What causes negative tests but missed periods?

I’m not sure where else to go but a group of moms who may know what I should do. My last period was June 21 and it’s August 9th. I’m nauseous all the time, I have felt slight cramping and pressure every few days in my abdomen for the past couple of weeks. My breasts have been so sore the last couple of days as well. So I took 3 different types of pregnancy tests and all came back negative. I went to the women’s health clinic today to see if by some weird chance I’m just doing something wrong and that test came back negative as well. I don’t have insurance right now so going to a doctor is a bit difficult. I’m just getting frustrated because I don’t know what’s wrong. Should I be waiting longer? Is there a specific type of test I should try that may be able to tell me for sure?


Did you get a blood test?

Stress can mess w your period… as well as many other factors that don’t include pregnancy… If you were indeed pregnant…the test would for sure have come back positive by now…so if I were you I’d consider other possiblities


If you don’t have insurance and you think you are pregnant you def need to work on getting that insurance whether it’s through a job or the state insurance …

That happened to me and I was pregnant. The clinic can do a blood test.

When I got pregnant with my son it took 7 pee tests and 2 bloods to come back positive. I was 3 and a half months pregnant before I even knew lol.


Stress can cause these symptoms but also be sure by getting a blood test.

Tubal pregnancy. Go to E R get checked out. Happened to my sister she almost died.

Stress is a hell of a thing girl.

I was just shy of 12 weeks before my first positive pregnancy test result with my first. Stress can cause your cycle to be off, but with the nausea and cramping it could be a multitude of things… all worth getting checked out. If it’s an ectopic pregnancy you could be doing a lot if damage by putting it off.

I went 2 months without a period before, wasn’t pregnant. The Dr had to give me medication to start my period Again.