What can I give my girls to boost their immune system?

My girls are 4 & 7, and they are always getting sick. I just recently lost my job again because my kids keep getting fevers; everything viral, they are the first to get it over & over again. They are in public school & were breastfed as babies for two months each before switching to formula. I am a single mom, so I don’t have anyone to help watch them when they are sick, and I get sick too. I need to know how other mommas handle this. Go to work sick? I feel like I’m the only one having this struggle, my employers especially make me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Looking for natural ways to keep kids from getting sick, boost their immune system, maybe?


Elderberry syrup and probiotics

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Vitamin C and elderberry syrup… probiotics

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Sambucol is black elderberry and they have melts that taste like grape.

I’ve heard of elderberry gummies/syrup

Vitmens probiotics and look up foods that boost immunity

Elderberry syrup or gummies and essential oils.

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Most people turn to vitamin C after they’ve caught a cold. They make chewable tablets thats taste yummy.
Red bell peppers. If you think citrus fruits have the most vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable, think again.


Put vaseline in the tip of your noses it stops from virus getting in your nose .


I’ve seen a mom get FMLA approved for her kids getting sick all the time …worth a try

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Vitamin C and also check their multi vitamin. Most do not contain Iron. Make sure you check for 18mg of Iron in the ingredients. Most will say complete yet not have iron. In fact, I have never seen a gummy vitamin that contains iron.

What I give, she is rarely sick but I don’t vaccinate either. She is 2! Good luck!

Look into elderberry as a daily supplement!

Vitamins for all you included x there are loads of bugs going about you can’t help it if they or you are sick xx

Eat healthy -lot of fruits and veggies, and fluids, reduce stress and get lots of sleep. Most importantly wash your hands and the kids hands ALL the time. If anyone seems like they’re getting sick disinfect the whole house!

A spoonful of honey (organic/raw kind)every night before bed. I have 5 kiddos ages 10,6,5,3 and 1 they have never had the flu and they’ve never had the common cold more than twice in their life. I say it’s a win for our family.

Healthy diet with a protein, fresh fruit or veg, and a whole grain or unprocessed carb for every meal. A multivitamin, daily. And I cannot stress this enough WASH YOUR HANDS! All of you. Often. Every trip to the potty. Every time you come in from outside. Before you eat anything EVER. Before bed and when you wake up. After you touch the dirty laundry. Clean under finger nails too. Sing your alphabet song twice and use hot water. Make sure everyone is getting cardio in everyday. Running around with each other for 30 mins before dinner is a great start. You can put on a kids workout video on youtube, or an active video game you all play, or an alexa kids workout, or a sport, or a quick jog around the block or down the street and back. And GET A NETI POT! They actually are really effective. If you all get colds often or have allergies that lead to sinus infections, it will be a game changer. After all of that, the rest is up to your immune system. Either you were born with good genes or not. Not much you can do about that. Honestly, that’s probably the bulk of the issue.

Are you a big cleaner?
I only say this because my boys practically eat dirt :joy: and my eldest is 6 next month and both have never had a sick day (touch wood) tbh unless made too he doesn’t wash his hands either! Boys :roll_eyes::joy:
I clean but am not a anti-backer where as a friend over cleaned everything with dettol ect and they are all always ill because the body can’t fight bacteria. I proved it when another friend she over cleaned use the kill 99% bacteria stuff she calmed it down and they now don’t get ill,
the body needs germs


Find someone local to you who sells Elderberry. Sirup or gummies. Doesn’t matter.

I spend $10 on a bag of elderberry herbs mixed with other herbs and brew it at home. Makes about 20 ounces if not more and all a child needs is a tsp a day when not sick and u can give them more when sick. It works amazing. My daughter is sick one day and the next she’s good to go. Vicks rubbed on her feet with socks at night has worked wonders recently as well. If you’d like to know where I get my herbs I can share a link to the local shop.

Vitamin C, plenty of fresh air and sunshine :heart:

My lil one was getting strep for 5 months straight around the 8th of each month…daycare had bleached each toy but they also made them use hand sanitizer before they ate…she now has a teacher that makes them do the same thing and normally we are already on our 4 sickness…I think that is a huge help!! Hand sanitizer before eating

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Elderberry, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, make a warm drink before bed of pineapple boiled in water with honey added (it is so good). Wash hands often. Drink plenty of water, exercise and sleep. This should help.

same boat!! my girls 5&8 all the time more the 5yr old the elderberry gummies or medicine & the Zarbees all natural honey medicine is great, they finally make gummies I haven’t tryed but am, there cough drops amazing I even us them knocks stuff out fast…hand sanitizer n new tooth brushes all the time i feel like

Glass of water with 1teas. Each of all natural honey and Braggs Apple cider vinegar. 2 grandchildren, ages 5 & 11 take it daily, rarely suck. But also eat very healthy

Try to avoid those quick meals. Get a crock pot or 2. Use fresh veggies and real meat. Stay away from fast food and frozen premade foods. Btw Hamburger helper is not real cooking. Try to put one of all the colors of fruits and veggies in them everyday . be ware of any mold growing in the house. Try to stay away from chemicals. Try to go green.

I’m in the same boat. I’m a single mom and ever since my son started daycare, he’s been getting sick. I have a weaker immune system so when he gets sick, I get sick too. I been giving my son (20 months) multivitamin drops to help boost his immune system. I’m taking a multivitamin myself and trying to stay healthy. When my son is sick, his grandpa watches him when I cannot be home. When I’m sick, I just deal with it (there was one exception: when I had a kidney infection and it made me a little incontinent). Is there anyone in your neighborhood or at a church that you trust your kids with?

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Just buy multi vitamins.
Theres only so much u can do.

When my girl is Ill I have to take time off work also. But its tough… family and health comes first xx

Also you have to either buy a new tooth brush or sterilize the one they have because they will keep reinfecting themselves over and over. Most people don’t think about that. My doctor told me that

Elderberry they sell some forms at wal mart. But I found a lady who makes & mails me homemade syrup and its amazing!

Clean your whole house. Chabge tooth brushes. Wash their clothes. And give them multivitamins!. Talk with their pediatrician about it

Make sure they always wash hands. Juices help flush the systems too. Everytime they get sick use that tooth brush then toss it after they’re over it. Other wise you’re just going to get sick again. Vitamins can help to

Elderberry gummies, or syrup, whichever they will take. And definitely vitamins.

Elderberry syrup or gummies or digestive probiotics puts in good bacteria and elimates bad

Talk to your doctor :+1:

Cinnamon, natural spices in foods lots of fruit and veg

Take them outside and let them play in the dirt

Thieves oil on soles of their feet

Winks Naturals immune support

100% tonic elderberry

Organic elderberry syrup. Elderberry Queen