What can I take for headaches during pregnancy?

I’m a little over 10weeks pregnant with my second child and ive been nauseous and had killer migraines. I know now is the most important time to be eating the right things and keeping my weight up, but everything I eat tastes off or else I cant eat bc I feel like I’m going to puke half way through eating. I’ve been basically forcing myself to eat. Dr said it’s just something I have to work through but there has to be something I can do to be able to eat more and not feel as awful as I do. Any tips or pointer would be great! Thanks in advance.


I’d try the BRAT diet if you’re nauseous to help get something in you, but biggest priority should be staying hydrated. If it won’t let up definitely ask for an anti-nausea medication

I am now 27 wks pregnant with my first. My first trimester was terrible because I was sick 24/7. I was given Zofran to take as needed for the really bad times, and I noticed that eating small meals/snacks frequently helped a lot too. And drinking ice cold water

Hey I am not the only one! Whew I am 11 weeks and same exact stuff. Went to er other day for a migraine. I was gonna suggest Rice and toast.

The only things that helped me during pregnancy was drinking LOTS of water! And never letting myself actually feel hungry… as soon as I knew I felt hungry, it was too late and I already felt like crap. I just kind of endlessly munched on fruit/veggies through out the day. Not sure if this will help but I hope :slight_smile:

Sometimes I just want rice with a little butter or put a little cheese on top. In drinking a lot of milk that helps with the calcium and protein just stay away from fried foods! Evil they are :mask:

Eat less, more often. Snacks! Keep protein bars, peanuts, and other snack foods in your purse.

7 up and club crackers have been a life saver for me!! Peaches and their juice is good too.

I’m 12 weeks with my 4th. First time I’ve ever been this sick feeling being pregnant so fingers crossed it’s a girl as I already have 3 boys! But all I can say is LOTS of water and sprite and snack on crackers peanut butter ones as they help give you energy as well.

Crackers and lots of liquids. Hopefully it passes soon.

Strawberry milkshakes helped me with one of mine…eat small snacks not big meals…try roll on oils (but legitimate oils like young living, not just anything from anywhere)…try yoga…and when you’re really struggling, focus on your breathing. Sometimes, too, ya just gotta not fight it and let yourself puke. Sometimes you will feel better after

Don’t take zofran. Its not even fda approved for pregnancy nausea and is linked to birth defects.

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I’m 17 weeks and still battling this issue, my doctor prescribed a stomach medicine here recently which has helped tremendously but not completely I would recommend snacking as much as possibly but also ensures are a great source of nutrients!

Try saltine crackers.

Caffeine helps at times for headaches & i was same way in the first trimester eating salted crackers helped plus was light . try just eat light stuff for now much it sucks lol

if all else fails vitamin b6 and unisom.

My meals turned into snack size meals 6 to 8 times a day. Instead of tryna eat breakfast lunch and dinner, eat snack size meals every 3 to 4 hours. At least try to eat something small but dont force it or overdo it. Once you find something you like and can keep down, try eating just that if it is healthy and you dont get tired of it

I had to eat saltine crackers and ginger ale to get through it. Something about the salty and the natural ginger that helps

Yogurt helps even a bite

At 6-10 weeks I COULD NOT keep anything down
Except for dry cereal or crackers. Lime or lemon soda. Ginger water or tea. And popsicles.

Peach syrup and ginger snaps!!!

Fruit popsicles got me through my last pregnancy get the real fruit kind. They’re filling and hydrating

Eat your cravings!!! I know during pregnancy you want to eat healthy but I lost weight in my first trimester because I wasn’t able to keep anything down.

Eat your cravings and you won’t throw up.

Jolly ranchers help, when you feel sick, pop one in. And preggo drops at target help when you can’t eat anything.

And smoothies, smoothies are great with how cold they are and filled with fruit.

Ask your doctor for Diclectin.

Ask your doctor about a prescription for nausea. Maybe “Diclectin” would work for you

Anti-nausea pills was the only reason I ever ate. I took them several times a day nearly my entire pregnancy

Ginger gum… it was a life saver. I got up and went to the drugstore at 3 am when I was pregnant with my daughter just to find something. I couldn’t even sleep I was so sick to my stomach… the ginger gum was amazing

No clue on the migraines. I was determined to eat right with my 3rd pregnancy…and then the morning sickness kicked in. :joy::joy::joy: I couldn’t even look at the fridge without wanting to vomit. I honestly just ate what sounded good to me until I got to about 12 weeks and it leveled off. I lived on reuben sandwiches for lunch several days one week, pasta salad another time, fruity pebbles, etc… I couldn’t even THINK about a salad and the thought of eating carrots made me want to choke. My midwife said to just eat what I was craving and could keep down until it passed. That eating something was better than nothing. One day just past my 12th week, it was like a switch flipped and I was back to normal. Good luck!