What causes late periods but negative tests?

Whenever my period is late I start stressing that it’s a pregnancy scare, then I end up getting my period super late. Tender breasts are also a sign you’re about to get your period so my suggestion would be just try not to stress it and have the understanding it’ll come when it comes. If you skip it for a whole month then I would go to the doctor.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative tests?

Stress and change in your diet. Or could be something medical. If you don’t get it soon make a dr apt

You may not think you’re stressed but your unconscious may be feeling it, so your body feels it. Also diet.

My doctor told me it was because I had the covid-19 vaccine. Now 2 weeks late, and negative tests. -UK

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Stress can cause late periods… mine can be upto 2 weeks late sometimes… if it doesn’t come within a week or so and still negative tests go to your doctors xx

Thinking you’re pregnant is the stress


I’m currently 8 days late and just got over covid. Negative tests as well. Not stressed about pregnancy because im used to the negative tests. Not sure if covid has messed with my cycle or not because its usually pretty spot on for each month. Just waiting it out :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

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Stressing about why it hasn’t come. Also, I was taking a no estrogen birth control and every couple months I’d completely miss a period. My doctor said it wasn’t uncommon with that birth control. (Obviously I switched because I was tired of freaking out every couple months!)

Hypothyroidism did it for me.

Stress, weight, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, sleep, vaccines, hormonal changes, medications, birth control, COVID, etc.

There’s tons of things that can change it

Idk. I was like thatblast month (9 days late). Got my period though, but yeah idk. Honestly can be a lot of reasons. I was getting sick so that’s probably my reasoning.

Have you gotten the covid vaccine or booster recently?


Lots and lots of things can cause a delay in your period

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Have you had Covid recently ? I ask because I’ve had it twice & it’s affected my period both times :woman_facepalming:t2:

Could be testing to early, with my last baby I didn’t get a positive test until almost 10 days after missed period. Stress can be a huge factor in late periods as well!

Did you get the vaccine recently? Serious question because it HAS been affecting women’s cycles.


Honestly so many things can mess with your period from stress to a hormone thing. I feel like you could sneeze wrong and your period could be affected

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Covid vaccine. I would also get a blood test as some pregnancies just don’t show up on a urine one. It could also be that you were pregnant and you’re not anymore :cry:

PCOS I have it , was 8 days late last month and neg test then got them.

Stress, not eating well, crash diets, exercising like crazy.

it depends on your age or health…some women have that problem because it is the start of what you call menopause. Some women go through menopause at a young age. I hear 30 or younger #NoOffense. Some women have periods in between months. My sister didn’t have period for a year #justsaying Some have it every two or three months.

Covid vaccine - my second shot made me 9 days late

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Sometimes you don’t ovulate. Lack of ovulation delays the cycle.

I am in the same position as you and wondering whats going on too. I am never late and I am 5 days late and no sign thats its even starting

I was 51 days late and kept testing negative until today that I got my period. Bodies have a mind of their own I read to wait 3 months before you should go to a doctor.

Could be to early or something medical go get blood work done or wait a few days and take another one

I’m right there too 9 days late 2 neg tests. Husband had a vasectomy almost 10 years ago… im 35 with 4 kids so maybe stress

Have you had the cvd19 jab recently? There’s been a lot of reports of cycle interference and infertility.

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Get your thyroid checked.Years ago my period was late, i was always regular…so being late meant PG to me.I went to the dr and took a test that cane back negative but during the exam she said my neck.had a goider in it and I needed to have my thyroid checked.Turned out i had graves disease and hypothyroidism…get your thyroid checked.

I was just 18 days late. Wasn’t stressed, no covid vaccine, etc. Periods change sometimes. Inused to always get it in the middle of the month. Then itnchanged to the beginning of the month and now it’s at the end of the month.

An infection, lack of sleep, poor diet etc. Any number of things can cause it. If you don’t start soon, go see a doctor.

When this happened to me it was my thyroid. Might be worth it to check it out

Do you have any new friends or been hanging out with a female more often? The hormones will make you sync with the women around you.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative tests?

Anything can… Go to the dr.

Could be thyroid or PCOS

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Hormones , stress, anxiety etc


So many things can cause a missed period other than pregnancy. Dietary changes, weight loss, stress…so many harmless reasons. Just relax and give it a few more days.

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Stress, diet so many things can cause your cycle to change but I will say with my last pregnancy I had taken so many test and they all came back negative and once I was able to get an appointment with my doctor I found out I was almost 11 weeks pregnant. I had all the symptoms but none of the test results came back positive.

Stress can cause your periods to become late or irregular

Sometimes late periods just happen. I have PCOS (not saying you do) and I’ll sometimes go two or three months without one. It may just be stress or too early to test. I’d wait another week and test again. Please see your doctor. Goodluck!

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My daughter took 6 months to show on a urine test. Go to the doctor and get a blood test they tell way sooner than urine, almost immediate almost.

Hormones. Stress. Happened to me a few times.

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That happened to me and then the next month my period was late again and I was pregnant. Still am pregnant.

Stress can make your period late. You can tell your self your pregnant and you can make your period late.

Could be a number of things. Hormones, an underlying medical condition… etc

Literally everything and nothing can cause a late period lol. Just wait a week, take another test, if still negative, go get a blood test done at the doctors. Good luck!


When you want a pragency, your body and mind can fool you into thinking that you are…if you are indeed pragant that test will show positive…no worries just keep trying.

As you get older your period changes. I’m not sure how old you are.
Also if you’ve been under stress, that will cause it to be late

Have your thyroid checked it cause it your hormones are off balance and stress can play a factor

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Stress can cause it to stop for a bit x

Stress. I didn’t have mine for 8 months. If I’m constantly exercising I won’t see it for months

If you really want to be pregnant your body will trick you into having symptoms .The more symptoms you feel you have your brain believes that you are so your body follows the brain. Another possibility is stress.


I just found out I have PCOS and caused mine

I was like 10 days late a few months before I got pregnant it was stress for me but definitely reach out to your doctor.

Stress will definitely wreck havoc on your cycle! Also about mid 30’s your cycle starts to change due to your body preparing for menopause in the next 10-20 years. It’s super fun :unamused:

It depends on your age you could be going into early perimenopause. Go see your doctor

PMCS & PMDD mimic pregnancy. It could be a range of issues.
Off vitamins & hormone levels, stress, etc. Get a blood test.

It could be literally anything but did you happen to have covid or the vaccine recently? My period disappeared for months after having it then just showed up and was back to regular programming out of no where.


Unpopular question but I’m going to ask it…
Have you been vaccinated?


Chances are, she had the vaccine long ago. So, just get off “it’s the vaccine” kick. It could be stress or it could be worse. Only a doctor can tell you and not these facebook “geniuses” who want to lay blame on the vaccine. Oh and btw, when I had my vaccine and everyone else in my family had theirs, nothing changed.

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Birth control… I have a messed up cycle as it is (some times it 40 day some time is 28 days) and this past cycle was 53 days and I started the pill 3 months go.

You need a doctor, I am not one.


early meno pause but see a doctor to confirm

You may not have ovulated.

I have pcos and my periods are irregular af because of it.

The fact that you’re stressing. Birth control. Age, weight.

perimenopause, menopause, pcos., thyroid… many things

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I have the same issues
I have a vitamin d and vitamin b issue and another one that will cause they issues as well
Go see your ob and your regular doctor

Could be a lot of things. Friend of mine had negative tests even when in hospital in labor (didn’t know she was in labor, just severe abdominal pains). When they did an ultrasound thinking appendix ruptured they saw she was pregnant and in labor. She had taken not just pee stick tests, but also blood tests and all came up negative or under 5hcg (indicating non-pregnant). She had zero symptoms of pregnancy other than around 6 weeks of nausea.

when i was pregnant with my first one i had a total of 13 tests including 2 blood tests all negative and i gve birth to a 9 pound 12 ounce boy all Dr told me was you are not pregnant

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It could be many things. Pregnancy is extremely unlikely tho with that many negative tests especially. Those tests are very sensitive and accurate.

No period right now number reasons some can be depending your age menapause,menopause, could be a factor,if have had vaccine from what I’ve heard can mess up your period pregnancy but for pregnancy maybe get a blood test done just number of factors.

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I missed my period for 6 weeks all negative test

But I have been under a lot alot of stress lately

Call n set up appointment to be seen could be a lot of things

It could be soooo many things.
Weight gain or loss

Stress can change cycles, medical conditions as well. If you are working with other woman - once in a while - you can “sync” up with their cycles

I 21 days late neg pregnancy test so in same boat but think mines stress with having alot of responsibility 6 children and single and one with severe learning disabilities and other 4 boys autism hope u get your answers

Are you stressed ?? I know, dumb question… but… TRY to relax. Give it another day or two. It could be nothing. Call your doctor anyway.

I would test first thing in the morning that’s how your going to get the most accurate test because it’s the most concentrated second dollar store tests are where it’s every single one I took was way way early but I’m hyper sensitive to being pregnant lol I just know lol

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There may be something else going on - see your doctor asap.

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Best bet is a blood test

Stop wasting money on pregnancy tests and relax. All this wondering and worrying if you’re pregnant could be causing your period to be late and no one on here can tell you anything. Make a Dr appt.

Drs can do a blood test to determine if you are pregnant. Very early

Sometimes it’s too early to test. Wait it out, try a red dye test they are the best at catching hcg early.

There’s a few reasons why:
1: you are pregnant and it’s too early to tell.
2: false negative (seeming you’ve taken about 6 tests, highly unlikely lol)
3: arnt using the tests properly (again with having done 6, it’s a long shot of you doing them wrong lol)
4: you’re too stressed and that’s causing the no period/s
5: there may be something wrong with your ovaries/womb (think PCOS/Endo etc)

So best bet will be see your doctor and first rule out that you definitely arnt pregnant/are pregnant. Also if you’re stress induced no period (or whatever way you want to say it) before heading down the fertility issue line.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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go to your doctor and tell him/her what u have been experincing , and doctor may do some tests to find out your problem . i wouldn’t put it off to much longer - just make an appt. with doctor a.s.a.p.

Happened to me and it was an ectopic pregnancy

Both of my pregnancy didn’t show a positive test until 8 weeks pregnant.

Go in for a blood test.

Good luck go get blood test done

I would wait another week and go get a blood test to be 100%. Large intake of alcohol can make your period late. NOT SAYING you have done that just something I found out the hard way when I was younger.

I had hormone issues begin. Exact mimic of pregnancy except no positive tests . Morning sickness. Fatigue. No period , sore breasts. . Im under the care of an endocrinologist now . When things arnt adding up always go see your doctor.

GYN’s can tell whether you are pregnant or not with the changes they see, they don’t need a US, We had no US’s when I first was pregnant with my 2 kids back in the early 70’s, There is changes in your uterus that they see. Also a GYN can tell whether you were pregnant & delivered before even if you say you never were

Hormone fluctuations, stress, getting sick… All can play a part. I was having irregular periods and that ended up being cervical cancer. So definitely at least get looked at. A woman’s body is full of complicated issues and it literally could be any number of issues or sometimes even nothing at all. But better safe than sorry. Always better to know what is going on than not know.

I had a hormone imbalance when this happened to me.

Y’all need a blood test