What causes bloody noses?

How common are bloody noises? My son just got off prednisone 4 days due to a anaphylaxis event on Friday last week. Since he started the prednisone he’s had bloody noises, nothing massive but little ones here and there? Any advice

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make sure he isnt picking his nose, also if ur indoor a lot a humidifier helps because the ac will make his nose dry.

It may be due to climate too. But his nose must be extremely irritated. Take him to a doctor but also invest in a humidifier

Talk with your doctor.

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This definitely sounds like a nurse hotline question

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I used to get them multiple times during the season change. I also nannied a little boy who got them so often he needed to have a vessel quarterized in his nose. Just depends on the child.

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First always use your best judgment you are his Mother. Depending upon age and history…check nails to make sure not picking or may have scratched inside of the nose. Use saline spray or a humidifier in his room incase he is too dry which is common. Call the nurse line or the pharmacist for anything else really. Oh cold compress towels when they occur.

I use to get bloody noses all the time as a little girl it had to do w the air and allergies etc.

I was on Prednisone most of my childhood and this is actually a pretty normal side effect
Along with not being able to clot/heal

Prednisone can cause increase bleeding/bruising. Definitely want to call and talk to his dr