What can I take for the flu while pregnant?

I’m 19 weeks amd a fu days with my second pregnancy. Sunday i started having pain and prussure in my lower belly and pelvis. I went in to the hospital today and they did an ultrasound the baby doesnt seem to be in desress so they did a urine sample to see if i had a blader infection i don’t and then they sent me home with no answers as to why im in pain. Im guessing it normal?


Round ligament pain possibly?


I went to hospital with the same but I was spotting and well they treated me for a UTI’s and bed rest for a few days…still have the pressure and occasional pain my ob told me yesterday it was more then likely round ligament pain plus uterus is stretching…

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Round ligament pain.I’m 33 weeks now it just gets worse. Keep hydrated and rest

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I’m 19 weeks and 3 days. My doctor says it’s just round ligament pains, as long as it isn’t associated with bleeding then it’s nothing to worry about.

I had the same thing in my 2nd pregnancy. All the ligaments stretch faster. You “pop” or show faster too. Your body is like oh hey I’ve done this before.

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