What causes bloody discharge while pregnant?

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant. I’ve noticed a maybe dime size at most amount of like clear watery blood discharge from my nipples. It’s not all at once just thought the day about that much total. Has anyone experienced this? I never leaked milk or colostrum with my first baby and I know leaking is normal but watery clear bloody like discharge? It’s a very small amount but still.

Your nipples might be cracked and raw because they are growing, try nipple cream. You can find it at Walmart with the breastfeeding stuff!

Ummmm tell your doctor. That could be a very bad thing. Wish you the best.

It happened to me with my son the same amount and it was one time. Doctor said it was fine and to apply nipple cream. She said the breast are prepping itself and sometimes it may happen.

I would consult with your doctor I’ve never had this with either pregnancies

I’d ask my dr about it

Always always always consult your doctor first. That being said, i leaked colostrum super early, like 20 weeks with my daughter and the actual clear stuff would sometines have pink in it from simply just under my milk ducts being raw. I was scares but doctor said it was fine and explained it to me.

I would let doctor know but i started leaking at 30 weeks with my first. But i was leaking colostrum and milk. Never any blood