What causes heavy periods?

I had a ultrasound done last week because my period were heavy and seem to last longer after I had my baby in December. The ultrasound tech told me there was a cyst on one of my ovaries and I have been up all night thinking about it. My doctors appointment is at the end of the week to go over my ultrasound but it’s killing me to wait. I’ve never had a cyst before after reading about it I’m worried it can also be cancerous. Any mommas have experience in this department with some insight?


Yes I have one right now no need to worry they will put u on some birth control to control ur hormones and see if it goes away after a bit

I have cysts all over my ovaries all the time. It’s very painful but nothing more.


I have w cyst on my left ovary. Not cancerous…birth control didnt help mine go away and it can get a little painful during ovulation for me.

I have had some, very painful, but thankfully they went away on their own. Try not to stress until further testing. Good luck!

i have pcos & have lots of cysts, painful at times but i’ve had them for years with no major issues (besides heavy periods and painful cramping)

I’ve had multiple cysts, they have burst and are painful as. Stop going to dr google, it gives you worst case scenario.

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I had one that ruptured. It hurt so bad but they should go away if they rupture the pain lasts a week

It’s fairly normal
Just wait and find out

I just had two removed last week

They hurt so so bad! But wouldn’t worry

They usually go away on their ownership

My sister had one. When it ruptured it was extremely painful. My mom had to many so they had to remove both ovaries totalling a complete hysterectomy. But not cancerous in those situations.

I did after my baby big one they did birth control to regulate it.

I always have cysts. They will usually go away on their own. But I did have an abnormally large one that stayed for at least 3 years and ended up needing surgery to remove it. But I was worried about the same thing because they said it had abnormal walls. But my doctor told me very unlikely for it to be cancer in someone my age (29) and it wasn’t. Got it removed and everything is fine.

Bruh. Women get cysts so often its not even funny. There’s no need to worry at all. I have about 40 of them right now on my ovaries. Its totally normal or if its excessive then they might consider diagnosing you with PCOS if it worsens or happens more often. But one little cyst isn’t nothinggggg.

I used to get cysts on my ovaries all the time before I had my oldest. It was very painful for me but they always went away on their own.

I have polycystic ovaries (pcos) and I have about 20 cysts right now, but mine are inside my ovaries, not on the outside of them. my sonograms look like my ovaries are made out of swiss cheese. When they rupture it hurts really really bad, but it’s rare for them to be cancerous. I wouldnt worry about them, your doctor will probably put you on estrogen birth control to control it.

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I have cysts now. The only part is I am not allowed birth control until my genetic test for breast cancer and ovarian cancer comes back. I have had the pain for almost two years. And my periods are usually heavy. I only have to worry because of genetic reasons, but I was told they are normal.

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Cysts are very common. I had them as a teen and they went away on their own.

Ovarian cysts are pretty common. Don’t stress yourself out until you speak to your doctor. Most go away on their own, or they may just put you on birth control to help with your heavy periods

I have cysts. Mine burst and disappear, nothing they do can do because they’re too small.

They are usually nothing, or easily removed. They hurt like hell, but that’s normal. Sometimes it can be serious, but not usually

I have what the the doctor calls “evaporating cysts” they form a couple days before your period and basically evaporate shortly after.

Most burst on their own my daughters did.

I had one that ruptured a few different times, and currently have three. It’s very painful when they rupture but haven’t heard of them being cancerous. Since my episodes and talking to other women I know, it’s actually quite common unfortunately :confused:

No need to worry. They have minimally invasive procedures to drain them, down for 2 maybe 3 days tops. Alot of times they just rupture on their own (like a bad period cramp)

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I’ve heard of so many people getting them, even my mother. They come and they go. Some are more severe than others, best to have a doctor that you like and get different points of view.

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I’ve had many. It should be fine. Usually they dont even look for cancerous cells unless your closer to 40 yrs old. It’s a very easy removal process, but sometimes they do wait to see if it will rupture on its own. My mother had one removed because of its size a few years ago. Hers was the size of a grapefruit, so they needed to get in there. I have one right now…mine is a Bartholin cyst and is seriously super ass painful.

Ive had so many cysts ive lost count. Its 100 percent normal.

I always get cysts while pregnant but they always go away

It’s very much common…the chance of it being cancerous is slim to nothing. They can treat it with birth control, hormone treatments, or having it removed if you needed it to be. Don’t let the anxiety of it overwhelm you. You will be ok, don’t worry :heart::heart::heart:

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Cysts are pretty common and usually go away on their own.
However, I had one a few years ago that got so big (about the size of a baseball), that it ruptured (hurt like hell). I had to have surgery to remove it. It caused so much damage to that ovary, that they also had to take the ovary. They diagnosed me with endometriosis.

I went through treatments of Lupron to suppress the growth of any cysts while I was healing (I do NOT recommend this treatment). I ended up having a miscarriage after the treatments and then suffered over a year of infertility.

I now have a beautiful 2 year old rainbow and another little one on the way

Every woman has a cyst at one point or another.

Alot of women get cyst often, some even get them every month with their period and they go away on their own or some may burst. Has it been bothering u ? Pain or anything ? They should be able to tell if its benign or not whether its solid or fluid filled. I never knew they were so common I’m 30 and had one I didnt even know it was there I had no symptoms just had an appointment for something else and they found it and they told me not to worry and I havent had any issues so I guess it’s gone on it’s own they said if I feel bothered come in but it hasn’t. I wouldn’t worry much and be patient wait to see what they say.

cysts are normal nothing to worry about u get them every months

I have a huge one. They are common.

Don’t worry about it, honestly. I’ve had them on my ovaries on and off since I was 13. Birth control is usually used to minimize them but usually they are harmless. You might notice some pain if you cough to hard or sneeze the wrong way.

They normally goes away. The DR should be able to tell what kind it is cause there are different types : Corpus luteum cyst and Follicular cyst.

Also in the near future ask about PCOS,

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I have a bunch 🤷 I’m still kicking