What causes late periods but negative tests?

Day 15 being late. All tests I take are negative. I was told by another group to wait until I was a month late before calling doctor. Just looking for advice. Or any other moms similar experiences and stories.


Honestly I’d say go to the doctors don’t wait any longer

Won’t show positive until 3 weeks.


Go to the doctor don’t wait as you don’t know what could be going on

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Go to the doctor and ask for a blood test. You might be getting false negatives… Unless you are on birth control, because I didn’t get my period when I had the nexplanon …

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Ive missed periods before…not often but have

I got my last period September 25th, I took a test every single day starting Oct 31st until November 6th and they all came out negative until November 6th, I got my first positive. It just takes time

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Also nothing has changed. No diet. Not on birth control.

Why wait? If you think you might be, go find out?

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Why wait. See a doctor. The bliid test they do is good.

Doctor. They will be able to tell you why you’re late

If you have a regular period and you go a full week with your period starting it’s considered a missed period.

I don’t ovulate. I can go months without one, I’m surprised and blessed I got pregnant with my first child and only. But definitely something you need to have checked

Go ask to take a blood test. I was only under 5 weeks and it tested positive.

I’d go to the dr. Could be something wrong… missed period dosent always mean pregnancy…
I was 5 days late when I took a test. It was positive

Anxiety did that for me

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Do blood test at dr. All mine showed (-) got blood work done i was 19 weeks pregnant!


Definitely go to the doctor. It could be something small but you could also be pregnant, I was 4 weeks when my test came back positive. Good luck.

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Dont take test until at least 2 weeks late. Mine didn’t show up until 4 weeks

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If you are pregnant you should have a positive test by now otherwise your cycle could just be longer then it’s suppose to be. Things like stress can also mess with your period.

Go to your doctor and ask them to draw blood

Take a test and give it 10-15 minutes… if there is a slight color change, you might be having a molar (i think thats what its called) pregnancy, where theres some tissue in the uterus so your body is reacting.
I had 1. It was weird.

Just go to doctors they can run more test

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The doctor was able to tell that I was a week pregnant even though you couldn’t see anything on the intimate ultrasound

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I was getting negative till 8+ weeks. I would just go in and talk to your dr

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I didn’t get a positive test until I was 8weeks just go to your dr and get a blood test.

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I would say go for a blood test

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ive had really later periods like that before but i also had positive tests when i was 5-6 weeks… i would still ask for a professional opinion just in case

I was almost two weeks late when I took 4 pregnancy tests then went to the doctor to take one so I could set up an ob appointment. They all came back positive

I got negative pregnancy tests after being late on the pill for 3 weeks nurse at the drs office told me I was just stressed not to worry and come back in a month if I hadn’t started well week number four got a positive test at home and at 23 weeks pregnant at the ultrasound found out I was having twins. I was shocked so much for trying to plan with the pill god had his own plans .

I’ve had a few off months where I’ve skipped periods and been super late. If you can afford to go have a blood test done and go from there. If not just wait until a month without a period, test again and go see a doctor at that point. Many factors can inhibit a period or cause it to be late. Diet, sleep, iron deficiency, stress, a cyst, pcos, the list goes on. More than likely it’s nothing to worry about. But if you can afford to a doctor would be a good place to start to confirm or deny a pregnancy and then run further testing if needed. Don’t worry :blush:

I would wait for a while unless you are anxious then blood work. I had periods for 4 mo Lighter but still had them. Didn’t even know I was pregnant. After 4 years I gave up. We didn’t have all the tests that available now.

I’ve skipped periods before. I skipped my period in December, and then got pregnant with my daughter in January. She is now almost 9. I skip periods periodically. That’s probably what is happening with you. You would have way more than enough HCG in your system by now to get a positive test.


Thursday was the start of my fertile week, according to my tracking app. Well when we did the deed he didn’t stop and well ya you know… Friday I had pinkish/ light bloody discharge at 10pm. Today at 3pm I wiped and again had pinkish/ spotting type of discharge. I’m wondering if that could be implantation. I’m due to start again on the 30th. I can’t get until the doctor until at least next Tuesday because I don’t have a vechile until then. Ive also been told that most doctors wont see you unless you haven’t started or are late by 2 months. Either way I can do nothing but wait it out at this point. Could the pinkish/spotting discharge be implantation?