What causes heavy periods?

I just started my period back after having my daughter. I’m almost 6 weeks postpartum. I’m having bad cramps and bleeding extremely heavily. Is this normal? How long will the heavy bleeding last?


The first couple periods after the birth of my kids were absolutely miserable. It felt like contractions all over again with extremely heavy bleeding. It will get better ! I hope you feel better soon and congratulations on your new baby :heart:

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I bled for 3 months straight after having my daughter. Bad. Really bad. My doctor said that your body is making up for not having a period for 9 months. It eventually stopped. And once I started birth control again I don’t have one. I did however go and have my blood count tested just to be safe. Mine came back fine. Maybe you should do it too just for peace of mind.

As long as you’re not soaking through 1 extra strength pad in an hour it’s normal. If your soaking through a pad in an hour or less you should give your nurse advice line a call to check if you should be seen immediatly. Also you shouldn’t be passing clots bigger than I think a golf ball.

My first 3-4 periods were horrible…soaking a pad meant to last 10hrs in 1 hr… it will regulate eventually

After my first son my periods were horrible! Horrible cramping and heavy bleeding. Honestly it didn’t get better till my second

Are you nursing?
Make sure you are taking iron