What causes irregular periods?

So I have a question and kinda just an irritated vent/rant. My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last four months. We already have a 5 yr old together. Every month I’m extremely regular with my periods. This month I’ve had three of them. I’ve been to ER and obgyn everything is fine, no miscarriages, no abnormal things going on all tests are normal but for me its weird because every month is the exact same except this month. Has anyone ever experienced this when trying to conceive and having pretty normal periods. Its annoying me and messing up my ovulation day and tracking i do. And its just stressing me out. Help me. Lol


Ask for progesterone for two weeks and find a bc to regulate your cycles. That’s what I had to do having PCOS it took for months on bc then was pregnant almost instantly.

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Stress will throw your cycle off.

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Stop trying and just have fun i was tryingfor 6 months and it was so frustrating but after we stopped trying and just had fun we got pregnant. Just relax and let loose!

Stress is the worst thing while trying to get pregnant. Just stop trying too hard and stressing and just have sex as much as you can and when it happens it happens. I had just gotten off the depo had sex for a week like 2 or 3 times a day and got pregnant.

Stress isn’t good when trying to get pregnant just relax and let it happen

You may not ovulate when you think you do. I did the deed with my ex 2 days after my peripd ended and ended up pregnant with my second, it was the only time I could have gotten pregnant cause it was the only time we did it that month as he had moved away and I was there on a visit… my first i got pregnant first month trying(i get ovulation pain) And my 3rd I got pregnant on the pill so I have no clue when ha.

Quit stressing…you’ll get pregnant easier

Get married that should help

Honestly, focus on good nutrition, and if youre stressing get ovulation tests to be sure just to give urself peace of mind