What can I give my brother and his wife for my childs baptism?

I wanted to get my 4th and final child baptized in the next couple of months. My brother and his wife just asked my husband and me to be godparents to their daughter of the same age, but their baptism will be in a year or so. They are in Victoria, and we want to have them as godparents, but due to COVID restrictions possibly messing with the plans and then not being able to get here, I wanted to ask my two best girlfriends in Perth, so I know they will definitely be here on the day. Can you think of a nice token to give to my brother and his wife to say that they are the godparents too, even though they won’t be at the baptism…?


This is what I got the godparents

This is how we asked my partners brother and wife and the reaction was priceless. As a gift we put the onsie in a deep frame with photos of them with our son.

They can still be god parents even if they aren’t at the baptism. As for a gift, I would get them something customized that says something about being god parents.

They can still be the godparents and the friends can be at the ceremony as proxies.

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Search “god parent gifts” on Amazon… they have a lot of great ideas

A rosary keepsake for baptisms. Or a picture of your child on that day with a special God child frame.

My nephews Godparents weren’t there as they live in America and we are in England

Talk to your Minister. I’m sure they can be Godparents, take the oath, without being physically present. As far as gifts I can’t even remember what I gave my kids Godparents. For her maybe a necklace?

Maybe use facetime or zoom so they can take part or make a video to the ceremony.