What causes lower back pain?

since last night my lower back has been hurting really bad on and off and the pain is moving towards the front of my stomach and I started having (tmi) diarrhea a few hours after these pains started I tried Tylenol. Changing positions. A bath. Nothing will ease this pain but I have another small child and do not have anyone to help with her and her dad is off work late so it’s hard to jump and go to the doctor :disappointed:

I need some opinions to give me peace of mind until my doctor calls me back I am 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant so I hope it’s not labor or anything. I never experienced this kind of thing with my 1st or natural labor at all with her and was induced a month and a half early due to medical complications.


Sounds like contractions to me. Try timing them while waiting to hear from your doctor

I agree. Sounds like contractions. I would go to the hospital.


Have you had plenty of water??

Since you’re 27 weeks you aren’t supposed to time contractions. You’re supposed to go straight in. Sounds like early labor. Back pain and diarrhea is definitely signs of labor. And especially the fact it’s not going away. I’d go in and not wait. They can hopefully stop it, but if you wait too long they might not be able to help you. So go in. Early labor isn’t something you mess with.

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Back pain is normal. Pelvic pain is normal.

Call Dad and tell him…he should be there in case you need to go.

Good luck, I hope everything goes well

Go to the hospital. They can at least tell you if it’s early labor and help with your other little one until someone can get there to be with you.

It could be gallbladder

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Um. You are very likely in preterm labor and need to be in the hospital immediately

Sounds like back labor ,which I had with both pregnancies…my 1st one I had pre-mature contractions at 28 weeks, had to be stopped with magnesium in the hospital. Then bed rest and medication to prevent labor.Made it to 37 weeks good luck!

Take the baby and go to the e.r

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My first child was breech and I felt contractions in my back. My second child wasn’t breech and I had diarrhea the week I went into labor.

I had this went to hospital and I had a bad uti I would go get checked.

I’m 37 weeks and my doctor just told me yesterday that if they last for more than a hour or two and you have tried a bath lots and lots of water bc it will happen when dehydrated also and rest and it keeps on to go in immediately if it is they may can stop it if you wait to long it may be to late

Not to scare you, but that’s how I felt the entire day before I went into labor with both my kids. I wouldn’t wait for the doc to call, I’d be heading to the hospital asap! Better to be safe than sorry, especially where pregnancy is concerned and with you only being 27 weeks.

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It’s a virus my whole house had it last 24 to 48 hours

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I’d go in if it was me.

Get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. Could just be gallbladder attack. Never know

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However could be a 24 hour virus. I know you’re pregnant but. I literally just got so sick last night. Stomach pains back pain nothing helped. Puked twice. And then by 4 today I was fine again. However you could at least call the maternity ward and see what they have to say.

Had the same thing, ended up being a kidney infection!


If I was in labor would I still be feeling baby move?

Sounds like kidney infection…xoxo

i would call labor and delivery and talk to them instead of waiting for the regular doctor to call u back…also could try laying down on ur right side and sipping water to see that would help the back pain and side pain could be nerve pain (round liagment and/or siatic nerve)

You need to go get checked out.