What causes anger after giving birth?

I had my baby a few days ago and since then I’ve been extremely hostile towards my husband. I cant stand to be around him and everything he says or does just pisses me off even when it shouldn’t. I dont know what’s wrongwith me. hes a good man & father. Hes always been so supportive and has never given me any reason to be like this. He truly doesnt deserve how I’ve been treating him. I feel so bad but for whatever reason I’m still just a b**** to him. Please help. Weve been together for years & have multiple children together. I love him but I dont know why I’m like this. Sometimes I dont even mean to be I just come off moody 247 and we’re constantly fighting. Any advice?


It’s horemones talk to your doctor

I would advise seeing your doctor as that doesn’t sound right at all and it may put a strain on your relationship real quick if you don’t seek help. It could easily push your partner away.

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I would talk to him first and let him know that you don’t think your recent behavior is acceptable. Tell him you don’t understand why you are acting like this but that you are going to speak with either your OB or your GP about it. Honestly you just had a baby, your aren’t getting adequate sleep, and your hormones are still in full gear. For some of us it just takes time and for others it takes medication.


Sounds like postpartum…

You need to speak with your doctor.

Its hormones, girl. Talk to your doctor

Hormones readjusting. Ask your doctor. Don’t wait too long Postpartum depression is real. Both your husband and your baby need a healthy you.

Write a letter to your husband to help explain to him what is going on and how your feeling and how

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Call your Dr it could be PPD

As a man, you telling him this and acknowledging that you dont think he deserves it and that you love him and are going to work to fix it will go a LONG way. Even if you cant talk to him, write a letter like someone else on here said. Then I would talk to a doctor. PPD is nothing to be taken lightly. Seems like your heart is in the right place. Good luck.


Port partumn depression

It sounds like you may be experiencing a bit of PPD. Need to see a Doc asap before it gets worse!

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Sounds like your hormones. Tell that to your husband and Use the rule, if you can’t say anything nice just be quiet…then definitely see your doctor.

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Hormones dont fully leave your system until 6 weeks my doctor even told my daughters father that If I am snappy and moody still dont take it personal that i still had left over hormones in me

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Dr asap before you land yourself a divorce


Shit my wife’s been acting like that towards me for 7 years. It doesn’t go away

If it’s only been a few days your hormones might not be regulated yet…just give it a little time. Every pregnancy is different and we are different after every pregnancy. Your body just did a big job, now it’s got to get itself back to normal :wink: don’t freak out, just tell him you’re sorry, your body is still adjusting right now, please be patient with you…hopefully he’ll understand :blush: most good men do

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Its hormones talk to ur dr. ASAP before it gets worse

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You need to tell your Dr you’re going through postpartum depression

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Hormones are raging…tell your Dr asap

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You have PPD like me. I have a 3 month old and since she’s been born I been doing the same thing to mine :frowning: I feel so bad but it’s like rage and anger just takes over out of nowhere and I hate it cuz he trys his best for us. I too need to go to a doctor. Alot more than just that but , I wouldn’t wait to see a doctor. I’ve waited 3 months now and I’ve got worse and really depressed

Talk to your doctor but also talk to your husband so he knows it’s not him.

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Go see your doctor. It could be Postpartum depression, or something along those lines.


See a psychiatrist they can find out if somethings wrong

Hormone levels are off

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Try talking to him explain how you’re feeling make sure hes aware then see your doctor as soon as you can

Sounds like hormones. I get like that too so I have to Pre Apologize to my husband. It’s got nothing to do with him. Lol
However, I’d talk to the Dr. This isn’t something you wait and see about.
I do agree with ALL the above that say to tell him what you told us. Write him a letter if you have to.
I told my husband, “I’m feeling like ______. And no, it’s not about you doing or not doing anything. I woke up waiting to Hulk out. So, I love you and if I get snippy, just grab my ass or hand me bacon.” Lol
Acknowledging it really is important. Too many fights start bc we feel manic and our husbands just think we’re being a bitch bc we’re bored. Smh. Talk to him.
Before you get to see the Dr, I’d take B12 and hit YouTube for videos on Tai Chi, meditation techniques, start a journal, etc. At least start and then, of course, talk to your Dr. When you can, hit the outdoors and walk for exercise and sunshine.
10-15 mins, while the baby is sleeping will be a good start for you to gain some control and think through your emotions.
I still deal with this and never had it until I had my daughter. PM me if you need advice or tips. You’re not crazy. You just need to reroute your emotions when the hormones kick in. :green_heart::green_heart::hugs:

Maybe your suffering with post partum depression

Just put hormones running as que. After child birth& sometimes during pregnancy, u could feel really horny or distant, not wanting him around. Best to ask doc for help. Could be hormone added, recommend council in, or other techniques. Post garden blues could ruin relationship, don’t dismiss without seeking help. Being single parent way harder. Don’t give up. It’s worth it time.

Talk to your dr. PPD or hormones.

Doesn’t sound like ppd… it’s most likely just your hormones. After you give birth it takes awhile for them to get back to normal.


Could be your hormones. You just gave birth. I was the same when i had my 2th kid.

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You have mother depression, comes with after baby is born so he can not ask for sex. It will go away in a short bit. God gave you a blessing. Enjoy your free time with baby. Husband will survive.

It a form of depression. But will pass. God knows his job.

Get an organic food based multivitamin and DHA from the health food store and take them religiously


PPD can show up in many different ways , I was like that after I had my son

Did this happen with any of ur other kids??? Does he provide help with the other kids and the baby? Does he try to make u feel better in any possible way (take over so u can have a warm shower, eat a proper meal, go to the store alone etc) ??? You need to speak to him. If he is doing nothing wrong it’s the hormones. Talk to your doctor about these feelings as well. Talk to a friend…get it out somehow. Don’t hold any of it in, but u need to really try to not make him feel like shit for no reason. Feel better

Go to your obgyn and have her test you. Your hormones and stuff might be way off. Also try going to a psychiatrist. But I would go through the doctor first and get my levels checked out and go from there. But let your husband know yoire going to seek some help from your doctors asap. Let him know how much you love and appreciate him. So he can help you and be there for you until you figure this out.

Hormones. Give it time. You’re body has been through a lot so you’re hormones are all over the place right now

If you recognize it then knock it off. Ask your doctor about post partum depression & get some herbal remedies.

Hormones…and maybe write him a letter saying how much you love and appreciate him and that you are going to go get some help…asap. Man or woman won’t put up with this for long…no matter how amazing they are or what the circumstances happen to be. good luck

Pray a lot and fall in love all over in over all over again!!!

I was absolute train wreck after giving birth. My hormones and emotions were all over the place. I cried about literally EVERYTHING and couldn’t help it as much as I tried. It did pass though after my hormones got more realigned. My best advice is when you feel these emotions coming on, just step away from the situation. Take a breather and keep on moving.

Could be pure exhaustion? Mixed with your body getting its hormones back in check, try and breathe, count to 10, then see how you feel, or walk away when you feel this way.

I would see a Dr. I did that every time I would find out I was pregnant.

If you say you nag and you know it well just stop it that eazy.

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Let him read what you just wrote…might help…along with comments…

Sounds like a little bit of post natal depression, talk to your GP before it gets worse hun, xx

Get your hormones checked out. Extreme mood swings can happen after giving birth