What causes irregular periods?

Hello I’d like to know other mommy’s experiences. I had a baby in Feb vaginally. I bled for 3 weeks then had a period in April. I got a period app. It said I should have got my period the 2nd on this month I spotted brown blood for a day and haven’t had a full blown period and it’s now going on day 5 tomorrow still no sign of an actual period. My husband and I have had un protected sex once sense I had my baby but he never finished inside of me. So I can almost guarantee I’m not pregnant. I’m just wondering if anyone else’s cycles where like this and how long it took them to go back to normal. This is my second child. With my first my period went back to normal after I stopped bleeding. I have breastfed this time around but honestly maybe twice a day if that I mainly formula feed my baby.


After you have a baby your very fiteral

That’s how I do when I’m pregnant lol I hope your not if your not trying to be or want to be but you can still get pregnant even if he didn’t finish the “pre cum” is actually more potent I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use that word on a thread if not I apologize I didn’t know how else to put it


I’ve had two kids 10 months the apart. It only takes once.


It took me 6 to 8 months for my body to get back to normal but yes u r very fertile after u have a baby so u might wanna take a test just to be sure


My son was conceived without my fiance finishing. Take a test


Please update when you find out … the curiosity will kill me if I never get to know .


I’m 8 months PP and my periods are still inconsistent lol

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Did you get put on any type of birth control after having your baby. I know sometimes some bc will affect your periods.

Breast feeding can mess up your cycle


U can still get pregnant (even if he doesn’t orgasm) from unprotected sex from the pre cum during intercourse. Take a test anyway


He doesn’t HAVE to ejaculate for a risk of pregnancy.


Breastfeeding impacts your post partum cycle significantly. I didn’t get my first post partum period until my daughter was a year old. It was so nice not having a period for almost 2 years lol


My cycle goes up to 35 days now after my second kid.

That’s how my second daughter was conceived! Just saying…


I had my daughter in feb vaginally and had my first period in the end of April and got the mirena and spotting a little bit you should have gotten a period but I heard if you are breastfeeding it may take a couple months some don’t get it for up to 6 months (like my friend)


Take a freaking test.


I had my daughter in Feb, still haven’t had a period. Lol remember you didn’t have a period for 9 months, your hormones went wacky for 9 months, it will take a while for your body to go back normal. Just wait it out. Don’t stress yourself.

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it can take up to a year for ur period to regulate back to a normal or semi-normal period, longer if ur exclusively breastfeeding. also urjust as likely to get pregnant off of pre-cum as sperm i would take a pregnancy test just to be sure

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Honey you can get pregnant by pre-come


You can get pregnant by pre cum… and you’re much more likely to get pregnant with all of your hormones right after giving birth.

This is why we need better sex education.


My cycles were funky for like the first 6 months after having my son. I would still take a pregnancy test though to be sure :wink:

After my daughter my period is all over the place.

I stopped bleeding 5 1/2 weeks after giving birth. Started my period 3weeks later. Got 2 periods. And then they stopped gor 9months. Got 3 periods on the same day each month and then nothing for a few months. Now they are every 28-45days apart.

My cycle didnt go back 2 normal for abt a year after i had my second

People that use the pull out method are called “parents”.


Mine were just like this and im almost 5mths pp. Had a full cycle 3 weeks pp and a month later same thing bled for a day or two then stopped and the next month had cramps but nothing. I feel like nothing and everything is normal after a baby :joy:

Pre cum is a thing. It can get you pregnant. If you’re not ready for another baby, use protection.

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Pull out method is not the most reliable form of birth control but you hormones are crazy after pregnancy if your worried I’d just see your dr

Breastfeeding even a little bit like you are can keep you from having your period .

My youngest was born from Precum so I wouldn’t be too sure with yourself

Can I just ask what’s being taught in sex-ed now a days? I feel like the first thing we were taught was precum has sperm and you can most definitely get pregnant. I’m not trying to be rude, but I am curious. This was 18 years ago, but it seems like a vital bit of information that’s being left out now a days.

Breast feeding can interrupt your cycle, I could go up to a year without a period after having my children, but you could also want to make sure you’re not pregnant. Just because he didn’t finish doesn’t mean anything, haven’t you heard of pre cum. Pull out doesn’t work because a man still has pre cum and it has sperm in it.

You can get pregnant on prejejacutlation. If the fact that he didn’t finish inside is the only reason you think you aren’t pregnant, take a test because you likely are.

If you’re using the pull out method, you need a back up too. They make spermicide films. You fold it and insert it in your vagina as close to your cervix as possible and wait 15 mins. Theyre only 94% effective, but if you’re pulling out too, its better than nothing.
The breastfeeding mightb be throwing off your period, but take a pregnancy test to ease your mind.

Your cycles will be irregular for the first few months while your body tries to work out what it’s doing HOWEVER that doesnt mean that you’re not pregnant. I’d test first to make sure and then if you’re not pregnant, dont worry about it. Your body will eventually adjust.

I had 36 day cycle the first couple months then it went back to 28 days

This is my post. I’m not pregnant. I was tested by my Dr it is due to breastfeeding.