What causes a sore butt while pregnant?

First time mom to be, I’m 24 weeks pregnant…and since yesterday my bum be feeling so sore… is this normal?? cause I can’t sit neither lay on back :expressionless: and its irritating
me…any help would be appreciated

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U probably have hemrroids u need cream

I had that happen with my son and it got to the point where I was in tears. Come to find out I was dehydrated. Since its summer us pregnant mommas need to drink even more water than normal. If you arent dehydrated then it could be hemorrhoids.

Drink a shit ton of water, make sure you arent constipated, and maybe check for hemorrhoids

Maybe hemorrhoids witch hazel works so does coconut oil

You probably have hemrroids which is caused from sitting to long. Your not supposed to sit more than 1 hr

I’m also 24 weeks! With my second. This didn’t happen either time with me, but I know that if you’ve had constipation issues or rough bowel movements then you may have hemorrhoids

Your hips may be moving. That made my everything hurt with my kids.


lay on your left side and talk to your doctor about this.

If it’s not hemorrhoids, I’ve never had them, get a massage and see a physical therapist. They can give you stretches to help and align your hips. :green_heart:

it could be a form of round ligament pain that was your sciatica. no joke I had sciatica pain so bad that I couldn’t even put pressure on one leg and every time I did it felt like I was going to poop myself.

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I think bum pain is a bit too general Haha. I could think of a ton of reasons for pain in the area.