What causes late periods but negative tests?

So, the last time I had unprotected sex was around December of last year. I’m 23 years old, and I haven’t had my period for about 4 months… I’ve taken three pregnancy tests, but they all came out negative. What are the possibilities that I’m pregnant? Or is there something else that is wrong with me? I’ve already gone to the doctor’s, but I’m just waiting for the results. Should I be worried? Or could I just be infertile? I’m really scared that there’s something really wrong with me. I’m hoping I’m pregnant. I really want to have a baby. I’m financially stable and with a man that I love. I’m ready for a child; I just don’t know if I’m even pregnant or if I’m even able to have a baby. I’m a little bit overweight, but not too much. Could this be causing my periods to be delayed too? Before my periods even stopped, they were irregular. So, I didn’t even know that I started missing my periods until more than the two months passed as I’ve never gone that long without having my cycle. I’m sorry if I’m giving TMI. But I really need some advice or other people’s opinions if they have gone through the same thing as I am right now. Thank you guys so much.


Stress, weight loss/gain, health issues. See a doctor :slight_smile:

Going to the doctor !

Sometimes periods are late. It happens. It could be stress. Mine were late because I wasn’t ovulating on time. I was a little overweight so my hormones were messed up. In turn I ovulated at day 28 or so and my cycles were longer as a result. Sometimes I didn’t ovulate at all. They caught it via bloodwork. I lost weight and my cycles went to normal. I got pregnant no issue.

Stress can cause you to be missing your periods or you could have an underlying health condition so going to your doctor is definitely a good step.

Dont stress yourself and just wait for your results. So many things can cause your period to skip other than pregnancy. I also wanna say I am also overweight and I thought I couldn’t get pregnant because my bf and I were doing nothing to stop it for around a year and then it finally happened and here I am 16 weeks pregnant.

Numerous reasons… stress, pcos… check your gynaecologist

Alot of reasons. Go see a doctor.

I have pcos and deal w a somewhat irregular period and what I’ve been dealing with lately is late and longer periods

Thyroid, PCOS, weight (both too high or low), etc. etc. If you are ready for a baby and have had issues like this, a reproductive endocrinologist can help you! Most gyno might say you have to wait for a year of trying before you see them or before they refer you, but worth a trip to your gyno to check- they’d maybe refer you based on lack of menstruation.

Stress most likely, or if you’ve never been regular pcos or many other things

Going to the doctor was definitetly the right thing. My last period was mid-December, and I found out in early January that I’m expecting. I tested positive at 3 weeks along. I’m going to guess you aren’t pregnant, unless you’re one of the rare few that doesn’t register on a urine test. PCOS can cause long skips like that, and it can cause fertility issues. I was told I would never have children because of it, and I am due with baby number 3 in October. I will say that every time I got pregnant, it was in a low stress time, and after I had lost a significant amount of weight.

Go to a doctor. You could have underlying issues or HE could. Stress can cause late periods too.

Could be a cyst. I had this problem when had a cyst…or preggers. Never know. Glad got checked out before asked. My second…I had no period for 3 months…every test came back negative…then took one about middle of 3rd month and…strong positive. Went and got ultrasound to find out what was going on. 12 weeks preggers. I hope for the best for you and you are preggers.

Stress, diet, hormone imbalance, underlying health issues like PCOS.

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Stress can make you be late

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I thought I was pregnant once and it caused me to have all of the symptoms a pregnancy would give me

Very possible… December of last year was 4 months ago and you haven’t had a period in 4 months. I’d go to the dr and do a blood exam. I’ve heard stories of some women showing negative in urine test but were actually pregnant.

Go to the doctor and get a blood test

With my first pregnancy I didn’t have a period for 4 months. I took test, after test, after test… every single one was negative… finally decided to get my blood drawn 3 times… all still negative… then one day, I decided to take another test and it was positive, my blood test confirmed and had an ultrasound to find out how far along I was and I was 19 weeks along, and carrying a boy.

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Have you had your thyroid checked? Ask your pcp to run a full thyroid panel of blood work.

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Just wait and get thyroid checked

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I had irregular periods my whole life . I found out I was pregnant at 33 weeks, I started lactating😂

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I have had 2 kids & both times urine tests showed up neg (even at the Dr’s office), they had to do blood test to confirm.

You may have a prolactinoma. I would go months without a period. They checked my hormones and my prolactin levels were crazy. They put me on medication and it shrunk the prolactinoma. 4 years later I got pregnant. I have 3 kids now.

Endo, stress, pcos many things

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I didn’t have a period for 6 months when I was posted to Iraq - stress can cause missed periods

Pcos and heavy stress. Weight gain. Im struck with all three. Go to the dr.

You should make an appointment with q obgyn to see what is going on.

Go to the gynecologist get checked for pcos, cancer or hormone differences anything could be going on. I only started showing symptoms at 23 for pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)

I work for a gyn office there are a number of things that could cause this. From things like hormones to pcos etc… I would give your doc a call to investigate, they may be able to assist with investigating fertility too :blush:

Could be soooo many things. Don’t worry too much until you get test results. I did not have my period for two years and then got pregnant and had a perfectly healthy baby. Hope all turns out well!

I’ve had irregular periods all my life I didn’t take any pregnancy tests but I knew I was pregnant around the 4th month I think when I felt her move around a bit.

Go see the doctor many different things can cause this to happen. I have had that happen to me but I have pcos

Could easily be PCOS