What causes heavy periods?

What causes heavy periods…what can I used to help heavy periods.
Any advice?
I skipped last month thinking I was pregnant. A little help please. Thank you in advance

I don’t know what causes them but they can make you anemic.

You need to see your gp I had bad periods over the months and have anemic I now just got iron infusion so it’s best to talk to your gp incase it’s much worse x

I have been told your ovaries switch every other month so that’s why you can have a super light/moderate flow one month & horrible the next. I would get checked just to be safe though. That’s what my ob told me anyways

Alot of things can, might just be how your flow is, you might have endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, the list goes on… If you’ve never had a laparoscopy done I recommend mentioning it to your doctor.

It’s porbbaly heavy because you skipped a month, I would go on some kind of birth control to regulate if you keep skipping months:

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I used to have heavy periods before getting pregnant. Every persons body is different, and I was never anemic or anything.

I was having a period every 14 days and they were lasting over a week and was very heavy. I had to get a d&c done and after that I had the endometrial ablation done and havent had a period in over a year. If you want to have kids I would do birth control until you want a child. And the d&c may help as well. The ablation will make it where you wont get pregnant

I was born with heavy periods lol from 11 to 24 they’ve always been so heavy that I’d have to wear 2 pads and a super plus tampon and have to change all of it within 30-45 mins. After I had my daughter they are all over place and my cycles are 28-55days. And I never know what kind I’m gonna get. I was never anemic either.

Eat everything green & drink water only. Eat healthy during ur menstrual

Birth control and iron because heavy periods can make you very anemic. Go see an OBGYN they can diagnose you with menorrhagia. I have it lived with it for years because every doctor I saw said it was “normal” Finally I saw an OB for a cyst and she asked do you have “heavy periods” Im like yes and they last forever. I went six months with no period then had a period for seven months straight. Thank goodness for having the flu so bad they ran a ton of test on me and found a cyst that had ruptured and a second one on the other ovarie. Birth control has been my best friend.

If this is an every cycle issue, talk to your Dr/gyno. There are things that they can do to help and preserve your fertility if you wish. I had heavy periods every month and underwent a few procedures before I opted for a hysterectomy. I was finished having kids. The Dr found a mess of issues in my pathology report.

Ibuprofen I noticed when I take it I’ll bleed alot so Ill take tylenol…if you take it for cramps… but I had heavy periods then had my 3 kids n it got lighter