What can you eat on the keto diet?

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Any mommas out there doing the keto diet? I’ve been trying to lose weight and everyone’s been telling me it’s the best way to do it. What can you eat and what cant you eat? Is there any other diets out there I could try that worked for you that might help me? Thank you in advance.


I like herbal life shakes. They’re a meal replacement shake and they are sooooo good and totally worth it.

You need to calculate ur macros to be successful… however if ur looking for a long term dont go with keto

Yep I’ve lost 115 pound in a year no exercise an no pills!

I do best just eating clean and balanced diet with some exercise thrown in. If you do try keto I recommend doing so with a nutritionist or dietitian as it can cause vitamin and mineral deficiency. If you have a bad heart history in your family or certain kinds of diabetes it can be dangerous. It’s best with medical supervision.

No sugar and low carbs. Lots of meats, veggies, eggs etc. And ANY meal you can think of that you want I guarantee if you put “Keto” infront of it on Pinterest there will be a recipe!

Keto is amazing. But do your research or you’ll fail. Calculate. Under 20 grams of carbs a day. No sugar. I have lost 70 pounds!

There’s alot of good groups on fb for keto they will help alot

Started 2 weeks ago. And have lost 10 lbs already. I would say im doing a low carb/high fat diet more than keto though. Strict keto and keeping carbs under 20 g is not safe if you are breastfeeding.

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Whatever you pick, unless you change your eating habits and include exercise it will only be a short term fix.

Shakes are great to get you started but the reality is you go back to bad eating habits when you get your goal weight so it’s a repeative cycle.

Go with a plan that you can sustain for the rest of your life :+1:


I’ve heard great things about keto and my Dr even recommended it for me but at the same time I’ve heard bad things as well. Definitely talk to your Dr and in the mean time maybe just start monitoring what you’re eating and exercising more?
Good luck!! :heart:

I use the Super Shred diet. It’s a book on Amazon. There’s a 6 week plan and a 4 week plan. It does work if you stick to it and exercise. It’s also easy to keep doing once it’s over

Intermittent fasting worked well for me

If you start out simple and just eliminate pasta, rice, starchy veggies, soda, sweets and breads you’ll notice the weight drop!


I just started drinking more water, and watching what I ate and I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks

Pinterest,dietdoctor.com,carb manager app and Dr Berg on YouTube are great places to start for research and recipes. There are tons of keto fb groups as well. I like lazy keto with Jess. Tons of support and info there.

Join women on keto!
Keto is amazing :heart_eyes:

I’m starting weight watchers. They have a breastfeeding plan so I am hoping that will help!

I’m a huge snacker so I just switched to very low carb high protein stuff and cheese. I lost almost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Totally works.

Cut out sugar.pop.bread.potatoes.chips.beer.pasta and corn. Youll pretty much be set

If your breastfeeding this diet won’t work for you and your milk will begin to dry up !! You need carbs and protein !!!

I looked into Keto and it’s actually not good for you! I just cut out bread, potatoes, and soda and lost 30lbs in 3 months!

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Lost 15 pounds on Keto in a little over a month! Butttttt I fell off and need to get back on track … a lot of Pinterest recipes it can be expensive so prepare. But soo worth it

Diets are a joke and most not good for long term. Best way is really look back at your eating and snacking habits. I stopped eating alot of fried foods and alot of sweets etc. Made healthier choices about food and exercise. I went from 250 to 140. In ten years I have only gained back twenty pounds (my boss likes to feed us when we get new products​:joy::joy::joy:)