What can you do with already opened cans of formula?

So since my little girl was born, we’ve had problems with her formulas, and we eventually ended up having to go with a hypoallergenic formula, so I have a few opened cans that I really don’t wanna throw away. They’re still all good! I, unfortunately, don’t have any friends, family, or co-workers that need it, so I don’t know what to do with it …so what should I do with them?


Put them on buying pages and Facebook loads of people will want them


It can be used as a fertiliser it’s been known to be great for vegetable patches!

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You could use it for sensory play putting it in a zip lock bag with some food dye and water or just as is and they can draw on it. I’ve seen people use flour.

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I’ve heard you can use it as regular powder milk. Make some biscuits lol

I’ve heard u can put it in bath water n it does wonders for your skin :woman_shrugging:

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I’m hoping to donate my unopened formula and diapers my baby outgrew to a local church. A community center or some kind of charity organization would be good to look into as well.

opened powder is only good for 2 weeks after you crack the seal. That’s why they can’t sell damaged cans. I’m afraid the only solution is to throw it away.

If I’m not mistaken most animal shelters will take it (donated of course)


Take them to a hospital.

Place advertising;on buying page’s. Sealing tins;careful. People will buy them. I recently;went through a similar situation helped a friend. That sold;a holder cuddlesome diapers&high chair&rocker. I’ve found;the most convenient is. A bumbo;it doubles like a high chair would teaching toddler to sit upright. Bumbo.

Formula is only good after 30 days of opening if it’s past that use it for fertilizer

Probably throw them away. Food banks and shelters won’t take them open.


Could advise on your local stuff for sale if anyone is in need of baby milk


Post on local garage sale fb pages or your local town page! Someone near you cld definitely use them! Please don’t throw them away!

Post to Facebook marketplace for a low cost.

Give them away. Nobody will buy if opened.

Offer them to a mom in need

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Post on local yard sale site and tell them you have opened cans and why. If nothing else someone with pets may want.

Look for local “Help a Mom Out” FB pages and post for free there. I personally wouldn’t use opened formula, but I’ve seen many women claim them when posted.

Post them to Facebook, maybe ask your local church if they would use them? Offer them to random people you see with babies? Lol.

They’re only good for so long after being opened so it would be best to just toss them.

Might sound weird but if you or someone you know is growing certain fruits and vegetables like tomatoes you can add some of the powdered formula about once or twice a month to the soil for added nutrients the plant needs

Post in your local but sell trade group.

Unfortunately you’ll probably end having to throw it away. It’ll be hard to find someone willing to take opened formula. Don’t sweat it. We’ve all done it!

I’m not sure someone would want to get opened cans from a stranger not only with COVID, but also because you have no idea if they contaminated the formula or not. I would just throw them away.


I don’t know anyone that would take an open can. You’re probably going to have to throw it away.

Trash nobody wants to buy opened cans of formula cause in the end we don’t know what could’ve been put in it regardless of what the person who is trying to give it away says they didn’t put nothing in it. Sorry but throw them away.

Throw them away they are contaminated

I believe once opened, they are only good for 30 days. Should say that right on the can.
Best to just toss them unfortunately


Try marketplace!! I’m sure somebody, somewhere, needs it. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can check with the animal shelter some of them do take formula


I donated mine to our local animal shelter


If you don’t want to throw it away and can’t give it away google it and see how else it could be used :woman_shrugging:t3:

Post on your local groups and tell them up front. I HATE throwing things that can be useful to someone else away😪 So that turned into me having a make shift non profit out of my house😅 I pick stuff up from ppl I know, ppl on the local groups, a lot from the elderly ppl I work for because they all tend to hold onto things and have just an excess of items… I take things in, sort through it all, clean it up if need be, and I have a Handful of organizations I work with that take different items so I take loads accordingly and according to which org is most in need at that time. Ppl appreciate so much the help when they need it! Well the right ppl, and the way I figure is I’ll help a ton of ppl that may not truly need it that much before I want to see 1 family go without while in need if that makes sense. Someone in need WILL ABSOLUTELY take this formula!!! It may take a bit to find them and it may be a hassle tbh but you know you’re doing something that can be SO BIG for a mother struggling to feed her baby rn💞


They are no good after being opened a month or 30 days too… Where I am at there is a local group with many moms who would love the help post in your local group before giving up n tossing


We took all of our formula (only one was opened) to our local food pantry.

Im lretty sure you can,contact the company and send them back

Maybe you could make a milk bath out of them?
When my son was little he had extremely dry skin. We would add powdered milk and oats to his baths.


Maybe contact a few animal shelters or rescues. It’s spring with lots of baby animals, perhaps they can use it for supplemental purposes.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it away and it’s only good a month once opened anyway. Even before covid I wouldn’t want an opened can of formula from anyone because it could be tainted.


Post them for free on fb. Someone out there is struggling and needs to feed their baby. Posts like that are a god send.

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For the homeless? Or could be fine for pets needing milk.

Donate to your local animal shelter

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Call the brand and they’ll send u what u use now. I had this issue too.

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Use them or throw away duh

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You can make a cake out of that one. I actually got two sealed ones, pretty expensive ones , with good expiration dates, still do not know who is going to take for from a stranger.

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Pour it all into a quart jar, put a lid on it and refrigerate.

Once a can is opened it is only good for a month

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Awwwww, I wished you had ran in too an older wise woman who could have suggested to you to try the Carnation Can Milk or the Pet Milk Formula. Same equal can of water to milk and add one eye dropper of Infant Vitamins and less than a half of table spoon of Kayro Syrup, your baby would look like her own version of a Gerber Baby w/ a contract. Our stomachs don’t fool w/ a whole lot of that formula experimentation.

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Once it’s open you can’t give it away. Pitch it

Give it to the dogs and cats

I think a animal clinic might be able to use it not sure

Food banks won’t take openned formula. Try n animal rescue or throw away. Giving away not wise during good times, definitely not now

Could you take it somewhere to help a family that in need of it are take it to a hospital to feed the babies in the NICU I don’t know if they will take it but you could see if they will

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Substitute reconstituted formula powder in any recipe calling for milk , such as pancakes, muffins , cornbread etc.

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Donate to vet or animal sanctuary for sick or orphaned babies.


It’s no good after 30 day’s of it being open. Says it on the can. Not saying your’s is out of date. Just FYI.

Use it for cooking cornbread

people around here go on their town free sites and give to people in need…

Donate to a food bank

Is there a women’s refuge anywhere close by you could donate it to?

Throw out if they have been opened for over a month. You can’t give that away to anyone.


If you don’t know someone who could use no place will take open formula

I think once you open it no one can use it. How did you end up with more than one open can?

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Does your daughter go to daycare? If the formula is good you could see if the daycare could use it.

Throw it out, who would want opened cans.


Nobody’s going to take open milk

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Call your local pregnancy center or food bank, donate to a homeless or women’s shelter

I’m not sure if you can donate open formula, Google daycares in your area, maybe you’ll have some luck?

Donate them to someone qho needs them

Call ur child’s Dr and ask them if there is any families that may need them…just tell them that they are open and explain the situation…they may or may not take them

Try a womans shelter just tell them the situation

You can make cake or pudding for the family .I think it work just like canned milk or make milkshakes.