What can I take for morning sickness?

Hiya can I please do another anon please :blush:

Does anyone have any tips for morning sickness? Mines not so much morning sickness it’s all day looooong, doctors given me the anti nausea pills but I can’t even hold those down, also gave me the under the tounge dissolving ones but the taste sets me off into another vomiting session, I feel like I’ve turned into a projectial vomiting machine and my bestfriend is a bucket :sob:
I’ve dropped 15kgs over the past 6 week just from not being able to hold anything down I can barely make it out of bed most days, not able to work anymore. baby’s measuring in smaller than how far along we are which is making us worry were only in 1st trimester :sweat_smile: I’m open to any suggestions


Someone got me ginger hard candies they were a lifesaver for me. Health food store I think

You need to go back to your doctor. You and baby could be getting dehydrated and more drastic measures may need to be taken.

Anything ginger or peppermint sniffing alcohol pads

Peppermints helped me. My second pregnancy I pretty much lived off popsicles.

Ask for B6 supplements. Nothing else worked for me.

Vitamin b6 , eatings small meals

After going back to your doctor, if nothing else works and you’re comfortable with it, I had the same issue and ended up smoking a couple small puffs of pot (tolerance is way lower when pregnant). Again, only if you’re comfortable. Some doctors even encourage it. But I would try other remedies first.

Try preggie drops are pops.

My daughters teacher told me the other day about a prescription you can get call dyclegic (sp?) Something like that. She had twins and says it was a life saver. Sbe said its not covered on insurance but the dr can give you a coupon for it

Ginger helped a little & peppermint candies

I found the prescription was expensive and didn’t really help.

I found I had to constantly much on Sosa crackers and I used sea sickness bands. Wore them 100% of the time. If I even took them off for a few minutes in the shower I would get so sick.

I still felt nauseous a lot of the time, but I wouldn’t vomit anymore.

Apples slices is something that helped me

Sounds like HG my daughter had it awful x

15kgs in SIX weeks and you are pregnant?? Get a new doctor! That is 33 pounds and I hope to God you embellished that to make it sound better

B6 works and starbursts for whatever reason were super helpful with both my boys

Try eating soda crackers, before you get out of bed!!

Preggie pop drops are what I used. Super helpful and taste great

I was very nauseated all day with my first child…couldnt keep anything down…Dr. told me to eat 2-3 saltine crackers when I first wake up in a.m. …it helped some, but finally had to get shots every other day. Don’t know if it will help, but if like me, I would have tried ANYTHING !!

Aww I’m sorry. Zofran worked for me. Keep trying different medications and one will eventually work!

My doctor told me ginger chews work better than zofran and I also found that ginger ale first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helped.

When I was in my first trimester and needing something I read San Pellegrino Aranciata. It worked wonders! I did just the Orange one (not sure if the Blood Orange has the same results).

Oh my I have been there. I lived on crackers and occasionally chicken noodle soup and I lost a lot of weight but have no fear it did go away and I started gaining some weight. I was in bed for the first 4 months. I don’t know of any tricks. After 4 previous miscarriages I was told that sickness is a sign that I was still pregnant. So I held onto that. Here’s something on Pinterest that might help:

Cracker s and coke cola

Ginger gum worked wonders with my middle child!

Freezies, lost 45 lbs in my first trimester with my first child because of morning (all day & night) sickness. The freezies were a God send

Gingerale only thing worked with soda crackers couldent drink water and smelled food i threw up i only one kid after that but 2nd was way better but still stop got girl and boy im done

Bonnie for motion sickness and ginger with tea boil it take the ginger tea with 2 bonnie pills what a help.for me . Good luck.

I feel for you…hope it wears off soon . I found eating smiths chips and sipping soda water helped…its the salt on the chips thats helps same as with crakers

My morning sickness was amplified with prenatal vitamins I had to switch to the gummies it helped a lot

The only thing that helped me was getting iv fluids 2-3 times a weeks. I would get 2 to 4 bags every few days.

Is it a girl? They tend to cause more morning sickness than boys.

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They make anal suppository nausea meds

Ultrasound measurements should always be taken with a grain of salt, they are super inaccurate and in the 1st trimester I would definitely not be worried about the babies size. Your baby will take what they need from you even if you aren’t getting quite enough to eat. Do your best to stay hydrated, I would say that is the most important and even though I know how hard they can be to swallow when you’re nauseous, take your prenatals. Other than that just try stuff that’s easier on the stomach like crackers, maybe sip some hot tea? I always loved sleepy time tea when I had morning sickness with some honey in it :upside_down_face:

Been there I got like that with both my girls all I can say sip water throu the day need to stay hydrated toast was my best friend I nibbled that when I was having a really bad day plain none salted saltin crackers by my bed at night helped when I woke up hungry chicken broth things you can sip slowly coffee helped also it sucks just hang in there mama it’s worth it with my oldest daughter I was sick the whole dang pregnacy it was awful but worth it meeting that beautiful little girl

Has anyone suggested crackers ginger ale I did that but I don’t know what will work for you everyone different

It sounds like you have HG, and there isn’t much you can do for it. Especially of they are already giving you medication.
Try finding an HG support group, or start doing some research online. If HG is what youhave, none of this stuff is going to help.,

Ginger ale and saltines!

Talk to your doctor about HG. It sounds very much like HG if you can’t keep anything down, even water. The doctor may be able to set you up with an anti-nausea pump that puts the medication directly into your bloodstream and you may need IV fluids if you’re dehydrated. My sister in law had the same problem when pregnant with my nephew. I hope that things get better for you.

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The only thing that stopped mine was the shot in the butt

Coke, or sour candy always worked for me

Cold Granny Smith Apples straight out if the refrigerator first thing in the morning or any time I was super nauseous.

Saltines gingerale you’ll be fine. Remember princess kate and how bad she was through pregnancies.

Ginger ale don’t taste as bad as stomach bile

Saltine crackers and ginger ale The crackers before my feet ever hit the floor kept them on my nightstand by the bed Ginger ale during the day small sips

As crazy as it sounds mine was all day long to and the only thing that helped were smoothies

Hyperemesis Graviterium or HG is what you are sounding like. Go back to your GP. Most likely need IV fluids. Improves usually after first trimester. Good Luck

Plain toast and crackers in the am. Ginger candy helped me.

I was recommended vitamin b6 by a nurse

Get depositories instead, sipping milk throughout the day worked for me as well, but not much, it just kinda helped my stomach get a little break from time to time :slight_smile: I hope itll get better soon

They have a gel that you can tub on your wrists. I cant remember the name but i know alot of people that has helped.

This was me my entire pregnancy . The pills they gave me did nothing . The recommended lays plain chips and how the salt might help . I instantly felt better once he was out though aha drinking orange juice after having him was the best thing ever :joy::joy:

Saltine crackers and ginger ale The crackers before my feet ever hit the floor kept them on my nightstand by the bed Ginger ale during the day small sips

Alternative methods also include accupuncture, accupressure, ginger tea, and some chiropractors treat morning sickness. Ask each if experience with morning sickness. Yes, tell your Dr. You need help!

For me I tried a TON of different things. Some days something worked better than others. I would try a few things and see what works for you. A huge help for me was peppermint essential oil.

I had HG if you have it all the Ginger ale and sea bands won’t help. Zofran helped but only a little bring this up w your obgyn cuz it’s sounds like HG. They might have something new that will help you more than Zofran.

Mine was just as bad and my dr put me on a catheter pump. My medication was reglan, a nurse came to my home to show my how to insert the catheter and fill the medication in my pump. I had to change the catheter every 2-3 days and refill my medication as it got low. This allowed for constant drip of meds so i could eat and not puke.
I did this for 3 mo and finally was well enough to discontinue it.
(The catheter was placed lower left naval, inserted easily).
Ask your dr about this

This was given after the wrist bands, gummies, zofran, dissolvable, ginger candy, prego pops… every single thing people recommended.

I used peppermints with all my pregnancies. Was the only thing that calmed my nausea

White seedless grapes were one of the very few things I could keep down

They have suppositories for people that can’t keep anything down. My doctor prescribed them for me when I was pregnant for that reason, but I ended up suffering through it because I didn’t want to shove something up my butt lol

My first son made this happen. I lost so much weight. My second baby was way better on that part.

Huge thing i had to do was do foods that sucked up acid in my belly. Like salt crackers or plain bread.

I also had no choc or coffee. That made it worse! No snacking after 730

In the morning, it began. When I went to the hospital to have my baby, I was still vomiting Nine months of it…three babies. My OB Doctor gave meds to help. I kept iced water close, the ice chips helped, and I always had hard sour fruit candy in my mouth. I dreaded waking up.

I did eat small meals thru out the day. And, the ice chips close by all day.

Whoever used those wrist bands for sea sickness, is brilliant. On cruises, I had to constantly wear them. I wish I had known about them many years ago.

Oh, my mother-in-law told my husband to get coke syrup at the pharmacy, if I could get it down (over ice), it wasn’t so bad coming back up.

You have to keep yourself hydrated. Sip small amounts of water or whatever tastes good to you. I hope you went to see your OB doctor. I hope you’re feeling better. God bless you and your prescious little one.