What causes pain during sex?

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I am 4.5 months post partum with my second child. Both of my kids were natural vaginal births and I waited a couple months before having sex again like im supposed to. Since having my second I experience really bad pain with sex. I have only had sex twice since having her because it hurts me so bad! It is so painful that I literally get no enjoyment out of it and the last time I even cut it short because I couldnt do it anymore. Then I have bad lower abdominal (reproductive area) pain for a couple of days after we’ve done it. I am obviously going to be making a doctors appt on Monday so I dont need to be told that that’s what I need to do. Just looking for people who have had the same experience that might be able to answer questions. I am just freaking out because this never happened to me after having my first so I dont know what could be wrong with me. :disappointed: Has anyone else experienced this after having a baby? What was wrong? Was your doctor able to do anything for you? Sorry for the long tmi post… just hoping someone can help ease my mind.


It’s because your uterus is still going back to it’s original size plus tour gonna be more sensitive down in your lady parts

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Sorry to be tmi as well, was there ahem… proper lubricant? Haha. Maybe not relaxed enough? Stress is a buzz killer.


Hopefully you weren’t given the “husband’s stitch” if you tore during delivery.


Your cervix may be sitting lower than before, and is just taking a bit longer to tighten back up. I also had this problem, and my doctor told me that it may take up to a year for it to go back to “normal”

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Hormones for me is what caused it. I got very dry after birth that it caused pain. Try lube and my Dr was able to help as she put me on estrogen and after a couple weeks it was a lot better and enjoyable again. I was also on the depo shot so stopping that also helped. Have you been on any bc cause that can also cause some hormonal imbalances especially if it’s a new type or brand

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There can be a whole range of reasons for this. For me it was a scar tissue issue which thankfully faded but it could be anything from hormones to prolapsed bladder. I hope the dr is able to give you some answers because sex should never be painful

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I got the wonderful T cut… hurt like hell having sex but lube helped

You might have a prolapse. I did after my 3rd. So much pain and exactly what you are feeling. I have a uterine prolapse.

I didn’t have the abdominal pain but when we started having sex again I was dry lol but i was given the ok to have sex. I would definitely hear what the Dr has to say cause you’re saying that it hurts you in your lower belly. Hope you get better quick!

Had this issue my doctor recommended a water based lubircant and she gave me a muscle relaxer.

This is pretty normal post birth, unfortunately. Both my Singleton and my twins were cesarean. I had pain with sex the first time for nearly a whole year. The second was about 4-5 months. But speaking to an OB may help clarify if this is a side effect from birth or a bigger issue.

Look into pelvic floor dysfunction. It is treatable and there is actually a branch of physical therapy that specializes in it!

Could be endometriosis , go see your doctor and tell how you are felling , physically and emotionally