What can I take while pregnant to help me sleep?

Is there anything I can take to help me sleep while I’m pregnant? I cannot sleep for the life of me and I am sooooo tired.


Melatonin is safe.
Tylenol PM, unisom, and nytol are said to be safe as well.

Benadryl, and a magnesium supplement. Benadryl puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep.

Unisom! Pregnancy insomnia is the worst, I have it too!

Lavender scented baths or lotion. Chamomile tea

My doctor told me take benadryl. My son was huge and couldn’t sleep. He ended up weighing 8 lbs 14 oz.

My dr allowed me melatonin and said if that didn’t work Unisom

A question best left for your OB or PCP.


I just had my baby a month ago and couldn’t sleep at all, my doctor prescribed me unisom

Magnesium oil spray! Religiously several times a day

The allergy pills my doctor gave me knocked me out

Unison or Benadryl. Don’t take melatonin.

Unisom. It also helps with morning sickness

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Unisom. I’ve taken it with all 3 pregnancies. My doctor recommended it when I was having trouble sleeping.

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Ask the doctor before listening to those of us responding to your question

Phenegran makes me sleep! They gave it to me for my nausea

Although I can’t give much advice on the supplements part, I can share with you what helped me to get a good sleep in my pregnancy journey.
I seem to have had good success in improving my sleep quality while using natural, alternative remedies. I tried using acupuncture a few years ago to get a good sleep when I was pregnant and I would highly recommend it. I read that studies find these techniques do have a benefit but who knows. It said Acupuncture improves blood flow and circulation through your body. I personally found it beneficial. I am not sure where you are based, I went to a clinic called GinSen in London, they seemed good enough.