What causes pain during sex?

seeking advice about pain during sex.

Wondering If I can post anonymously. Thank you in advance.
To start with, my doctor said this is very rare, and there is no known cure except getting fixed might help it. He is suggesting full removal of tubes and partial of cervix leaving the ovaries. My problem started a few years ago, after 13 years of sex, and two births (both normal and they’re half grown now) There isn’t pain with penetration, but with orgasm. I can be alone, with someone, only stimulated on the outside or on the inside, and it ultimately causes the same pain during and after the orgasm. Sometimes it’s a minor pain on my left side below and to the center of my hip bone. Sometimes it’s intense, that same pain and then what feels like period cramping along my cervix area. It’s horrible and happens every single time I orgasm. I’ve tried over the counter meds and even drinking and a hot bath. I am currently on the arm implant but no other meds or medical history. Does anyone else have a different diagnosis or treatment plan? I am worried going thru the surgery won’t fix my problem and it will just lead to more issues. Thank you


Get a second opinion before making a permanent decision like that because that also has risks


i dont have an answer … but send my apologies. that has to be frustrating

Have them check ur hormone levels i had a prob like this after having my daughter and it was bc i was on the pill and was getting to much estrogen… stopped the pill the pain stopped


It sounds like round ligament pain, I’ve gotten it during pregnancies and was doubled over. Chiropractor or stretching daily may help… or taking an antinflammitory before sex… I’m sure I fudged that word up lol

Get checked for anything and everything first. STI, STD, fibroids, PCOS, Endo, cysts, ovarian cancer, etc.


I had a similar problem, pain with climax, following my second C-section and was also experiencing heavy bleeding twice a month. I went through a uterine ablasion and tubal, was good for a few months and then it started again. I wasn’t pain free until my hysterectomy. But, that’s just my experience. Always get a second opinion if you’re uncomfortable with what they are saying.

I know that yours is probably not caused from the same reasons that I had my pain, but it sounds just like the pain that I experienced for a long time after my 4th C-section. It was horrible. I guessed that mine was from being cut into for the 4th time. My pain finally went away.

Removing your tubes is great. No side effects and it helps prevent ovarian cancer. It’s an outpatient procedure

Could be an over looked bacterial infection, I would make sure they test you for everything else before you make a permanent decision… But definitely get two opinions before any decisions! Good luck lady!!


Please talk to another specialist. That’s an extreme first step.

I would definitely get a second opinion. I’m surprised taking your arm implant out wasn’t the first option. I would try that before anything else.

I have the same problem but I also bleed after sex as well. And by bleed I mean full blown period. My doctor put me on birth control to see if that helped (even though I’ve already had my tubes removed) he then suggested a oblation but it didn’t work for me because I have a septum in my uterus which stopped the tool for going all the way up. They also did a bunch of test to make sure it wasn’t cancer related or anything else. My next option is to get a hysterectomy

I had pain with similar issues. They burned or cut my nerves to somthing at the age of 21 . Couldn’t tell you what it was but the pain was gone after

Never heard of that Ser different Dr

Go to a urologist tell them to check for chronic interstitial cystitis

I have the same pain and I was diagnosed with endometriosis

I would have scans done first especially if it’s new.

Get a second opinion i dont trust alot of doctors.

That happens to me and the ongyn said it was because of cysts due to PCOS

Pelvic muscle spasms… And this…