspring(its a powder that taste like chocolate milk), you can find at Target all helped me out. I also concur with lots of fluids too. Good luck Mama!

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I agree with all of the previous comments. Drinking enough fluids is huge but so is sleep! I know it’s easier than said but sleep when baby sleeps. This being your first you actually have the luxury to be able to do so. Keep pumping after nursing. But don’t kill yourself, just do it for 5 minutes per side. I breastfed all three of mine and I could never pump milk out. It was just a psychological thing for me. I didn’t work so at least I didn’t need to stock up. And if you have to supplement with formula that’s okay too! In fact, it can give others a time to bond with baby also. As long as your baby is getting some breast milk then they are getting the benefits. Most importantly, fed is best!!


Sounds like the 1 month growth spurt and cluster feeding. If babe is latched regularly and frequently that would be why you’re not getting much when pumping. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have low supply. Make sure you’re eating well and drinking lots. You could always top off with a bottle of breast milk or formula if you think babe isn’t getting enough but if weight gain and diaper output are good then you’re good to go. Hang in there and in the long run if it doesn’t work out then that’s ok too.

My supply dried up 2 two months in, and no matter what I tried nothing really worked. I started mixing formula with what breast milk I could get and things got way better.

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I didn’t produce enough milk for either of my children. If you try all the things suggested above, and it doesn’t help, it might just have to do with hormones. Remember, fed is best.


Tons of water, night nursing, relax…baby has wet and poopy diapers?? You have a higher supply in the beginning. It regulates to your baby’s actual need about a month in. Keep with it Momma.


Oatmeal, fenugreek, I had good luck with the lactation tea for a bit. Lots a lots of water, like lots of water (i don’t prefer water so I did a mio type thing in mine). Pumping is not an indicator of your supply so don’t let that get to you, stress and worry will move you backwards. And if you feel like it’ll help your baby settle and take some stress off you, supplement with a bottle a day, do it at bedtime, nurse first then offer some formula, maybe you’ll get an extra hour of sleep too and that’ll help too. Don’t beat yourself up. I just couldn’t get a supply going with my first, supplemented with my second because he was just insatiable at bedtime and did a full year with my 3rd with no supplement, just fortified in the beginning because she was a preemie. Do what works for you.


Fenugreek helped me when i nurse my twins, but it bulked up the foremilk. That’s the watered down milk that satisfies thirst and it’s what squirts it in the beginning. You need that hindmilk too, which is the nutrient and calorie rich milk after that watered down milk.

Massage your breast while pumping. Move the cone around and feel the milk draw from around the whole breast. That’s how i increased supply.

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Drink tons of water even when you aren’t thirsty. Nurse on demand. Drink half a dark hoppy beer a three times times a week to increase your production. Baby should be happy and milk drunk after feeding lol. If you can’t get your supply up don’t worry just bottle feed. Breast is best for baby that’s true but being fed is most important.

Sounds like baby has a tongue tie. Look for a pediatric dentist familiar in ties to have her evaluated.


Don’t be ashamed to supplement . I know 2 babies who had failure to thrive because thy weren’t getting fed enough .


It’s normal for baby to be latched all the time. Pumping that much is normal. As long as baby is having 6+ diapers in 24 hours and gaining weight, your supply is fine. Breastfeeding is not easy. Its very much a full time job at times


I think my daughter ordered lactation cookies. Looked like dry oatmeal cookies. Plus I believe oat milk can help increase supply. Many mommies supplement in hospital they often give small bottles with formula. My daughter would supplement and baby thrived.

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Mothers milk tea, powerade/Gatorade and the body armour worked for me, it’s also recommended to drink plenty of milk also to replenish your own calcium… it’s tough but dont feel like a failure if it doesnt work… fed baby is best!! My oldest I struggled for 3 months and was told I needed to supplement(she was a really hard latch so she was not nursing enough to stimulate production, it’s always a good idea to have baby’s latch evaluated) and my youngest two I made it to 8 and 9 months exclusively breast before my body just stopped producing enough fatty milk and we had to supplement

The stress won’t help. Make sure you’re getting sleep. Plus look into getting massage & chiropractic care. The body is an amazing machine.

Baby could be going through a growth spurt. Put baby on the breast. Pumping is not an indicator of supply.

I am an exclusive pumper. I just make sure I have plenty of fluids and still taking prenatals. If I feel like my supply is down I drink a few body armors throughout the day and that helps me out. I am an over producer and I make 40-60 oz of milk a day. I have over 500 oz of milk that is frozen. If needed and you have time try to pump in between feeds or about every 2 hours or so, just to stimulate your boobs

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The milk at first is hormone driven and there’s tons of it, then it drops off and it is supply and demand, breast-fed babies eat all. the. time. if she is growing and putting on weight at every appointment then you’re doing OK a lot of first timers freak out and think they don’t have enough milk, I know I did. If you really noticed the baby isn’t doing well by all means go to formula and don’t look back, whatever is best for you, but you are doing a great job just know that

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Pump between feedings as much as you can and take fenugreek. It makes a big difference. Until your milk supply comes in, there is nothing wrong with supplementing with formula.

I had issues.with my child being hungry too! No matter how much I pumped around the clock, an ounce from both breasts. The Dr said–Don’t feel guilty, a fed baby.is best. Do whatever you need to do mama, even if it’s formula. It’s okay. Good vibes your way!

Everyone here is correct lots of fluid rest and also being able to relax so that you can have your let down and not be so worried and stressed will help but at the end of the day a fed :baby_bottle: baby is the best however it happens. Mom hugs for you.

Mothers milk tea, oatmeal and salmon; I always had production boosts after eating and drinking these 3 things when I was breastfeeding.

Fed is best! I know it’s hard momma, I was the same way with all 3 of my kids. They were never able to latch because I have weird nipples so I pumped. The longest I was able to keep my supply going was 6 weeks. I tried everything and my doctor had a long talk with me as I cried.

Same thing happened to me and I later found out it was because I was taking birth control pills, which the doctor gave me, and I didn’t realize it would dry up my milk supply

Water and Mother’s milk tea! Stress can dry you up as well…walks with the little one is a great de-stressor.

Baby could be going through a growth spurt cluster feeding to help bring in more milk. Pumping doesn’t reflect your milk supply nothing empties the breast as effectively as baby. Talk to an LC if you can’t get ypur supply up supplement with a couple ounces of formula AFTER NURSING SESSIONS NOT BEFORE there’s no shame in combo feeding. Your baby can still get the good stuff from your milk. Every drop counts

Also. Oatmeal helps a ton. Staying hydrated. Pumping is not an actual determination of how much baby is eating. I know it’s frustrating and exhausting momma! Do what you feel is best for you and baby. If You need to supplement do so. :blue_heart:

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Fenugreek and millet porridge with organic honey and a lot of fluids and chicken soups and shark soup works wonders!
Just try that your supply will triple !

The only way to increase your supply is by latching baby. At one month they go through what is known as cluster feeding. Baby will naturally increase your supply. Don’t stress and latch when baby is hungry

Youre probably making more than you think. This is about the time baby would hit a growth spurt, which is why shes so hungry. And you never pump as much as baby gets.

I don’t know if you like milk but you need to drink warm milk at night or hot chocolate with warm milk it will help you and drink lots of water to and if your boobs hurt take a hot bath with Sea salt it will help your breasts your friend Kathy Lewis

My baby was breast fed on demand and he was always demanding. I took him for his 6 week check up. He weighed the same as the day he was born. He had a weak suck so I wasn’t producing enough and he was only getting foremilk. I had to supplement with formula. I’d let him nurseand then give him a bottle. And of course he also nursed for comfort. But he survived! I have heard of babies passing away from this. I’m so thankful for formula.

Try taking alot of soups… they usually will help your body produce milk… I always drink alot of soup, and make sure to take Millet porridge through out the day everyday and it does wonders… I end up getting so much milk that it gets so Heavy on me that I have to keep pumping it out… the only downside to all this is gaining so much weight.

body armors, water, oatmeal, latch baby as MUCH as you both can stand, or power pump! lactation cookies, keep up your calories!

I hated the licorice taste of mother’s tea, butnibhad HUGE success with the supplement fenugreek. Bought the capsules at Gnc, u will smell like maple syrup. Talk with your dr and a lactation consultant.

I had twins. One bottle and one breast. I took fenugreek and was pumping a gallon every two days.

Motherlove fenugreek drops, they tasted bad to me but I followed the instructions and mixed the drops in water everyday and it worked! I had two premature births and my milk never came in right away and I used these drops to help with that and supply, don’t give up and latch latch latch, keep the baby on as much as she wants because you body will react positivity to it and bump supply. I know its tough and exhausting but honestly once you get going it saves a fortune due to not having to buy formula.

Pinterest has recipes for lactation cookies and muffins. Also make sure you are staying hydrated. I drank a ton of water and even body armour drinks to help wjen my milk seemed to be slowing down.

Try to pump early in the morning. Like before 6. There’s proof that you produce more first thing in the morning. And then pump 8 times per day for 20 minutes per breast. They’ve found it matters more the amount of sessions and less the length between sessions (ie every 2 hours).

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Drink lots fluids along with pumping and between sessions. Also check the baby for tongue tie or lip tie. It can effect the baby and you.

Mothers milk tea is the only thing that worked for my supply

Make sure you are drinking LOTS of water. If you start to get dehydrated, it can affect your milk supply

Supplement…btw, I manually pumped while at work and could get 2 1/2 oz off one pull…I could have fed a small country.

Traditional Medicinals has a Mother’s Milk tea that helps with milk production. Lots of fluids and proper nutrition. Hang in there and all will work out.

About one month old is when they have a growth spurt

I took Fenugreek. It made a big difference for me

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