What can I take for a UTI while 11 weeks pregnant?

What can I take for a UTI while 11 weeks pregnant?


Antibiotics I also used probiotics and cranberry juice along with drinking lots of water

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You can take your butt to the doctor. Lol nothing will cure that over counter.


Yeah uti can be seriously if left u treated without a doctor!

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Only doctor can prescribe something and drink some cranberry juice

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Ask your doctor…just saying.

Antibiotics. If you dont take care of it, it can go to your kidneys. Cranberry juice can be helpful to prevent a uti but it wont treat one!


yeah you need to go to the doctor to be treated and you need to do that soon. those during pregnancy can cause real issues my OB said.


Your dr will prescribe you an antibiotic and drink lots of cranberry juice and water

Uti can lead very quickly to a kidney infection. I didnt even know I had the uti til I had the kidney. Go get meds from the dr.

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And not cranberry cocktail. NOT THE SAME THING.


Go to your doctor but RESEARCH the antibiotics they give you and request another one if needed. The one the doctors from the hospital gave me one that caused low birth rate and other problems with pregnant women.

Doctor. But for the meantime until you can get in drunk lots of water and cranberry juice

You need to go to your doctor for antibiotics. Cranberry juice will not fix an infection but there’s evidence that drinking it regularly may reduce your risk of getting one but it will not cure it. If you do not treat it properly with actual antibiotics it could cause a miscarriage as it spreads through your body and into your kidneys. Don’t mess around when pregnant.


Go to the doctor!!! An untreated UTI can be extremely dangerous for an unborn baby

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Antibiotics are the only thing that’ll cure a uti. Don’t try to treat it over the counter.
In the meantime, use azo and cranberry juice to help with the pain. And water, water, water!!

Girl go to the doctor, UTI is not something to play with. Amoxicillin, penicillin, macrobid are typically safe antibiotics. Stay away from cipro and bactrim.

Cranberry juice and lots of water! Also they have these pills called AZO you can take while prego and it makes easier to pee but still drink lots of cranberry juice and water!! Azo just numbs for when you pee you wont feel it

A strong dose of call your Doctor


My Baptist hospital told me they hospitalize for UTI/kidney infections while pregnant they take that serious

Call your doctor but you need to keep drinking cranberry juice and water to keep fluids in your body

You really need to go to the Dr. When I was pregnant with my son I had a really bad uti. I went to the emergency room and the lady said she’s thankful I came in cause UTIs can cause miscarriages in the first trimester.

Cranberry juice is the one

Blueberry juice works better than cranberry!

Antibiotics are completely safe during pregnancy to treat a uti. If it goes untreated it can become deadly. I’ve had two UTIs this pregnancy and both times treated with antibiotics.

go to the doctor . a uti can hurt ur baby if not treated properly

Talk to your Dr. Can’t play around when pregnant.

When I was pregnant with my 1st daughter I was 20 years old and homeless. I had a uti and it caused me to go in to learn early labor at 20 weeks. They gave me a cocktail of drugs to stop my labor and to get rid of the UTI and bladder infection with sepsis. I was then on bed rest in the hospital for the last 17 weeks. I now have a beautiful 20 year old daughter who is a prison guard and go so local University. Moral of the story the doctor at the emergency Room knew exactly what to give me That would save me and my baby. And a uti can be dangerous and nothing to play with!

Cranberry juice and water but go to your doctor so he/she can prescribe you something. Cuz you cant just take anything while prego.

Pregnant or not. If not taken seriously and treated properly​:arrow_right:UTIs :clap:t2:Can :clap:t2:Be​:clap:t2:Deadly​:clap:t2:


You 100% need antibiotics. A untreated bladder infection can cause complications.

I got them while pregnant often and antibiotics were the best option! You don’t want it to progress into a kidney infection! Start drinking cranberry juice and call your dr ASAP!

Go to the doctors. A UTI is not something to play around with. Especially while pregnant. If it gets to your kidneys it can be lethal.

If you know you have a UTI. How has it been treated in the past? With antibiotics. That is the only way to get rid of a UTI your doctor will prescribe you the appropriate one. Push fluids. And 100% Cranberry juice

Talk to your doctor. If you have a UTI it will need antibiotics to treat.
If you do not treat it then it can spread to your bladder and kidneys.

Call your doctor without antibiotics it will NOT go away on it’s own and will eventually turn into a kidney infection.

Drink lots of cranberry juice and water

You need A dr appointment for a prescription - not home remedies that might risk you and the baby

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UTIs can cause uterine contractions which can cause a miscarriage. Call your doctor ASAP! Do not self-treat these while pregnant.

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Go to the doctor’s to get a prescription for antibiotics. UTI’s are nothing to play around with my friend had one so bad she was put in the hospital for 2 days.

My mama had a doc tell her to take 1000mg of vit c and it would keep her from getting uti but you should ask your doc before doing anything

Go to the doctor qnd get antibiotics. Drink cranberry juice.

I’m a nurse at an OBGYN Office and you need to call your OB right away so they can place an order for you to leave a urine culture at a lab, or bring you into the office for a swab so they can see if it’s bacteria or a yeast infection! Do not self treat!


Please please do not try to treat a uti on your own! They can lead to sepsis if not dealt with. Call your doctor ASAP!!!

Cranberry pills or juice and lots of water…lemonade good too…

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Drink cranberry juice and plenty of water

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Don’t take anything not from your doctor

Drink slot of cranberry juice

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Call dr asap.
Pregnancy & UTI’s are nothing to play around with. It can lead to kidney infection.


A prescription is highly recommended.

There are prescriptions that are safe to take while pregnant, please go to a dr, if you don’t treatment it then it can go to your kidneys!!

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While pregnant it is best to call your doctor and get a prescription. You don’t want to risk anything spreading to your baby.

What the doctor prescribes. There is nothing you can buy for UTI, it has to be prescribed

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Cranberry juice will get rid of it

Call your obgyn she can write a persceiption for you

And cranberry juice at least a cup a day will help as well

Go to your doctor and they will give you antibiotics

Go to ur doctor no one on here are medical experts good luck x

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Vitamin c but call the doctor

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