What causes negative tests but missed period?

I have diagnosed PCOS and Endometriomas. I’ve had 4 miscarriages and 1 live birth (my 2 year old daughter). My question is this: I’m 2 months late but all of the pregnancy tests I’ve taken have been negative. I’m crampy, gained weight, breaking out, etc. Have any other mommas with these conditions had super delayed periods?


I have that problem. Those are all normal signs of pcos and endometriosis. Unfortunately they mimic pregnancy signs and symptoms.


Girl my period was a whole month and half late and I had all those symptoms.
This was recent too.
I suffer from PCOS.
But all the tests came back negative.
It got to the point where I almost called my doctor.
Boom 3am one morning aunt flow came busting down that door like “what’s good sis. Miss me?”

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I also have PCOS and have went over 4 1/2 months without a period. It was normal for me.

If you think you could possibly be pregnant I’d go get a blood test from your doctor just so you can put your mind at ease

I have endometriosis and had laparoscopic surgery for it. After I had my son 2 years ago I have not had a normal period since.

PCOS can cause delayed periods-by months, even, and cause breakouts due to hormonal imbalances. Both endometriosis & pcos can cause weight issues, and cramping/pain. If you wanted to try it, your doctor can prescribe birth control pills to help regulate your periods & its supposed to alleviate endometriosis symptoms. Theres also a pill doctors can use to induce periods, if youre not ovulating properly, as well. I unfortunately deal with these issues too.

I have PCOS too and currently TTC. I deal with all of those symptoms too.

I have PCOS too, and I can have a cycle go up to 72 days so it is not uncommon to go a long period of time without a cycle.

I have stage 4 endometriosis and I have had 1 loss and 1 live birth. I have had the same thing happen. My period being between 1-2 months late and all negative then one day I all of a sudden start and I wasn’t pregnant. I asked my doctor and she told me that’s one of the symptoms of endo.

pcos will cause delayed periods… mine were sometimes up to 3 months late…

Yep I have both myself, I have a 11 years, 3 years, and 2 year old children. I have never been regular. After having my first… it took 8 years while have 2 miscarriage :confused: I have been regular always 2/3 months apart. Until they put be on birth control and I lost some weight I was able to regulate my period some what

Mine have never been regular. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 18. At 20 I had a tubal pregnancy that ruptured and almost killed me. I now have 3 kids. I can go months without a period.

I also have PCOS, being controlled with metformin. Both conditions cause missed periods

I can have a period one month, and not have it again for 8-12 months. Or have 3 in a row, then the next one for 5 months. It sucks.

I went an entire 10 months without a period. Its very common with pcos

I have pcos too and suffered from 4 miscarriages

I have pcos and didn’t have a period for a year. However doctors recommend taking medication to get a period after 4 months. My only concern with that is what if someone had an early pregnancy and lost it because of that.

If you get pregnant again you might want to ask your doctor to test your progesterone levels asap.