What can I use for terrible back pain during pregnancy?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant with excruciating back pain. I have been going to physical therapy which helps tremendously but I still have pain during the week and was wondering if it is safe to use an icy hot or lidocaine patch to help with the pain?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I use for terrible back pain during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe to use icy hot I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and I have back problems since I was a kid and im suppose to take meds for the pain but since I’m pregnant my doctor said I can use icy hot

Biofreeze worked wonders for me during and after my pregnancy

Check out a chiropractor that is experienced with pregnancy…mine helped wonders for my hips and back


Sleep with a pillow between legs

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Its a part of being pregnant because your gaining weight

Definitely try bio freeze!! Chronic back problems and this works way better for me than icyhot!

I had this problem when I was pregnant and I got prescribed baclofen it’s a light muscle relaxer that is safe for pregnancy it’s worth a shot!

If its really bad u can get script for Panadeine forte from dr.theres categories and its in the category where u can have it if needed in pregnancy .i had to for chronic pain when i was pregnant x

Turmeric really helps with inflammation

I used to use a heating bottle

I’d call my obgyn and make sure it’s okay to be on the safe side…hope you get to feelin better mama

A belly band has worked WONDERS For me!!! I use Baobeibody belly band and it 1000% is worth every penny. It helps my back pain, my hip pain, and my round ligament pain, days are not the same without it.

I was always told not to use any of that stuff, that I could use heating pads/ice packs and tylenol only.